Chapter 2 – Who Doesn’t Want To Be A Good Person?

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

When I arrived at Sky Star City, only then did I discover that this woman called Fang Thirteen was truly skilled in buying over the hearts of the masses.

She personally came out 1.5km to meet us. Before the group even reached the city entrance, I could already see her sitting on a wheelchair in the distance. This time, she had seemed to intentionally have spruced herself up a bit as I saw a bit of rouge on her cheeks and a bit of rosiness on her lips. It just so happened that the sun was shining today, so it was very nice to see the sunlight shining off of the two water drop earrings that she was wearing flashing every-so-often.

I can’t help but to admit that Fang Thirteen is indeed very good looking.

Of course, it wasn’t just Fang Thirteen that had come out. Her guard was also standing on guard in the near-distance and there was a maid pushing her wheelchair from behind.

The army was naturally present and was split into two sides, giving off the feeling that it was like a military parade.

There was probably someone who told Fang Thirteen that we had arrived since she waved and said with a slight smile:

“Normally, I should be standing up to welcome everyone. But, ah, my legs have always been like this and I’m unable to stand up. According to common practice, I should remember all your appearances, but my eyes have always been unable to see anything. But I can guarantee to you all that you absolutely won’t receive any bullying in Sky Star City. Even if I have to sacrifice my own life, I will definitely protect you all.”

I took the lead to clap my hands.

These words of hers are really beautiful. No matter if it’s heartfelt or insincere, it at least sounds comforting.

The moment we approached, she took the initiative to apologize even though there was no reason for her to do so. Moreover, as Sky Star City’s actual commander, she’s personally come out to welcome us without even a bit of arrogance, making other people have an absolutely new level of respect for her.

Fang Thirteen smiled as she spoke:

“I believe everyone present is filled with confidence towards Zhao Chen and Sky Star City, and that’s why you chose us. Thus, I am willing to believe in each and every one of you. But as everyone can see, my body’s condition is really worrying. Without anyone to protect me, it would be very easy for any one of you to kill me. I shoulder the great responsibility of protecting everyone, so even if I believe in you all, I still can’t do away with an investigation. I request everyone to understand and deeply apologize.”

As she spoke, Fang Thirteen curbed her smile and bowed deeply.

The hair behind her fell onto her chest and she continued bowing for 5 seconds in show of good faith.

Everyone expressed their understanding one after the other.

It goes without saying that when you flee from one territory to another, there is a must for investigation and examination. Everyone’s prepared for such an occurrence in their hearts, but there will inevitably be some disgruntledness and a feeling as if they’re being suspected. Now that the other party’s boss has personally come out to apologize with regards to this, how could there be any dissatisfaction left?

Ultimately, the disgruntledness would also vanish like smoke in thin air.

Under the guidance of the army, our group made a line and showed our proof of identity one by one and I was no exception.

My proof of identity was naturally a quality imitation. It wasn’t too difficult for me to forge myself a proof of identity because I was the one in charge of counting our resident’s numbers in West-Resisting City. Adding on the fact that my strength was one hard to probe out, passing through this inspection absolutely wasn’t something hard to do. But after taking a furtive look at the examiners, I discovered that Tila was among the personnel doing the examination. Thus, I spoke using the voice I had used last time I saw her.

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Just as expected, Tila very quickly looked over in my direction and I gave her a small smile in return.

Tila quickly walked over and looked at me all over. She was doing so because I was covered in bloodstains last time we met, causing her to be unable to make our my true appearance, so she was a bit uncertain as she probed me:

“Are you that hunter from last time?”

I nodded.

Tila cheerfully said:

“It really is you! You’ve come to Sky Star City!”

As she spoke, she pulled my hand and brought me over towards Fang Thirteen, giving me an opportunity to finally take a good look at her. She lifted up her head with both eyes still closed. She had probably heard the sound of our footsteps coming closer to her area, so her lifting her head was just an instinctive action.

Tila gushed with excitement:

“Sister Thirteen, the hunter I told you about last time is here!”

Fang Thirteen’s smile as a result of hearing this was like the spring breeze.

I cupped my hands in greeting and said:

“I’ve seen young lady Fang Thirteen.”

Fang Thirteen responded:

“No need to be so polite.”

She hesitated for a moment before asking:

“I heard Tila say that she encountered a【Demonic Wolf】when she was picking medicine outside and in her moment of life and death, she was rescued by a hunter couple from West-Resisting City. Since that time, I’ve been intending to express my thanks towards you two. If it’s possible, may I know if your wife has come with you this time?”

I knew you would ask this.

If Aleya had come over to Sky Star City with me, the possibility of being exposed would have increased greatly.

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But if she doesn’t come with me, it will make other people suspicious.

Luckily, we had already discussed this issue at a much earlier date.

I cupped my hands and answered:

“To be quite honest, I sent over my wife and family from West-Resisting City the first time when Zhao Chen Territory opened its borders. I had no choice but to stay behind because West-Resisting City was still dealing with some aftermath work that I couldn’t get away from. Therefore, I waited until the second time Zhao Chen territory opened its borders and rushed over with the other common people. I was thinking that we’re all in Zhao Chen in any case, so I should be able to see them before long.”

Fang Thirteen’s face stiffened.

It was only natural for her to react this way because if it were truly as I had spoken, then my wife and family were sent over to Fang Yuan’s place. Fang Yuan and Fang Lita’s relationship wasn’t too harmonious, so it was impossible for either to easily let go of people. Once I find out about this, there would only be one road for me to walk. If I were Fang Thirteen, my main direction of thinking after hearing this explanation wouldn’t be “I suspect this person to have some problem”, but rather “how will I make this person stay in Sky Star City”.

This shift in thought is precisely what’s beneficial to me.

Tila was actually someone with a straightforward temper, so when she heard this, she couldn’t help but cover her mouth:

“How can this……going to Fang Yuan’s place means probably……”

Fang Thirteen cut in and smiled as she said:

“Naturally. Even though it might not be possible to reunite you with your family soon, it’s only a matter of time before you meet each other. You already know about my situation, I welcome you to Sky Star City.”

I burst out laughing in my heart, ‘only a matter of time before meeting each other’, isn’t this a typical case of delaying tactics.

First make me work a temporary job in Sky Star City and after I’ve gotten used to it, then tell me about the strained relationship between Fang Yuan and Fang Lita. When that time comes, they’ll give me compensation or something along those lines. Such a cliché performance is something I can think up of just by fiddling with my thumbs. Unless Fang Thirteen is able to absorb Fang Yuan’s territory, it is unlikely that I’ll ever see my “wife and family” in this lifetime ever again.

Sigh, in any case, all I did was combine truth with deceit to cheat her. My “family” is still in Lingyun City eating and drinking as they please while my “wife” is perfectly fine as she stays in West-Resisting City. Only I, an army-less commander, ran over here to disrupt things.

I nodded and grinned while introducing myself:

“My name is Jade and I am 24 years-old as of this year. My weapons are my bare hands and my wrestling technique is at the fourth great perfection realm. In the past, I had no choice but to become a hunter in West-Resisting City, now I wish to become a good person.”

Fang Thirteen said softly:

“Who doesn’t want to be a good person. It’s just that the ways of the world forces the good……to become ******.”

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