Chapter 29 – As Haggard As A Stray Dog

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Every day after that day, West-Resisting City and Abyss City sent people to perform outside the city.

Skillfully reading Fang Lita’s letter aloud with expression was naturally an indispensable skill. After all, there’s nothing more humiliating than inflating your own ego to unimaginable heights before losing. Every day, there would be someone ridiculing him outside the city and the entire city would hear it very clearly.

Even though Fang Lita had driven me out of the City Lord’s mansion, to be honest, it was an easy thing for me to infiltrate into it considering my strength. There were many times I took advantage of the guard being lax and leap over the wall and onto the roof, then lie down on the tiles and observe Fang Lita and Fang Thirteen’s circumstances. Just as I expected, Fang Lita was becoming more and more fidgety and no longer stayed in his room every day. Instead, he brought his guard with him into the city and wandered around. Whenever he caught sight of people discussing him, he would ruthlessly grab them and beat them, causing the entire city to feel terrified.

As for Fang Thirteen, she returned to sitting behind her limestone table again.

But this time, the sketch in front of her was completely bereft. Even though she did her utmost to put her pen on the paper and ponder, there was already no more progress to be made. Her situation right now was one of being trapped within a besieged city and apart from that, there were no other things she could do to turn the situation around. She was aware that this was a slow death and she had no other choice but to suffer.

Regarding a strategist, this was probably the most uncomfortable situation to be in.

Fang Lita would return to the City Lord’s mansion every day with a gloomy and overcast face. Even though he had vented his anger on many civilians, the wrath in his heart hadn’t been appeased the slightest bit. This was because the jeers from outside the city rang throughout the city clearly and the masses would look at him with disdain and scorn whenever seeing him. When a person’s suffering originates in their incompetence, all the venting and attempt to mediate will turn into jokes.

The more he treated his people as a target to vent his anger on, the more the populace would look down upon him.

Therefore, he held an absurd hope that Fang Thirteen would be able to think up a new way to turn the situation around. In his view, his older sister was omnipotent. Even if the sky collapsed, she would be able to find a way to mend it. Regardless of what the situation was, he believed that he didn’t need to worry much and hand it over to his older sister to do as she pleases.

——Until now, hasn’t it always been this way?

He’s already gotten used to this feeling.

Every day when he returns, Fang Lita will run over to Fang Thirteen’s place and inquire about the progress she’s made that day. Fang Thirteen would always cover up the pile of blank papers and comfort him with a smile:

“It’s fine. Older sister can find a way……”

Fang Thirteen was still coughing up blood every day, still suffering sleepless nights, still eating very little, and placing all her energy into creating a formation.

But this time, luck was already not on her side.

When there were ten cities, she could maintain a certain extent of calmness.

When there were five cities, she had no other choice but to work her heart out to piece together a plan.

So when there is Abyss City and West-Resisting City’s army standing guard outside Sky Star City, no matter how outstanding she is, no matter how much she strives, no matter how she stakes everything she has to think up of something, she can already no longer reverse the desperate situation. Perhaps Fang Thirteen already knew this, so recently she seems numb rather than calm.

It’s to the point that she even drove Tila out of the City Lord’s mansion.

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This time, it wasn’t Fang Lita who threatened her, but rather her personally driving Tila away. Fang Lita sent over a new maid to take care of her, but the new maid clearly wasn’t standing by her side. When Tila left, she wept endlessly while carrying a small parcel on her back and stood by the entrance of the City Lord’s mansion for a long time before leaving.

How long could this situation be maintained?

Fang Yuan sent over a contact expressing that Zhao Chen Territory intended to send some people over to intervene in this matter and that his rear had been empty for too long, so he couldn’t dilly-dally around Sky Star City for too long. He gave me a maximum of three days before he would have no other choice but to retreat his troops. He’s quite the sincere person since he asked if I needed his help in breaking through the city. If West-Resisting City and Abyss City’s troops united and concentrated firepower to storm the city, it wouldn’t be impossible to take down the city within three days.

I told him it wasn’t necessary……I wouldn’t need three days.

The next day when Fang Lita returned, his face was unimaginably bleak. He rapidly went to find Fang Thirteen, who happened to be in the middle of strenuously contemplating. When she heard Fang Lita’s footsteps, she hastily received the paper on her table. This time, however, Fang Lita gripped her wrist and returned the papers she put away onto the table. What he saw was a clear blank space.

Fang Lita grinded his teeth and interrogated:

“Sis, how much longer? I’m fed up with living like this! How long until we leave the city and thoroughly kill those absolutely shameless vermin?”

Fang Thirteen softly replied:


This time, Fang Lita suddenly grasped the cuff of her jacket, easily lifted her frail body out of the wheelchair and roared:

“Do you think I’m an idiot?! ‘Soon’, ‘soon’, why am I hearing you say this every day? How long is it, I need to know a definite date! Tell me, tell me!”

Both his eyes were thoroughly red as he panted with rage.

Fang Thirteen opened her mouth and answered:

“I honestly don’t know.”

Fang Lita loosened his grasp and let his older sister’s body fall back down into the wheelchair. Without demur, he ferociously gave Fang Thirteen a slap on her face. With how frail Fang Thirteen’s body was, this slap caused the entire left half of her face to become inflamed and blood to unceasingly drip out of her mouth. Fang Lita pounced on her and pressed her onto the floor, then used both her hands to firmly clench her neck.

Ah, people, they always need a reason to absolve themselves from blame.

