Chapter 25 – I’m The Most Upright Gentleman Of My Generation

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Excessive fatigue caused me to conk out the moment I returned to my Lord’s mansion and lied down on my bed.

For me, who was usually lazy and slacking off, this degree of work was already a bit too strenuous.

Adding on the fact that I had to watch Pierce and the others pack things up for an entire night, my head was more than just a bit sore.

While I was in a dazed state, I felt as if there was something licking my cheek.




Can you let me sleep!

Aleya, where are you Aleya, who placed dogs and cats in my room——

While thinking as such, I opened my eyes.

What came into view was Felita’s very close and within-reach face.

Her arms were wrapped around my neck as she gently licked my face. Seeing me wake up, she slightly arched her body and used her supple snow-white hair to rub against my cheek. While she did so, she softly whimpered and breathed very heavily. At the same time, I detected her pressing down a heavy weight on me which had a kind of indescribable silky and bouncy feeling.

I slowly lifted up the quilt and gave the inside a glimpse.

En, well basically, there’s nothing on except a body-hugging negligee.

On her head was a brown dog ears headband, circling her waist was a silver chain, and a brown dog tail hung from near her tailbone area. Because she was hugging my neck, her ample bosom was completely smooshed against my chest, and her two long, white legs were on either side of my body as she saddled me.1

This is……what……thing?

Am I……still dreaming?

Or did I……not wake up properly?

How about I close my eyes and try again?

I’ll test it out.

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3, 2, 1, take deep breaths.

Breath in~ Breath out~

Open my eyes.

Ah……still no good.

It doesn’t seem to be a hallucination.

This soft sensation and the warmth coming from her skin seemed so clear.

The sound of Felita’s breath on my ears was filled with an amorous charm.

Wait wait wait wait wait, wait a second!!

“What the hell are you doing!!”

Spitting out such a tsukkomi, I grabbed Felita’s shoulder and forcefully pushed her off my body. However, because she was wearing so little clothes, the moment she got a certain distance away from me, I would instantly see something I shouldn’t have seen. As such, I forced myself to let go and Felita immediately pasted herself onto me again.

At this time, the only thought in my mind was to preach for the next few hours about comrade Lei Feng’s spirit of doing good for nothing in return, but Felita didn’t seem at all interested in this sort of thing. She nibbled my ear and whispered:

“Isn’t it master who requested this?”


Wait a minute! Let me think.

Nope! I don’t recall saying this! I object! I’m going to file a complaint!

It’s impossible for someone like me, a bonafide straight man who hasn’t ever visited the Jade Pagoda, to set such an unreasonable request.

So I firmly preached:

“Comrade Felita, there’s something called sympathy in this world, I didn’t help you for……”

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Felita gently whispered:

“‘From today onwards, you are my dog’. Isn’t this what that means? Depriving me of all my dignity as a human and treated as a lowly dog for you to raise. Isn’t this what you were looking forward to? Aahn~……”

As she was speaking, she lightly kissed my neck.

A blushing face that had abandoned all rationality and thought and a tone that contained degenerate joyfulness.

Naturally, this was the first hickey I’d ever received in my life.

“Hey hey hey! S-stop! That wasn’t what it meant, alright? My meaning was for you to be my hunting dog, my lackey——”

I hurriedly held Felita away by her shoulder. No good, this person’s already gone crazy.

There was no use preaching to the current her.

There was no other choice but to use a violent method to solve this problem.

In short, I need to make her wear some clothes first.

Where are her clothes?

Found them! They were under the bed!

Now push her away while holding her clothes in your hand and prepare to forcefully dress her. This is no biggie, Li De, even though you haven’t seen the big wind and waves, haven’t you seen Aleya change her clothes many times before? Form is emptiness, emptiness is form, this isn’t the time for me to act obscene……

But there was another voice in my heart.

Isn’t she different from Aleya?

You’ll still be able to feel that ampleness from that thin layer of clothing.

When she was pasting herself onto you, that soft, warm, and elastic feeling——

No good no good, I can’t keep thinking like this.

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Unfortunately, Felita tried hugging me with her blushing face again.

I grabbed her clothes and was about to dress her, when at this moment——

It was precisely at this time that the door opened.

“Young master, wake……”

Aleya’s words didn’t finish.

I looked at her and she looked back at me.

At this point in time, I was firmly grasping Felita’s shoulder with one hand and holding her clothes in the other while Felita was sitting on me and looking at me with a piteous gaze. No matter how you looked at it, it was me, Li De, doing some improper matter……

But this isn’t the truth!

“Aleya, did you know? There are times when what you see isn’t actually the truth. I know people obtain 80% of their information visually, so when you see something with your own eyes, it’s very easy for you to believe that what you see is the truth. However, scientific research indicates that this is……”

I tried to explain something to Aleya.

Aleya smiled very gently towards me.

She very considerately helped me close the door.

But soon afterwards, I heard lightning flashes and thunder rolling outside, the sound of a longsword being unsheathed from its shackles like a dragon’s howl, and the ear-splitting sound of all the trees in the courtyard collapsing onto the ground.

On this day, Aleya broke through and rose to become a Level 5 Swordsman.

Congratulations, congratulations.

I applauded her in silence as tears rolled down my face.


  1. As there is an actual image of Felita, I will be basing the description off of the image. Original text says “black dog ears, black dog tail”.

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