Chapter 28 – The Crosstalk Outside Sky Star City

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

“Come come come, come come come, everyone sit down, listen to me!”

Outside of Sky Star City, several scattered divisions of troops sat in the surroundings of the city and began having their break time. Felita was able to achieve the effect of sound amplification by using wind magic and even the people inside of Sky Star City were able to hear her. The scene resembled two gown-robe wearing gentlemen standing up on stage and beginning a crosstalk.

“Oh? It’s already quite late at night, I wonder what you have to tell us today?”

“Sigh, the dried food in my hands hasn’t even entered my stomach yet, so it’s not like I can let everyone down, right?”

“Then I’ll listen to whatever new thing you have to say, tell me about it?”

“Haiya, what’s going to be said is going to make you laugh. Sigh, this Sky Star City’s City Lord has recently written separate letters to our West-Resisting City’s City Lord and Abyss City’s City Lord, you know about this matter, right?”

“Hoh, such a thing happened? Is he really so idle as to write letters? Everyone’s been occupied with fighting this battle, yet he still has time to write some letters?”

“Then I really didn’t know. But after we won this crucial battle, sir City Lord sent down the command to print this letter 500 times and circulate it so that everyone can see. Remember how strong Sky Star City was in the past? They would lead troops to hover around outside our city at a drop of a hat and appear as if they were going to fight us at any time. That’s why once these 500 copies were printed, people immediately scrambled to get one of the copies and mocked the one known as Sky Star City’s City Lord.”

“Then you……”

“I——naturally didn’t scramble for it.”

“If you didn’t fight for it, then why are you speaking! Aren’t you just raising our hopes up just to let it down!”

“Don’t be so anxious. While I might not have snatched one of them, I have a buddy who was able to successfully obtain one. Now, it’s in my arms!”

“Then read it aloud, read it aloud.”

“You think I’ll read it just because you told me to?”


“Let’s get a round of applause!”

The soldiers listening let out a round of applause as they watched the stage with an expectant gaze and even some of the soldiers atop Sky Star City’s walls slowly gathered to listen.

Then, the soldier who claimed to still have dried food in his hands took out a letter from his bosom and began read aloud with a clear voice and excellent expression:

“Fang Yuan, you damned fatty, you’ve never received my dad’s affection ever since childhood and now you even dare to bring soldiers to resist me. Do you really think you have skill? I’m telling you now, the five cities you got in the past are the five cities that I gave you because I felt that you were too poor and decided to send you a little present!”

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After he finished reading, the straight man next to him already began clapping and said:

“Gifting half of your entire property in one go, how insanely amazing. How come I’ve never encountered such a generous person.”

The one in charge of being the funny man naturally gestured with his hand:

“Hey! Brother, your words are a little off, most of the people in this world are intelligent. Meeting such a fool is an extremely small probability. You can’t count on this small chance to become prosperous and rich.”

“You’re right, so what else did he say?”

“Let me take a look——”

The soldier continued reading:

“To tell you the truth, there’s still time now for you to surrender. I’ve already told the matter to my sister, that is, sister Fang Thirteen who you’ve been afraid of for so many years. She’s already explicitly stated that she has a countermeasure for the situation, so you better wait for me to catch you so that I can personally slice off your fat and feed it to dogs! For now, I’ll let you enjoy yourself for another two days, this young master won’t bicker with you.”

The person responsible for being the straight man once again lamented:

“To be honest, brother, I remember fighting other kids in my childhood and every time I was unable to defeat the other kid, I would tell him ‘if you have the balls, then don’t run, I’m going to tell me back’. But I never expected that there was such a person so old who would actually go cry to his older sister whenever he was bullied. This is too……hehehe……”

The two men looked at each other and cackled vulgarly.

