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Chapter 28 – I Became Bald, You Became Stronger

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Right as the Red-Mane Bear’s paw was about to fall downwards, its gigantic bear body leaned to the side and its paw came very close, but missed, my head. The claw closest to my head was like a sickle and with a ‘craaaack!’, it shaved my head clean of all the hair.

A baldie suddenly emerged from among the crowd!

I felt my now bright-and-clean head and a nameless fire started burning within my heart. I gave another glance at Aleya, who had tried her best to knock the gigantic bear away, and violently roared:

“Aleya, break it into pieces! I want to eat some ************* roast bear paw today!”

Aleya clenched her teeth and used all her willpower to stand up with her bruised body, gasping as she once again picked up the longsword. In comparison, the Red-Mane Bear looked much better. Apart from a few cuts that Aleya dealt to it, it basically had no severe injuries. The gap between the two sides were obvious at a glance.

However, even if the disparity between them appeared so widely different, once I spoke these words, Aleya softly answered:

“Yes, young master.”

When her voice fell, her expression abruptly turned indifferent. She thrust the longsword at the Red-Mane Bear, but it was a feint. Once the gigantic bear threw a paw in response, she flashed closer to the bear and stabbed Roaming Dragon into its abdomen. After the gigantic bear suffered this blow, its paw smashed into Aleya’s shoulder and made her retreat several steps while staggering.

She was in the middle of slowly accumulating experience.

After another round of attacks, Aleya stamped on a tree and used it as leverage to soar over at the gigantic bear. She fiercely thrust her sword into the bear’s nape, but unfortunately, the mane surrounding the Red-Mane Bear’s neck was too strong and the sword was only able to make a shallow wound.

For the thing called swordsmanship, or rather, the sword dao, there are many kinds. Even though they’re all classified as swordsmanship, the intensity behind the sword and the way to train in it are all distinct.

Between the three Level 10 Swordsman bigshots in Eternal Heaven State, the one that resides inside the imperial palace trains in the Zen sword.

This kind of swordsmanship sounds awesome and is actually very awesome in reality. In peacetime, the way of cultivation is to sit in meditation and train in the sword. Just by doing that, the swordsmanship level will slowly rise. As for how much it rises, that all depends on the user’s talent, whether you have that sort of unflinching righteousness, whether you have that sort of mentality, whether you have that sort of broad-mindedness.

Then, one day you will comprehend the dao and the expansive righteous qi within heaven and earth will converge onto your body. Your swordsmanship will be flexible yet firm and nobody under heaven will dare fight you.

To speak frankly, it all depends on your innate talent, hard efforts, and everything in between. Within ten million people, having one person fit the criteria is already very generous. Moreover, there are only two paths when training in this swordsmanship: you either become a bigshot or you don’t. If you’re unable to cultivate successfully, then it will be useless and you may as well have trained in some ordinary sword technique.

Aleya’s swordsmanship is one for killing people and is the most practical swordsmanship. When fighting, I don’t care whether or not the sword in my hand agrees with some truth within heaven and earth, whether or not it is in accordance with morality and justice, all that I’ll consider is how to kill the counterpart.

So how do you train in such swordsmanship?

It’s very simple, train just like you would right now!

In a situation where if you don’t kill your opponent, your opponent will kill you.

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Once placed in this sort of situation, only then will you put your heart and soul into thinking over how to kill your opponent. All your attention will be placed on your counterpart’s every move and action; you will learn, you will reflect, you will force yourself to become stronger in a short period of time, and you will arouse all the hidden potential within your body. If your opponent treads on your corpse, then that is the same as paying up on this gruesome bet. Otherwise, if you tread on your opponent’s corpse, then you will then go on to treading on a mountain made up of countless corpses forming a blood river, and walk an even higher level!

The Red-Mane Bear was on the brink of insanity.

After Aleya’s attacks became more skillful, the gigantic bear’s failed to land an effective attack several times.

On the contrary, the number of wounds on its body gradually grew.

I, without a doubt, could understand how it felt. It was like playing a fighting game where you were able to easily defeat your opponent at first, but can only look on helplessly as your opponent shreds you later on and you become unable to start any combos.

The more it becomes like this, the more irritated you become.

The more irritated you become, the more powerless you feel.

The Red-Mane Bear tangled furious with Aleya for several minutes, but was unable to take any advantage from its opponent.

On the sidelines, I couldn’t help but to applaud:

“Amazing, Aleya! You’re a self-taught master!”

In the end, I don’t know whether it was because of my loud clapping or because the ******* could understand human words, but right after I said those sarcastic remarks, it suddenly charged at me. Seeing that the enormous body was about to send me flying, Aleya made her final move using her real power. It was a move close to Level 5 greater perfection realm; the silver light changed to look like a curved arrow and burst the gigantic bear’s back at an area near its heart.

The Red-Mane Bear howled in grief as its body slowly toppled over and fell onto the ground. Blood started gushing out of its nose and mouth and it was clear that it would be dying soon since the amount of air it breathed out was much less than the vast amount of air it breathed in. It was at this time that the slime actually became spirited. It ‘whoosh’-ed out from behind me and rode on the Red-Mane Bear’s head, bouncing up and down vigorously, seeming to say ‘you dumbass, how come you’re not moving now, kill me if you have the ability to’.

Tsk tsk, a vile character flourishes indeed.

As I walked over to Aleya, Aleya fell onto the ground in exhaustion. This person’s always been like this, putting her heart and soul into doing whatever she’s told and not feeling any pain, but once she relaxes, all the suffering and pain she’s received washes over her like a tide.

Aleya released the “Roaming Dragon” in her hand and whispered:

“Young master…….wait a moment, Aleya will……immediately make you……simmer-fried bear paw……”

Aleya was drowsy, yet still intended to forcefully stand up.

I softly caressed Aleya’s forehead and told her:

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“Rest for a while. I’m not hungry yet.”

Aleya relaxed, then fainted.


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