Chapter 10 – Beauty Intoxicated By Wine

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

It was my first time seeing Fang Thirteen drunk.

How do I say this, there was this sort of morose sense of beauty.

Like how an originally perfectly rational person suddenly became a little delirious. The once often-worried little face of hers was now crying and laughing. The sight of it made me unable to bear but have thoughts of holding her into my arms and rub her head as I use my body warmth and coaxing words to comfort her.

But I naturally knew that I couldn’t do these things. I took a seat before her and right after I sat down, Fang Thirteen dazedly said:

“Jade……! Are you a mole from West-Resisting City?”

Holy ******* ****.

Tumultuous waves surged forth in my heart, but after giving it a second thought, I felt that I hadn’t exposed any weak points, so I coolly answered:

“Mole? Why do you say so? Is something wrong?”

Fang Thirteen lifted up her head and softly smiled as she replied:

“Mm. I knew you weren’t the villain. How could there be such a villain like you, who’s obviously came here for the first time, who’s obviously been subjected to many grievances, yet still wants to help me.”

I felt a bit uncomfortable in my heart upon listening to this.

It could be seen that Fang Thirteen was intoxicated by wine as her speech wasn’t very organized. She had just been talking about a mole or whatnot, but she suddenly changed topics as she began to soliloquize:

“Fang Yuan’s army, building up in the north, like wanting to start a war with us. Maybe……he in Yun Hai……found an expert……he countered my formations several times.”

The smile on Fang Thirteen’s face was filled with agony.

Where would Fang Yuan find himself any expert. If anything, that expert is actually me.

Even though these were my thoughts, in order to not expose myself, I feigned shock:

“Fang Yuan? Aren’t my wife and children over there……we’re going to war with him? Then what about my wife and children! Didn’t you say that there’s nothing wrong? Didn’t you say that we’d very quickly meet each other?”

A remarkably legitimate scene of thief crying thief played out.

Fang Thirteen opened her mouth as if to speak, her face appearing to be on the verge of crying, but her originally blind eyes were unable to shed tears. Feeling extreme sadness yet unable to cry, how much pressure was she bearing on her frail shoulders? For a moment, I couldn’t bear to speak in further length. I didn’t expect that after Fang Thirteen drank another cup, she would pull out a letter from her bosom and present it to me.

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I unfolded it to take a look and there were several words on it:

“My younger sister Thirteen: This is an era with no heroes, only those who make a name for themselves will go down in history. Father’s already a senile fool, to designate a damned thief as his successor. I am unwilling to wait with my hands tied and ready to be captured; no, I am determined to lift up my spear and rise up. In order to do that, I will need to stabilize my strength in the south before I go up north and fight Father. I won’t speak in detail as we will be seeing each other on the battlefield. I know there’s a fierce soldier named Jade under your subordination; his wife and children are in my hands. I originally wanted to use this in order to blackmail him and force him to join my faction, but to my surprise, his wife and children were unwilling to let him be controlled by anyone, so each and every one of them killed themselves. This matter is my fault, as well as the fault of your ruler. You may do as you see fit.”

After I finished reading, I nearly burst out in laughter.

This damned fatty truly is skilled. Which wife and children did I have over at his place; they were all cooked up nonsense in the first place. This fatty is actually quite adept at making the best use of everything, killing some non-existent people and then evenly splitting the blame. Indeed, a model example of placing the blame on someone who originally had none.

Though these were the thoughts in my mind, with my skills as a veteran actor, I threw myself into my role at lightning speed and heavily slammed on the table:

“That Fang Yuan, that Fang Yuan is an excessive bully! He and I cannot live under the same sky!”

As I spoke, I got out of my seat and began rushing out.

Fang Thirteen forced a bitter smile and softly spoke as she drank wine:

“Didn’t he already say it, ‘as well as the fault of your ruler’, don’t you wonder why he says this?”

I stopped, no longer speaking, and coldly stared at Fang Thirteen.

