Chapter 11 – Let’s Have A Talk, Thirteen

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

When we arrived in her bedroom, I ruthlessly threw Fang Thirteen onto the bed.

Right after, I held her hands above her head with one hand and used the other to press down by her side. Because her legs were crippled, she had to way to kick or step on me. Thus, as long as I sealed her weak and powerless hands, she would lose all methods of resisting and could only be taken advantage of.

For some unknown reason, Fang Thirteen actually exposed a slight smile on her face.

I really am unable to make sense of this woman.

When on the battlefield, she would not allow us to take back the corpses of my officers and soldiers, instead letting the people of West-Resisting City watch on as their fellow citizens putrefied and pecked on by vultures and crows. At that time, I thought that she was certainly an extremely cold-blooded woman; at the very least, the type whose natural disposition was cold and indifferent beneath the surface. But after coming into contact with her, I discovered that this person was quite pure to a certain extent. She was shouldering a pressure that someone her age shouldn’t have been enduring, the only person responsible for the prosperity of 10 cities.

She was unlike me, who had Aleya, Felita, Moon, Bai Huang and so on by my side to assist as well as guide me. The entire territory’s military affairs, policies, economics, and people’s livelihoods, they were all shouldered by her, alone. Only when I arrived to help her out was she able to relax a little. And now, when she knew that it was likely because of her that caused the death of my wife and children, the amount of blame that she placed on herself was to an unimaginable extent.

That sorrowful atmosphere, that weeping, that appearance of falling apart absolutely wasn’t an act. And even if she was acting, it wouldn’t be so effective.

Yet now, the smile on her face carried along with it an overtone of relief and freeness.

Perhaps me taking away her virginity here was actually the best result in her mind.

The problem is that……I *******……

Am unable to do it.

If I really had a wife who’d just died, I would now be furious in my heart and definitely do whatever I wanted. But the issue lied in the fact that Aleya and the rest were alive and well at this moment, that everything was just a cover that Fang Yuan and I fabricated. It was just that the effect of this game was a little too good, making me feel like a nocked arrow with no other choice but to fire out. What’s there to do at this moment, do I do it or not…?

I hesitated, struggling internally, for a long time until I finally saw Fang Thirteen’s look turn dismal and for a moment, I truly want to voice out curses.

Why does such a good girl have to insist on being a brocon??

I decided to settle for the second best option available to me. I released her wrists, held her in my embrace, and just as I prepared myself to speak, a sudden knock on the door echoed through the room.

“Sister, are you asleep?”

Holy ****!

Speak of the devil and he’ll appear.

Upon hearing Fang Lita’s voice, Fang Thirteen, who was nestled against my bosom, hastily went to wipe her face and said with a tone as normal as possible:

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“Sister is here……if you have something to say. Then you can say it outside the door.”

I watched Fang Thirteen’s frenetic appearance and couldn’t help but chuckle a little. Fang Thirteen hurriedly whispered into my ear:

“Don’t do it now……don’t let A’ta see. You hurry……find a place to hide yourself!”

I looked at Fang Thirteen’s about-to-cry appearance and I didn’t feel the urge to tease this little lady anymore, so I softly replied:


After that, I hid myself in a wardrobe.

The instant I entered, I felt that things were a little off. Isn’t this the first place that people first go to in order to catch a couple in the act! Anyhow, it was my first time hiding in such a place, so I was a bit excited. From a crack in the wardrobe doors, I quietly sized up the situation inside the room.

Even though Fang Thirteen said that he couldn’t come in, Fang Lita opened the door and ducked inside anyway. He was practically naked from head to toe, with the only piece of clothes on him being a pair of small shorts. He said:

“Sister, I feel so uncomfortable. I really want you.”

Hey, stop stop stooop!

What the hell is unfolding! This doesn’t seem right, cut——cut——!!

It was at this moment that the moonlight shone on Fang Lita. With the help of the moonlight, I saw a bright red light flash in Fang Lita’s pupils.

Oh ****, I remember.

It’s the Charm Demons!!

It’s the Charm Magic that only operates at night! When I arranged for this move to be used at the time, I didn’t expect that it would be so effective. It’s no wonder that Fang Thirteen secretly made people go search for some heat-dispersing cooling herbal medicine in Demon Territory. For the situation of ‘I treated you as my younger brother, yet you actually had other thoughts about me’, to actually occur, who would be able to endure it.

But it seems as if that cooling medicine had no use at all, so it’s still the Charm Demon’s power that’s superior by a notch.

Fang Thirteen exasperatedly said:

“Didn’t I already tell you……sister is unable to help you. Go look for your harem.”

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This little child already has a harem??

Fang Lita suddenly rushed over and held his sister in his arms:

“No, I want to be together with sister!”

Just as I was wondering if the situation would go out of control if I didn’t jump out to stop it, Fang Thirteen, who seemed to have already faced this situation many times before, serenely replied:

“If you definitely want to do this, then your sister will die in front of you.”

Her words were very calm as well as clear. Fang Lita appeared to have sobered up a lot upon hearing these words. He retreated several step, but very quickly sunk into a very deranged state once more. His words were spoken rapidly and the thoughts behind them changed very quickly:

“Don’t think I’m afraid of you, I’m already not the former me. You’re not doing very good in the north, useless sister. Ah, no, I mean you need to work a bit harder. Hahahaha, do you have someone you like? I know, sister used to only play with me in the past, in the past you were always with me! Now? Your line of sight is else, right? You’ve already chosen someone else, right? But it doesn’t matter, I forgive you, sister. Because you’re my sister.”

Fang Lita cackled and even I could hear the gloomy, sorrowful laughter through the slit of the door:

“Do you know, there are a lot of people advising me to lock up my sister. Because right now, all the power is held by sister and I, I have nothing, I have NOTHING! Is it not good for me to be in power? I can do even better than sister, more excellent! Therefore I need power, I need to lock up sister……but I won’t do as such, because I love sister, I have matchless love for my sister! Sister, keep it up, seize Fang Yuan that fatty a little earlier, I want to eat his flesh, drink his blood! How dare a damned fatty bluster in front of me, I need to kill him!”

Fang Lita shook his head, giggling madly as he walked further away:

“I’ll be waiting for you, sister. When you’re victorious, let’s read books together again! Heeheehee……”

After the sound of his footsteps went away, I got out of the wardrobe.

Fang Thirteen was half-reclining on the bed, biting her lips.

The corners of my lips curled upwards:

“No wonder you wanted me to guarantee that I would never betray Fang Lita when you wanted to devote yourself to me.”

Fang Thirteen didn’t say anything in reply.

I sat by her side and indifferently remarked:

“Fang Thirteen, I advise you to not think of yourself too highly. This sort of boss, even if he gave me 10 of you, I would be disinclined to even give him a glance. But I’m actually starting to admire you more and more for being able to lay down the foundation for 10 cities even with such a burden. Furthermore, you still have energy left over to expand outwards. You truly are strong.”

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Fang Thirteen lowered her head to sob.

I shifted over a chair and sat in front of her. I then said:

“Let’s have a talk, Fang Thirteen. I’m not in the mood to have your body anymore. Fang Yuan’s enmity, I will naturally take my revenge. You, I will also always continue hating you. But until then……only for tonight, I just want to have a little chat with you. Speaking about my grievances is fine, speaking about your grievances is also fine, just speak whatever comes to mind, that way we can feel a little better.”


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