Chapter 4 – I Invite You To Be The Contradiction Mediator

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After entering Sky Star City’s City Lord’s mansion, I sized the place up, but not too brazenly.

This touches upon an issue of avoiding suspicion. It’s very normal for one to daringly check out the city they’ve entered since they’ll be living in this place for days to come. People are innately curious and it’s hard to resist the urge to get to the bottom of things. But if one enters another’s house and the house master hasn’t taken the initiative to suggest strolling all over the place, then looking around the place a bit less is for the best. Besides, there are a lot of womenfolk inside the City Lord’s mansion and it would be outrageous for me to look all over the place and exclaim.

Fang Thirteen introduced Fang Lita to me and Fang Lita naturally was unable to see that I was that previously bluffing City Lord from West-Resisting City. I don’t know why, but Fang Thirteen didn’t speak about my power and only said that I was someone who came from outside. She said that upon feeling that my talent wasn’t too bad, she intended to let me stay inside the City Lord’s mansion as an unskilled worker.

Fang Lita held some hostility towards me, but I pretended not to see it.

His bit of hostility probably came from not wanting other men to approach his sister, as well as not wanting such an old man to live inside the City Lord’s mansion.

Tila brought me over and found a spare room. After sorting out my luggage, I went over to Fang Thirteen to report. But the reply I received was that she was a little exhausted from the journey, so she was going to sleep earlier today and arrange a job for me tomorrow. I naturally stayed in my room obediently and read a book for a while before going to sleep.

Since I had just come to the City Lord’s mansion, the surrounding environment was quite tense and there definitely was an unknown number of eyes watching my every movement at all times. At this moment, regardless of what I think, I can’t be even a bit neglectful so I chose to bide my time.

After a night of sleeping on the room’s hard bed, I suddenly reminisced about my soft bed over at West-Resisting City. Even though I had to sleep on the ground over in the Demon Race Territory, I was at least snuggling with Aleya and enjoying this experience while suffering a hard surface to sleep on. In the end, this place’s bed was extremely stiff and I felt pain at my waist and lower back upon waking up, making a pampered noble son like me suffer unspeakable misery.

After washing my face and rinsing my mouth, I imitated Moon’s technique in placing makeup on myself. Just as I finished my makeup, Tila was already standing by the door entrance and told me that Fang Thirteen was looking for me.

When I went over, Fang Thirteen just so happened to be in the middle of eating breakfast alone.

Because she was unable to see, she frequently poked the table with her chopsticks and was forced to search the vicinity for her plate before clamping something to eat.

There were two bodyguards stationed at the entrance., one of whom was in the middle of yawning.

Fang Thirteen’s breakfast couldn’t be said to be wretched, but it was more or less plain, meatless, and not particularly delicate. It was like the result of stir-frying whatever came to mind in a pot. Hearing the sound of footsteps, Fang Thirteen lifted up her head and turned her face in my direction.

Tila stepped forward and reported:

“Sister Thirteen, I’ve brought Jade over.”

I cupped my hands and said:

“I’ve seen young lady Thirteen.”

Fang Thirteen laid down her chopsticks and said with a smile:

“Have you eaten breakfast yet? If not, would you like to eat a bit together?”

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I sat across from Fang Thirteen, picked up half of a steamed bun, and replied:

“Then I’ll accept your invitation……young lady Tila, if I could trouble you to add a pair of chopsticks.”

Tila was stunned for a moment before giggling and replying:

“You really will eat after being offered to.”

Fang Thirteen was also stunned for a moment, but immediately responded:

“No harm. Jade, you must have gotten out of bed not too long ago, right? It’s my fault for being inconsiderate. Tila, add a pair of chopsticks. If you don’t mind plain tea and simple food, then let’s eat together.”

Fang Thirteen ate a bit faster and while I was wolfing down the food, she had already placed down her chopsticks. I knew she had something to say, so I also placed down my chopsticks. To speak the truth, the food wasn’t very delicious and strictly speaking, it was much worse than Aleya’s stewed radish with cabbage. This stir-fry was too lacking and astringent. At a glance, I could tell that the cook was unwilling to use oil.

