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Chapter 14: Nancy Who Can’t Drink Alcohol

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Author: Nan Sheng’s Fish Original Source: SFACG
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library

Hattori seemed to have gone without a full meal for a long time, not caring about his appearance at all, eating voraciously until the table was filled with soup.

However, he was only fierce in appearance when it came to eating; the real comparison should be with Nancy… Oh, I forgot, she’s no longer in that military unit from her past life where she could break training records. Now she was just an ordinary teenage girl, and her appetite couldn’t compare to Hattori’s.

Just now, Nancy accompanied Hattori to escort Sylvia back. Although Hattori seemed mentally unstable, he still had basic rationality.

He knew it wasn’t convenient for him to be seen by others right now, so after dropping Sylvia off a few hundred meters from Su Xiaoyu, he followed Nancy and left.

Although Sylvia had already called the police, this area of Tianzhou City was extremely remote. The police hadn’t had time to seal off the area, so Nancy and Hattori took the opportunity to leave.

Later, Nancy took Hattori, who hadn’t eaten in a long time, to a random restaurant, end of story.

The food search ended almost at midnight. Nancy took Hattori to a hotel and planned to return to the Philo District the next day.

Along the way, there were indeed many checkpoints, indicating that the police took Hattori quite seriously.

After a night passed, Hattori’s attitude seemed to have changed significantly, and his spirits were much improved.

He was a murderer, and his boss wasn’t a good person either. Since he could avoid going to prison, he might as well live well.

Hattori now understood that his new boss didn’t need to stage such a drama just to take him back to that place.

After returning to the Philo District, Nancy arranged for Hattori to stay in the same house as before Nina’s.

This was just a temporary arrangement. After all, Nina couldn’t stand her in the first place. She chose to stay in the school dormitory to avoid her after school started, so this room became available.

Anyway, Nancy was about to receive a large sum of money, so she could make proper arrangements for Hattori then.

“Hattori, I hope you can undergo plastic surgery.”

Nancy took out wine and glasses. “Of course, it’s not because I find you ugly.”

Hattori Masashi: “…”

Although he knew his boss was speaking the truth, the words still stung a bit. But even if Nancy really found him ugly, what could he do about it?

He didn’t have a choice before. Now he just wanted to be an outstanding employee.

“While you’re resting, I’ll take care of your identity issues and then arrange for your plastic surgery. And maybe fix your posture a bit.”

Nancy explained her plan, and suddenly Hattori felt a bit inferior. His appearance was poor, he had a hunchback, and he wasn’t exactly clean-cut. Going out made him an easy target for capture.

But even so, his boss still wanted to use him.

How touching…

Speaking of which, does the boss not have anyone else under their command? To think even someone like myself can catch their eye.

Ahem… Hattori quickly corrected his thoughts, “Boss, aren’t you worried I’ll just run away once I’m out?”

“If you run, you run,” Nancy swallowed a sip of amber-colored liquid, “You still have a conscience. You probably won’t do anything too outrageous in the future.”

By the way, doesn’t this wine taste strange? Could the original owner have bought fake alcohol?

Hattori was a little stunned. Something didn’t seem right. Could someone from that organization say such things?

Then he heard Nancy continue, “But before you run away, you should think carefully about what will happen if I catch you again.”

“What will happen?”

Hattori couldn’t help but be curious.

After Nancy looked him up and down, she calmly said, “You’re quite a good specimen. Stripped of your skin, you’d make a perfect skeleton specimen.”

“I heard that some hunters choose to skin their prey alive to ensure the quality of the skin. I’m not sure I believe it. It needs to be tested firsthand, right?”

Hattori’s heart raced. This girl, with her gentle smile and exquisite demeanor, was practically a devil.

Even the laboratory never thought about skinning him alive!

“Just kidding.” Nancy laughed, signaling for Hattori not to be too nervous.

Hattori sighed in relief, but a whisper of a demon immediately reached his ears.

“Why would I do it myself?”
“Boss! I’ll work hard!”

Hattori immediately assured, while thinking that his current task was just to undergo plastic surgery and correct his posture. If he encountered any strange tasks in the future that he couldn’t complete, he’d turn himself in to the police!

“Not bad,” Nancy put down her glass regretfully, “Ah, it’s been a while since I’ve infiltrated a prison… Why are you staring blankly? Drink.”

Nancy’s sigh wasn’t unfounded. In her previous life, she often participated in prison raids with other team members… Of course, that was crossing the border to another country’s prison, while rescuing exposed undercover agents…

After over an hour of mental preparation, Hattori’s demeanor once again changed.

During this time, he also experienced firsthand the terror of his new boss.

Because Nancy insisted on cutting his hair.

In just 10 short minutes, Hattori felt like he was sitting on pins and needles because he constantly felt a chill down his neck.

“Alright, you’ll stay here. There’s plenty of food in the fridge that will last a long time, you can go out,” Nancy said as she got up, then handed Hattori a credit card and swiped five thousand credits, “That’s all the petty cash, use it for now.”

With that said, she left.

Hattori looked at the five thousand credits on his newly purchased terminal, feeling at a loss. It seemed like the boss wasn’t lying about the monthly salary of over ten thousand.


Just as Nancy left the apartment, she felt nauseous in her stomach. After checking with her terminal, Nanon realized her face was unusually flushed, and her body felt a bit off, weak…

“Candy, what’s going on? Could that bottle of wine you had be fake?” Nancy frowned, leaning against the wall.

【Huh? I just got back. Did you drink?】Candy also seemed a bit confused, as if she had just rushed back.

“I saw a bottle of wine on your bookshelf and opened it just now. Is it fake?” Nancy sighed and continued to ask.

【…I forgot to tell you, but I can’t actually drink alcohol…】 Candy suddenly said awkwardly.

Nancy: …

“You can’t drink? To what extent?” Nancy looked puzzled. It couldn’t be that one sip knocked her out, right?

【Well, it’s not that serious, but I can’t drink anything with alcohol in it…】

Nancy was speechless. It seemed like one sip did knock her out.

Earlier, she opened a bottle of wine and poured two glasses for herself and Hattori on a whim.

“Why do you have alcohol at home if you can’t drink?” Nancy was speechless.

【That bottle of wine seems to be Jenna’s… She really likes to drink.】

Nancy was even more speechless.

But now Nancy felt like she could handle it. After all, it was just wine, and with Jenna’s poor wallet, she couldn’t afford expensive wine anyway, so drinking those two glasses shouldn’t be a big problem.


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