Fang Thirteen’s voice was full of self-blame as she explained:

“He’s already sent me two sealed letters before, explaining the situation and hoping that I would tell you so that you could choose between staying or leaving. But I……at the time, didn’t wish for you to leave, so I didn’t tell you. I told him that you were unwilling, so he decided to seize your wife and children to use them as blackmail material……”

I furiously overturned the table, causing the table filled with delicacies to scatter onto the floor. The sounds of plates shattering and all of the practically untouched food that the normally frugal Fang Thirteen purchased met their fates on the ground. I used both my hands to grasp her clothes’ lapels and bellowed:

Why! WHY! I so obviously placed my trust, my belief in you……WHY, TELL ME WHY! RETURN MY WIFE TO ME! RETURN MY CHILDREN!!

Fang Thirteen whimpered and loosen her grasp on the wine cup, causing it to fall onto her legs and splash all the wine onto herself.

Fang Thirteen kept repeating quietly:


I lifted her straight out of her wheelchair and pulled her in front of me before I snarled in her face:

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“You damned……MURDERER!! It’s been a long time since I’ve come across people like you, you *******……cold-blooded viper. Your heart is really black, isn’t it? Why! Give me a reason!”

Fang Thirteen appeared to be having trouble breathing. Even though tears didn’t roll out of her eyes, she truly was weeping, weeping to the point of being out of breath, unceasingly apologizing to me. I loosened my grip and she fell back down into her wheelchair. She extended out both her hands, her slender fingers searching the air as if to catch something. It appeared as if she was terrified that I would leave and only until she felt my stomach did she seem to relax a little. Both her hands lightly wandered around to hug me before she continuous continued to murmur:

“Sorry……it’s all my fault……”

I crouched down and coldly looked at her as I hissed:

“I can……allow you to say one last thing. I won’t kill you, but you’ll have to pay the price.”

Fang Thirteen’s faltering hands seemed to have suddenly gained strength as they hugged my neck and pulled me until my face was leaning on her shoulder.

I don’t know if it was the alcohol at work, but her voice was trembling as she pasted her abnormally flushed cheek against my face. The smell of her body’s faint fragrance mixing with the smell of the wine entered my nose and she softly breathed by my ear before she used a soft, charming, and seductive voice that I had never heard before:

“I can……become your wife.”

She hugged my arm, using a bit of strength, and said with a near-despairing voice:

“But you need to guarantee that you will never betray Zhao Chen Territory, that you’ll never betray me and A’ta. I know that I’m disabled, but my……good looks are still passable, that’s what everyone says. Moreover, I’ve never been nice to any other guy, nor have I liked any other boy. Furthermore, I can still give birth like normal, I also won’t give you much trouble, you can also find other women besides me……sorry……sorry……all I can really do are these……!”

Her words were heartbreaking to hear as they were filled with self-blame, unwillingness, remorse, and pain.

But what shocked me the most wasn’t the fact that she was willing to devote her life to me. No, rather, it was the purpose behind devoting her life to me. It wasn’t for her own survival; instead, it was in hopes that she would be able to tie me Sky Star City. In other words, she wished for me to accompany her to assist Fang Lita——her hopeless younger brother. Even without any bargaining chips in her hand, she, the older sister, was more than willing to use herself as a bargaining chip to exchange for the full support of a man that she didn’t even love. In this sort of situation, should I give her a slap or curse her to be mentally retarded?

I didn’t return her hug, but I also didn’t hit her as she was feeling so down.

I didn’t continue acting as an indignant man who had just lost his wife either.

A feeling of weariness suddenly rose in my heart.

A feeling of powerlessness.

This sort of powerless feeling made me inexplicably peeved. As Fang Thirteen kept continuously rubbing herself on me, I fiercely picked her off the wheelchair and walked towards the bedroom.

Fang Thirteen didn’t struggle.

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The wine cup fell onto the floor and the wine on her clothes dripped along our way there.

Contrary to what I was feeling, there was moonlight today. Clear, unobstructed, cold moonlight. Then, it faded into darkness as a cold wind blew past.


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