There isn’t a person who is willing to admit their own incompetence, so they will often place their own incompetence onto other people’s heads.

Only like this will they feel a little better.

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Fang Thirteen used both her hands to push her younger brother off, but it was futile. Fang Lita was indignant and couldn’t be tamed, so he held back nothing.

“It’s always been like this even in the past, did you really think that just because you’re my older sister that I wouldn’t dare beat you? I am Sky Star City’s City Lord! I am this place’s master! Why have you always been more outstanding than me, why has everyone always only listened to you! And now you’ve actually told me that you aren’t able to think up any means, then I’ll make you think up some!”

Fang Lita used one hand to clutch Fang Thirteen’s neck while using the other hand to punch her face one after another.

The sound of her nose shattering into small pieces was plainly audible.

Blood flowed everywhere.

Fang Lita used punch after punch on Fang Thirteen’s face and there wasn’t a hint of mercy on each and every punch. It became increasingly difficult for Fang Thirteen to breath as she used both her hands to powerlessly grab onto the hand that was choking her. She appeared to be softly calling out Fang Lita’s name as if begging him, but that heart-breaking call didn’t change her younger brother’s mind. Instead, Fang Lita stood up swaying and used a foot to stomp on her stomach, causing all the air to leave her lungs, before immediately giving her face a very fierce kick.

Blood was splattered across Fang Thirteen’s face, her lips broken, the corners of her eyes split open; it made for a miserable scene.

Fang Lita’s toes hooked onto the necklace on Fang Thirteen’s neck and he ridiculed with a nasty laugh:

“You’re still wearing the present that other people sent you? Why didn’t you run away with him? You actually don’t care about me at all, right? Truly, my good sister, am I that unbearable in your heart? Are you really so dissatisfied with me?”

He abruptly lifted his leg, causing Fang Thirteen’s body to lift up along with the necklace, but the string holding the necklace wasn’t too strong, so it instantly snapped.

In an instant, the moon-like beads of varying sizes fell onto the floor and scattered out of sight.

Fang Thirteen instinctively groped around, but Fang Lita stomped down hard and broke her wrists.

The sound of painful gasping mixed in with the sound of a stifled sob.

Fang Lita squatted down and used one hand to grab onto his older sister’s hair, pulling her off the ground and in front of his eyes. He then asked while smirking:

“You like him, don’t you, sister? Otherwise why would you keep refusing to give me your body over and over? Now I don’t want it anymore, you’re just a worthless trash that isn’t even a match for Fang Yuan that damned fatty! What use would I have for you? Tell me, what use would I have for you!”

He heavily stamped on the pit of Fang Thirteen’s stomach.

Her ribs fractured and pierced into her lungs.

Blood frothed forth out of Fang Thirteen’s lips.

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Fang Lita wildly kicked Fang Thirteen away, causing her to roll. Although he had stopped speaking, the amount of strength he was using in his attacks were becoming stronger and stronger until Fang Thirteen’s body was filled with wounds all over. Once she was dying, only one breath away from death, he finally stopped. As he gasped for breath, there was still a smile on his face. He clenched her long hair, dragged her to the entrance of the City Lord’s mansion and ruthlessly kicked her out.

Fang Thirteen fell onto the limestone pavement groaning painfully.

While Fang Lita laughed, he returned to get Fang Thirteen’s wheelchair and smashed it onto her.

“If I had known earlier that you were so worthless, then I wouldn’t have spent so much time and money on you. You’re now useless, sister. Trapped in a besieged city? Act like a coward? I can also do those things, so I don’t need you. I don’t believe that you aren’t able to find any means, you are just unwilling to help me, right? Then get out, **** out of the City Lord’s mansion and never return.”

Because Fang Lita had started beating up Sky Star City’s common people without rhyme or reason, there were already no people who dared to walk close to the City Lord’s mansion.

Naturally, there were no people present to witness everything, except for me who was hiding in a covert place.

The massive City Lord’s mansion’s gate closed loudly, separating the inside and outside of the walls into two completely different worlds.

Actually, standing in Fang Lita’s point of view, I could completely understand why he did as such. Do you really think he’s so stupid to just push all his problems onto his older sister? I think not. He’s simply unwilling to admit and unable to admit his own mistakes. He’s unwilling to face his own incompetence, his own failures, his own stupidity, and he can’t openly and frankly expose it to the public. He needs someone to shoulder his faults otherwise even if Sky Star City is successfully defended, he will thoroughly be reduced to a marginal role, a worthless City Lord that rules over people who despise him.

So from the start, I had already guessed that such an ending would be coming.

But I didn’t anticipate that he would ultimately beat Fang Thirteen, who sacrificed all of her physical and mental efforts into cultivating Sky Star City, into such a miserable state. Perhaps he was unable to bear his sins anymore and decided to shift it onto Fang Thirteen’s body, that way he would be able to exonerate himself.

Rain finally started pouring down from the dark sky.

Laying down on one of the roofs inside the City Lord’s mansion, I rested my head on my arms as I looked towards the sky and felt the ice-cold rain pitter-pattering down on my face. When a cold wind blew past, I spat out a sigh and looked out at Sky Star City from the inside.

The rain water moistened Fang Thirteen’s hair, washed away the bloodstains on her face, and slowly corroded away at the last sparks of her life.

Truly weather that fits the situation, what say you? Fang Thirteen.

I stretched my body, then stepped into the veil of white mist caused by the drizzle and walked over towards Fang Thirteen.


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