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand before inquiring:

“Young lady Thirteen has something for me?”

Fang Thirteen nodded, replying:

“Yes. Even though you, Jade, have recently come to the City Lord’s mansion, I hope that you can do some matters for me as soon as possible. This way when I promote you in the future, the talented people in the army will be convinced. Otherwise receiving undeserved rewards isn’t good for you or the army. The reason why Sky Star City’s army is so powerful isn’t just because I’m the one dispatching them, but also the result of everyone uniting wholeheartedly.”

I expressed my understanding.

Fang Thirteen continued speaking:

“This time, the number of people coming from West-Resisting City, including you, is a total of 127 people. But if this group of 127 people want to thoroughly integrate into Sky Star City, it still requires a bit of time. For Sky Star City’s populace to thoroughly admit these 127 people, it will also require some time. There will definitely be some conflicts and opposing situations between these two groups of people. As a matter of fact, there was already such a situation last night. Originally, I should be the one personally handling this, but I want to let you have a try at it first. If you’re able to smoothly settle this conflict, it will be a great help in promoting your prestige.”

I wrinkled my brows.

A conflict breaking out between Sky Star City’s populace and West-Resisting City’s populace?

Last night? So quickly?

With a bellyful of doubts, I couldn’t help but question:

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“What kind of conflict?”

Fang Thirteen illustrated lightly:

“Sky Star City’s residents are accusing West-Resisting City’s populace of stealing.”

I found it funny in my mind and couldn’t restrain myself from saying:

“Stealing? Not stealing while in West-Resisting City and instead running over to Sky Star City to steal, what kind of sense does that make? Could it be that Sky Star City’s populace are all landowners and West-Resisting City’s people came over to steal land?”

These words of mine were already quite polite. If it weren’t for me living while relying on her charity, I’m afraid I would blurt out “stupid people with too much money” or the like without a second thought.

Fang Thirteen responded with a lukewarm tone:

“Don’t be angry. I haven’t suspected you all since if I did suspect you all, then I wouldn’t let you handle this incident. There’s no direct evidence from either side of this incident, so it’s a fairly thorny problem and I can only request you to try.”

I helplessly nodded and answered:

“Fine. But I’m a hunter, so I don’t have much experience in this sort of matter. If by any chance I’m unable to handle it, then I ask young lady Thirteen to lend me a hand.”

Fang Thirteen’s mouth curled upwards as she said:

“That’s only natural. Tila, bring Jade over.”

While speaking, Fang Thirteen pushed on the wheelchair’s tire one by one and slowly moved towards the inner room.

Tila stealthily said:

“Hmph~you truly are a shameless fellow. There aren’t many men who have been able to eat together with sister Thirteen.”

I grinned in response:

“So that’s to say, I should really thank myself for being shameless.”

“That’s but of course! Let’s go, sister Thirteen has already briefed you on the situation and wants me to bring you over to investigate this case.”

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As Tila spoke, she took the lead to guide me.

I followed behind her and took a quick glance at the inner room.

When we arrived yesterday, West-Resisting City’s populace was definitely like me, occupied with sorting out their room and automatically going to bed once it became dark. Who would have spare time to randomly wander the streets. Besides, if I were a thief, I absolutely wouldn’t choose this time to act. On one hand, West-Resisting City’s refugees had just arrived and on the other, there’s someone in Sky Star City throwing away money. Even with one’s eyes closed, it was possible to tell that there was a relationship between the two groups. Even if the thief was truly thinking of stealing money, at the very least they would wait for the limelight to fade before acting.

I looked over at Tila’s back and squinted my eyes.

Whatever the truth really is, I’m unable to make any final conclusions at this moment. But there’s one thing that I know and this is that this matter is definitely related to Fang Thirteen. Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to let a newcomer like me to settle the dispute on such a critical problem. This disturbance could just be the beginning of a series of contradictions. Letting me, a newcomer, deal with this while waiting at home, no matter how I look at it, makes it appear as if she has some secret motives.


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