Chapter 11 – You Are My Crossdressing Bigshot

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After Little Huang’s analysis, I came to a conclusion.

It was that Little Huang’s spot as champion was stable.

So long as she carefully studied and didn’t fool around, her chances of taking the title of Queen of Flowers was very high.

Finally, Little Huang told me:

“Actually, there’s still one more person. A person born with the best looks, but doomed to not be the Queen of Flowers.”

I inquired:

“What the heck? Hidden details? Rigged election?”

Little Huang shook her head:

“It’s because the person in question is said to be a man.”

“Crossdressing bigshot??”

Little Huang tilted her head:

“I’m not too sure on this matter. It’s what I heard from my big brother. That person is from a brothel and always performs by the river. If you’re interested, you can go and experience it for yourself, but you won’t be able to buy him. The people at the brothel set his redeeming price as 9,999 gold coins and threw him into this time’s auction for the same price.”

“Ah, so there’s even this thing. It’s probably just them hyping it up.”

I shrugged my shoulders, then continued teaching Little Huang how to pronunciate.

“Your voice needs to be a bit more childish, but not to the point where it’d make someone feel sick upon hearing it. It needs to be a bit more charming, a bit more energetic; this is your advantage. Men like those women who are cold and aloof on the outside, but charming in bed; they like those women who refuse to talk to others but become very warm and talkative to them; they like those girls who are pure and understand anything. Coincidentally, your age just happens to tally with all their delusions; act a bit more mature and you’ll be an onee-san, act a bit more childish and you’ll be a loli. Therefore, the timbre of your voice relies mainly on your energy with a 30 to 40 percent ratio of charm. Come, copy me, big brother De Li~”

“Big brother De Li~”

“One more time!”

“Big brother De Li~”

“Big brother De Li~”

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“Big brother De Li~”

After practicing for roughly 700 to 800 times, I nodded:

“Almost. Go back and practice a bit more tonight, tomorrow I’ll teach you how to dance.’

Little Huang directed a doubtful gaze at me:

“You can dance?”

I unhappily retorted:

“At least I’m better than you, who can’t even dance at all. Really, I don’t know how you were able to live with your girl power being 0.”

Seeing this guy once again pick up the pillow, I shouted:

“Stop! Bye!”

Little Huang put down the pillow then said:

“Wait a minute, what do I do with the makeup on my face?”

I “oh-d” then returned and replied:

“I would’ve forgotten if you didn’t mention it. The makeup needs to be removed otherwise it’ll be bad for the skin.”

Little Huang hastily covered her face and pleaded:

“I don’t want to remove the makeup!”

I evilly laughed:

“Mwhahahahaha, too late! Your Cinderella experience has already expired, now obediently return to your previous appearance!”

Little Huang kept waving her hand:

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“No! No——wuh wuah……n……ah!!”

All the makeup on her face was wiped clean with the power of the wet towel in my hand.

Little Huang lied on the bed crying, making it seem like I had done some misdeed.

I said:

“Don’t worry, I’ll put your makeup back on when it comes time for the dinner party the day after tomorrow.”

Little Huang leapt off the bed and hugged my arm as she tearfully begged:

“Teach me! Teach me how to do it——”

I thought for a bit, then felt around my chest, took out the half-written《Junior High Chemistry Theory》 and threw it before her eyes.

“Youngster, do you want to become stronger? Do you want the power to turn beautiful? Then seek it out! I’ve hidden all my secrets within this book. Learn it and you’ll become even stronger.”

Little Huang picked up the book with great anticipation and while she was doing so, I took the opportunity to tell her:

“Remember to come here and wait for me tomorrow morning!”

Then I escaped.

Behind me, I could hear Little Huang reading aloud:

“Trinitro, methyl, benzene……what are these symbols? Mm……come back!!”

Come back, come back my ***, it’s time for me to escape.

I knew that she wouldn’t be able to make sense of it and I also didn’t feel like explaining it to her. It couldn’t be better if I were able to arouse her curiosity since it could also be counted as taking revenge for her beating my head with the pillow dozens of times.

After leaving the hotel, I found that the color of the sky had already darkened considerably.

I slowly and unhurriedly wandered by the river bank. I wanted to take a look at the night scene, but didn’t expect that I’d hear the voice of someone performing an opera in the distance.

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Quite the vast crowd.

The roars of laughter could even be heard from here.

My interest was also piqued. Didn’t Little Huang there was some popular crossdressing opera singer?

It just so happened that I had nothing to do right now, so I might as well go over and take a look.


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