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Chapter 22: Shameful Violence

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Author: Nan Sheng’s Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

Creak… Creak…

The leather shoes made an eerie creaking sound on the wooden floor.

Two hired guns raised their pistols as they slowly advanced down the corridor.

The pitch-black hallway rendered the magnificent chandelier a mere decoration. Even with the moonlight streaming in, they couldn’t make out the end of the corridor.

The corridor, enveloped in darkness, seemed endless, everything fading into the dark abyss, as if it stretched infinitely to please the darkness…

Drip… drip…

The sound of liquid dripping made the two men shiver slightly, exchanging a glance before quickening their pace.

At a corner of the corridor was the former room of the young miss.

They speculated that this was their destination.

Bathed in the faint moonlight, one of the men noticed that the door to the young miss’ room was slightly ajar. If there were light sources now, he should be able to see what was inside.

A streak of blood extended from the room, stopping right at one of the men’s feet.


Suddenly, a lightning bolt flashed outside, illuminating the entire corridor, including the room of the young miss in front of them!

They could finally see what was inside the room.

The girl’s body hung horizontally from the ceiling,

Her little head drooped, lifeless eyes staring in the direction of the doorway,

“Ah!” One of the men seemed startled, letting out a low cry, but then…

The girl’s head moved, rotating at 360 degrees, and fixed her gaze on the two men.

From her withered, cracked lips twitched, strands of fresh blood trickling out.

“Gigigagagugu gigihihihaha gigagugugigi.”

The eerie chant made the two men tremble violently!

“Run! Run fast!”

One of the men yelled! Firing continuously, they shattered parts of the girl’s body lying on the floor!


The two hired guns sprinted downstairs, the eerie chant trailing behind them: “Chichichichit chakachaka guguguguguchi guguguguguchi”

Everything went surprisingly smoothly, and they quickly descended the stairs.

But, suddenly, they stopped, the smoke from their pistols still lingering. The two hired guns stared at everything in the first-floor living room, their pupils contracting, revealing extreme terror!

In the living room, several figures stood silently.

There were the house cook and some elderly servants, along with a few newly recruited maids. They just silently stared at the two hired guns on the stairs.

Their faces… What kind of faces were those? Extremely pale, eye sockets hollow, noses gone, exposing empty nasal bone. They all smiled, their lips cracked, the smile lines extending to the sides of their cheeks.

They raised their deathly pale arms, smiling as they approached the two men.


One of the men finally couldn’t hold on and ran back upstairs in a frenzy, but it was as if he had run into a corn thresher, blood splattering onto the mural at the corner of the stairs. First the foot bones, then the leg bones, followed by the entire bloodstained skeleton. Why was it bloodstained? Because there were large chunks of flesh mixed with black suit fabric stuck to the bones…

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

At this moment, the other man completely lost his mind, firing wildly at the approaching “people” until the gun was out of bullets…

As the moonlight faded, a red light illuminated the rooftop spire, where a pale girl removed her own head and sang a lullaby.

Fresh flesh was smeared on the mirror and the sign outside the house, the pale figures smiling, their lips cracked, until finally, the entire skull split and fell to the ground…

The blood stained the black house sign, and on it were a line of gold-plated small characters: 504 Philo District.1


“Clang…” The key slid into the lock, and with a gentle twist, the young girl opened the iron gate in front of her.

“At dawn today, there was a vicious undead attack in the Philo District. The District Anomaly Division has intervened to investigate…”

Inside the room, without turning on the lights, the faint sound of the television news and the dim glow of the television could be heard from the direction of the living room. Straining her ears, Sherry also caught the sound of a man snoring.

“Phew…” She couldn’t help but relax a little, then changed into slippers as quietly as possible, tiptoed up the stairs on the left to the second floor, and headed to her bedroom with her backpack.

As she passed a hallway, Sherry noticed needles and ** casually strewn on the floor, a hint of disgust crossing her face. She gently nudged them aside with her foot, then reached her bedroom door. As she went to retrieve her keys to open the door, she realized her bedroom door was partially open!

“…?” Sherry’s steps faltered slightly, a suspicion forming in her mind. After hesitating for a moment, she gently pushed open the partially ajar bedroom door.

The room remained unlit, with the streetlamp light from outside streaming in through the window. Even without turning on the lights, she could see everything clearly inside the room.

“Sis, you’re back.” A boy lay on her bed at this moment, though his mouth still held a cigarette butt, leaving ash scattered all over the bed.

“Bri… Brian, why are you in my room?” Sherry took a step back, feeling somewhat scared, but then remembered this was her room. Gathering her courage, she took a tentative step forward, asking timidly.

“It’s nothing, just missed you.” Brian chuckled inexplicably, though his words lacked any hint of humor. Then, he casually spat out the cigarette butt, sitting cross-legged on the bed, staring coldly at Sherry.

“What nonsense are you…” Sherry instinctively retorted, then noticed traces of disturbance all over her room.

“Why did you… rummage through my room?”

“What are you looking for…?” Sherry wanted to say more, but Brian had already stood up, snatching her backpack from her hands.


Before Sherry could speak, Brian, with his empty hand, gave her a casual shove, and she felt a tremendous force push her backward, inevitably causing her to fall by the bedside.

As she tried to get up, Brian had already emptied her backpack.

“Where’s the money?” Brian’s expression was devoid of emotion as he spoke.

“What money?” Seeing her brother like this, Sherry felt afraid. Normally, Brian and Jason hadn’t hesitated to gang up on her.

“The money you earned from work.” Brian seemed impatient, tossing the now-empty backpack onto Sherry’s body.

“You know that’s the money I earned from work… Why do you…” Sherry gathered her courage to speak, but before she could finish, Brian suddenly erupted!


The boy’s hand struck the girl’s face hard, and Sherry immediately let out a cry as she fell to the ground, struggling to get up. But then, she involuntarily let out a groan as Brian grabbed her hair.

“Tramp, where’s the money?” Brian’s tone was unusually calm, but the strength in his hand was increasing.

“The money… I already…”


Before Sherry could finish, Brian pressed her head forcefully toward the floor!

“Ugh!… Ugh…” Sherry wanted to cry, but Brian’s other hand had already gripped the rim of her eyes.

“You didn’t come back all night last night, my dear sister, did you go and sell yourself? Hm?” Brian grinned, watching as the blood from Sherry’s forehead seeped into the floor cracks.


“Why suddenly silent?” Brian suddenly showed a pained expression on his face. “Sis, did I hurt you? Really sorry…”

Before Brian could finish his words, he released his grip on Sherry and went to grab his phone.

“How did you get injured? You’re bleeding, want me to call Dad to come and handle it?”




  1. Silva: Brr brr… imagine translating these parts at 3am midnight. I literally felt a chill running down my spine halfway through
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