Chapter 26 – I’m Only 17 But I Feel So Tired

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

At long last, I let out a relaxed sigh.

With Felita and Aleya maintaining the city, there was temporarily no need for me to go onto the battlefield and take care of those Demons.

After two days of happily lazing around and doing nothing, I finally dragged myself over to my work table and prepared myself to look at the problems that had accumulated for these past two days. Letting Pierce and the others live would have minimized the amount of things I would have to review, but due to me chopping off their heads in a fit of rage, there were many things that I had no choice but to worry about.

Before I took a look at the letters from various parts of the state, I decided to analyze my current situation.

From the view of a gaming expert, what resources do I currently possess?

A small broken down city. Produces 0 gold coins a day, requires many gold coins to run every day, a typical negative asset that nobody wants to provide for.

x1 SSR character Aleya. 16 years old, profession: swordsman, just reached Level 5 Swordsmanship, talent is very good and is worth cultivating. Equipped with longsword “Roaming Dragon”, the one I stole from my dad, roughly classified as purple equipment, fairly helpful in boosting strength.

x1 SSR+ character Felita. 20 years old, profession: sorcerer, has stayed a long time at Level 5 Sorcery, but upper limit is very high, worth spending a lot of resources on. The sole weak point is her problematic way of thinking, doesn’t think of herself as a person. Equipped with wooden stick “Worthless Wooden Cane”, the product of her finding a wooden stick and adding magic onto it, very poor quality, roughly classified as white equipment, doesn’t help at all in promoting strength.

Rough 2,500 gold coins, this is my most important asset. But from what I could see, it was absolutely necessary for me to dedicate a portion of it to strengthening city defenses. Who knows how much will be left as capital for me to spend on drinking and please.


Although I possess the status of the Overlord of Yunyang’s fourth son, this status is now basically useless except for dragging me down. I definitely won’t be able to receive any assistance from the family and enemies of Yunyang will be more than eager to take me down. It could be said that this identity was akin to a fighter jet with an extremely uncomfortable load.

What are the enemy forces at this point in time?

There’s no need to talk about the Demons to the West, just repelling the Demons depends on Felita doing her utmost.

To the East was my brother Li Neng who followed my older brother Li Yi ever since we were younger; the two people were pretty much gay for each other. On my table were some letters that my third brother Li Neng sent to me and could be roughly summed up into a single phrase.

Going to screw you over.

On the North side, the Overlord of Zhao Chen sent over a congratulatory message, congratulating me, this fourth son of Yunyang’s Overlord, in successfully taking over West-Resisting City. At the same time, he happily mentioned the hatred between him, the Overlord of Zhao Chen, and my dad, the Overlord of Yunyang and informed me in advance that he would be sending over his son to “visit” me, so this letter could also be boiled down to a single phrase.

Going to screw you over.

On the South side, the Overlord of Yun Hai was much better as it started out: Li De, your life isn’t easy with enemies on three sides. We over here in Yun Hai Territory won’t be so excessive, come, let us two sides start a legitimate trade, don’t you guys want to start a war? We’ll deliver you some essential supplies, of course the price will be a bit high. Anyway, the meaning was roughly——

Going to screw you over……and your wallet!

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What do you mean you won’t be so excessive, this is even more excessive, alright?!

En……let me think, what’s the most effortless way for me to free myself from the current crisis?

Is there the choice to surrender?

Is there a gun out there that will help me redo my life?

Goddess? Hey hey hey, can you reply to me again? Love me again? If I commit suicide now, will I be able to transmigrate to another world? Is it fine if you reincarnate me as a person? This time I guarantee that I’ll work hard in the beginning——

Alright, nobody’s answering, seems like it won’t work.

Guess I have no other choice but to think up a way to face these problems alone……

I massaged my forehead. It wouldn’t be so stressing if it were just one or two problems.

In brief, let’s first put forth the so-called ‘Li De’s Three Propositions’.

Drum-roll please!

First, West-Resisting City must build up an army and must continue to cultivate as well as increase combat strength.

Second, West-Resisting City must resume production in order to guarantee self-sufficiency as soon as possible.

Third, West-Resisting City……needs more talents. It needs talents from every industry and every field, this way once they are all able to do their duties without orders, I’ll be able to crazily spend money and truly achieve a freeloader’s beautiful life.

In more simple terms, I have to take care of the current West-Resisting City.

I need troops, money, grain, land, and all sorts of talents.

The human resource known as talent can only be discovered but not sought after. Being able to recruit Felita probably already exhausted all the moral integrity that I’ve been working so hard to save up for these past few years (which in fact wasn’t much at all). This also couldn’t be forcefully requested since there was probably no one that wanted to wrong themselves by coming to my broken down, dilapidated, rubbish heap West-Resisting City.1

As for the money and grain, it also wasn’t something that could fix itself overnight. While I did make a fortune robbing Pierce and his crew, I used the entirety of this fortune to purchase all kinds of farm tools, armor and weapons from the merchants that came from Yun Hai Territory; relatively speaking, they were all items for civilian use. A newcomer, if they have money, should share the wealth with everyone since it’s very easy to be disliked for hoarding.

It could be said that it’s very hard to see immediate results for the second point and third point of my three propositions and can only be taken slowly.

In that case, I need to assemble an army first as expected……

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  1. Thinking of replacing ‘moral integrity’ for ‘gacha rolls’ or the second tl option ‘luck’.

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