The funny man held the letter and spoke as he laughed:

“Show some understanding, alright~there are many useless people in this world, he’s not the only one. Come! I’ll read you guys two more paragraphs……”

The two speaking, strictly speaking, weren’t your common everyday people. These two were from the troupe that followed Moon over from Yun Hai. The people from Moon’s troupe were distinct from the rest; they immediately understood whatever was being taught and understood each other without the need to speak. I watched this lively and realistic play with keen interest atop the walls. Do you know what kind of feeling this is? To use an analogy, it’s like finding a book of stupid quotes under someone else’s bed and then read it aloud to everyone with him present as well. That feeling of uncovering another person’s black history is really delightful, like personally tearing open their scars.

With how noisy it was outside the city, it was naturally impossible for Fang Lita to stay aloof. He very quickly climbed to the top of the wall under the protection of a guard group and shouted:

“Don’t read it!”

Brother funny man happened to be in the middle of concluding:

“From this, it can be seen that this person is obstinate, self-opinionated, and lacks skills. This is a typical case of a reta……”

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Before he could finish his words, he heard Fang Lita’s sudden shout. This brother’s mentality was quite the strong one since after he heard Fang Lita’s shout, he remained calm and unhurried, lifted up his head, and asked:

“Who is your distinguished self.”

Fang Lita gnashed his teeth as he announced his name. This caused brother funny man to laugh out loud as he remarked:

“Ohoho, sir Fang Lita, it’s an honor to meet you, it’s an honor to meet you. As a matter of fact, we were just talking about you! We were talking about how imaginative and shrewd you are, how virtuous and talented you are, how you’re a sir City Lord that can only be found, not sought for……What? You’re requesting us to leave you with a bit of face? Alright, alright, then the reading from the letter I got from Abyss City stops here, we’re done, we’re done!”

As he spoke, the two under Sky Star City’s wall left. But not even two steps later, he turned around, coughed, and continued:

“Okay! Last time we talked about how Sky Star City’s City Lord sir Fang Lita is really a fiery person. Although he himself might be useless, the bearing he has in his words is very sharp. Before the situation was even clear, he sent a letter to Abyss City’s City Lord Fang Yuan unbridled praising himself and boasting about how amazing he is, but the result? Everyone can see. Today, I also have another letter, one that sir Fang Lita sent to our West-Resisting City’s City Lord Li De. Does everyone want to hear?”

“We do——!!”

“So where’s my applause?”


After another round of applause, the brother who spoke felt around his bosom and took out another letter, then began to vivaciously read it aloud.

Fang Lita’s anger levels shot through the roof, causing him to bark:

“Where’s my army? Make my sis bring out the army, kill these people for me——!!”

At this moment, Fang Thirteen had already returned above the city wall with an ice-cold expression and a detached bearing. She was entirely different from her worked up younger brother as she still maintained a considerable degree of indifference.

She calmly told him:

“A’ta. The situation is unclear, I’m afraid there’s an ambush.”

Fang Lita roared with fury:

“I don’t care, I don’t care! I want to see their heads fall to the ground!”

Fang Thirteen hesitated for a moment before compromising:

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“Make the archers come up.”

On Sky Star City’s city wall was a row of readied archers with iron-tipped arrows nocked and ready to release. Fang Thirteen sent down the order. The resulting arrow rain hid the skies and covered the earth, engulfing everything underneath it, but the people present weren’t flustered. At this time of imminent peril, a giant flame rose up from the darkness and the magic blew up midair, causing all the arrows to miss its targets.

“Continue shooting, shoot them all to death!!”

Fang Lita raved, but the soldiers uniformly looked at Fang Thirteen.

Fang Thirteen tranquilly stated:

“Withdraw. Attack only if they begin besieging the city, otherwise don’t waste your arrows.”

The soldiers retreated to the darkness, leaving only Fang Lita and his guard. Fang Lita’s expression fluctuated from gloomy to clear before finally stabilizing at an ugly expression as he looked at his older sister.

As for Fang Thirteen, she didn’t console him.

I lied down in the shadow of the city wall, gazed into the pitch black sky, and yawned.


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