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Chapter 43: I Will Take Responsibility!

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Author: Nan Sheng’s Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library


The sound of the door opening made Jenna, who was sitting watching TV, turn around in bewilderment. Then she saw Nancy supporting Sherry.

“Boss? Weren’t you supposed to go shopping? Why are you back so soon?”

“And… who’s this, Sherry? What happened to her?” Jenna, curious, asked, looking at Sherry who was still unconscious.

“Well… I’ll tell you about it later. Let’s settle her down first, and I’ll let her sleep in my room for now.” Nancy carefully handed the unconscious Sherry to Jenna, who, though filled with questions, still assisted Sherry towards Nancy’s bedroom.

Looking around, it seemed like that girl Nina still hadn’t returned. She must still be at Su Xiaoyu’s place… Huh, didn’t Su Xiaoyu mention this in the car just now? How forgetful of me.

Nancy suddenly picked up her terminal, but there were no new messages on it. It seemed like Hattori still hadn’t found that group of human traffickers.

That’s right, Nancy was looking for a group of human traffickers—and not just any traffickers, but a criminal organization from Basileus. This lead was also found from those mercenaries wiped out that night.

To expand her own power, Nancy needed people, and in this rule-of-law society… to get so many people, she had to take them from traffickers.

After all, Basileus still maintains a slave system to this day.

“Boss, what exactly happened?” Jenna appeared behind Nancy at some point, softly inquiring.

She and Nancy had grown up together in the Philo District, so she knew a little about the outside world, and her sensitivity to certain things was much higher than that of Nina’s, who was still like an unspoiled sheet of paper. So she had long understood that when Nancy brought home Sherry, who seemed to be in bad shape again, something must be going on.

For this most trusted friend, Nancy had no intention of hiding today’s events, so she gestured to the sofa in front of the TV.

“Well, sit down and I’ll tell you.”

Once seated, Nancy intentionally raised the volume of the TV. Jenna understood that Nancy didn’t want Sherry in the bedroom to hear what was about to be said, so she also deliberately lowered her voice.

“Boss, what exactly happened?”

After careful consideration, Nancy briefly recounted today’s events to Jenna, including the conflict with Samuel and the scene where she saved Sherry, who was about to be sold by Jason. Of course, she omitted the part about detoxifying Sherry and being forcibly kissed—that was content not suitable for all audiences, please subscribe to read ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

“Jason!? That old b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲!” Jenna, upon hearing that Jason had sold his foster daughter for some insignificant drugs, couldn’t help but feel extremely indignant, and she couldn’t resist punching the coffee table in front of her.

Nancy quickly raised a finger to signal her to keep her voice down because of her sensitive hearing, and she heard Sherry’s breathing from the bedroom suddenly lighten.

After a pause, Nancy sighed inwardly. “Being angry now won’t help. Sherry being okay is what matters most.”

“Sigh… the world these days…” Jenna felt helpless, her anger turning into a sigh.

Both she and Nancy were abandoned children from a young age, so Jenna was even more angry about Jason’s actions.

“Oh, by the way, you mentioned you and Uncle Charlie had a conflict with Samuel?” After venting her anger, Jenna noticed another key point in Nancy’s words.

As a well-known figure in the Philo District, Jenna was naturally familiar with Samuel, the lustful young master of the Longmen Gang. She hadn’t expected Nancy to have a direct conflict with him this time.

“Um, this doesn’t look good…” Jenna’s expression turned troubled. After all, Nancy’s actions had completely offended that young master from the Longmen Gang, especially considering the boss’ appearance… it was bound to attract that guy’s attention. After this incident, the Longmen Gang would definitely come looking for trouble.

Even if she and Nancy could hide, what about Nina, who was inexperienced in the world? Jenna didn’t think that with the boss’ current temperament, she would take that innocent child along. Not making things worse was already commendable.

“Alright, when the enemy comes, we will meet them. The principle from the Donghuan always rings true. I think the most urgent matter now is to find a new place to live,” Nancy suggested after some thought.

Now that there were quite a few people in the house, herself, Ninai, who knows when she might return, along with Jenna, who was practically inseparable from her, and even including Hattori, these four people had already made this temporarily rented dilapidated building feel somewhat crowded.

Moreover… after this series of events, Sherry naturally couldn’t go back to Jason’s place anymore. It was possible she would have to stay with Nancy for a while.

“That’s indeed the most urgent matter,” Jenna fully agreed with Nancy’s decision to move. “I have some savings on my side, I’ll bring them over tomorrow.”

“We should try to find a place outside the Philo District, and this time, we must find a good place that can withstand long-term living, even if it costs a bit more.”

“I’m going to lick my face and live with you this time, boss, to save on food expenses, hehe.” Jenna chuckled and grabbed Nancy’s arm, giving it a shake.

“You…” Nancy shook her head helplessly, but she didn’t refuse. It was fine for Jenna to live with her, she also worried that something might happen if they lived separately.

Just then, a soft moan came from the bedroom. Nancy and Jenna exchanged glances. Was that Sherry?

Instructing Jenna to watch the door, Nancy went to the bedroom alone.

As soon as she entered, Nancy saw Sherry sitting on the bed, her eyes in disarray and looking somewhat disheveled.

“Nancy…” Sherry’s panic seemed to calm down as soon as she saw Nancy. She didn’t know why, but whenever she saw Nancy, all the negative emotions in her heart seemed to dissipate.

“Feeling a bit better?” Nancy sat down next to Sherry, asking softly with concern.

“Um…” Sherry obediently nodded, but then she looked at Nancy’s face, so close at hand, and her gaze involuntarily fixed on Nancy’s lips, her own face turning red.

After all, even though it happened under the influence of drugs, Sherry could still recall some of it.

The feeling of the girl’s lips before the forced kiss… Sherry felt like the sensation of their tongues intertwining happened just a moment ago.

“I… I’m sorry… I…” Sherry’s hesitance made Nancy feel amused.

It was just a first kiss, Nancy didn’t care about these things to begin with, especially since her first kiss was given to a beautiful girl under unavoidable circumstances. She felt even more indifferent.

But then Sherry’s words almost choked Nancy with saliva, despite her earlier calm demeanor.


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