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Chapter 128 – Two Who Repel Each Other (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2511 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1229 words
Editor(s): Fire

The morning was, practically speaking, not much busier than our cafe’s usual days. This was because it was mostly students and people who knew I was Unknown who came by. The only annoying thing was that I had to turn down song requests repeatedly. Compared to what’s happening now this afternoon, that’s trivial.

“Why did it end up like this?”

An apt way to describe the current situation is a four-way meeting. Beside me is my mother, while on the other side of the table sits Sherry and Yui. When I saw these three together, I immediately tried to run away, but I was captured by Kaori, leading to this scene.

“As a mother, it’s only natural to be involved with my daughter’s future.”
“It might have been a mistake to entrust this to Mom.”

I previously told Yui that I’d think about it after she gets my family’s permission, and she actually did it. I originally told her to gain permission after January; why did she do it now? This is the worst, this must be my unluckiest day.

“Kotone. If you plan on doing such a thing, please inform our office in advance.”
“Again, I’m not affiliated with you.”
“Anne. I would have appreciated if you told me as well.”
“It would only cause chaos, so no.”

Had I informed Yui about it, the idiots might have joined in as well. The same goes with Sherry. There’s no need to introduce uncertain factors in that kind of important situation. And yet why do these guys act as if I’m in the wrong for it?

“You even got Shiro to help in your original song, that’s unfair. When are you releasing your single (album)?”
“I have no plans of doing so.”
“I’ll join in as well.”
“Please don’t. You’ll kill my social life.”

Why does a regular student like me have to sing a duet with a famous superstar? That’s absolutely going to keep me from living a normal student life. Even if I debut with my face hidden, several people can recognize me, meaning it’s only a matter of time before it gets exposed to the public.

“They’re really going at it now.”
“Mom, say something too.”
“I personally don’t mind having a daughter I’m proud to be seen by the world.”

The sound of my forehead hitting the table reverberates through the cafe. Though it caused me pain, I still wanted some escape from this ally-less reality. Kaori is serving the customers while pretending to ignore me, while the owner is only eavesdropping and won’t even look in my direction.

“Then you wouldn’t mind if Kotone joins our talent agency?”
“However, do not forget that my daughter’s decision takes the highest precedence.”

The pressure is intense. Both of them lean over the table, pressing me for an answer. On my end, I’m feeling conflicted. It’s not like I actually hate singing. I don’t hate singing, but I’m still a student. If I just succumb to the pressure and agree, I might regret it later.

“Let me mull it over until I graduate.”

The two groaned with displeasure, but this is my answer for now. There’s no need to rush an answer. Instead of deciding my future here right now, it’s best to take time to think about what I want to do. Besides, I currently have nothing I want to do outside of socking my father.

“With that said, give up on Kotone for now.”
“We won’t expose your face, so can we at least have the latest song?”
“Shirose won’t permit it either. After all, she said that she’ll respect my decision as well.”

Yui sadly hung her head, but my answer won’t change. For now, I only managed to postpone the inevitable, but that resolves this issue. Now I can finally begin scheming without anything else on my mind. Or so I thought, but Sherry’s response surprised me.

“Anne, you should at least be affiliated with an agency.”
“Why is that?”
“How do I put it in words… In your case, an incident like before might occur again. When that happens, it would be necessary for someone to mediate for you.”

By incident like before, which one does she mean? A lot has been happening recently, so it’s hard to tell. Perhaps realizing I’m mulling over it, Sherry showed a wry smile. Meanwhile, Mom and Yui can’t even follow the situation. It’s not like I tell them everything, after all.

“Whether it will be my agency or hers you join doesn’t matter. What I’m trying to say is that you need to stop recklessly taking on enterprises on your own.”
“Well, I don’t believe it would ever happen aga…”
“Are you sure about that?”

The fact I couldn’t finish my sentence proves I’m unsure. If I consider the possibility of being dragged into trouble, then an intermediary individual would be necessary. If I’m up against an organization, then it’ll be appropriate to face it with an organization. Still, being in an agency that Isami and the gang are affiliated with doesn’t really inspire much relief.

“I understand. I’ll follow the words of my seniors.”
“In that case, let’s have the contract signed ASAP!”
“Let’s keep that for later. There are still various permissions I have to gain on my end.”

The various permissions Mom talks about likely refer to my idiot father and my grandfather. While the idiot might tell her to do as she pleases, I can’t say the same for grandfather. Because of how the previous Kotone was acting, there wasn’t much interaction between him and Kotone. I also feel like grandfather kept his distance from the Kotone before her for some reason.

“Incidentally, Ms. Yui. Have you forgotten the fact that the people you are negotiating with are members of the twelve families?”
“Now that you mention it, that is true. And so?”

That’s crazy, her mind has been heavily corrupted. She was still a normal person this summer, but now she’s deviated from normalcy. I do not know what happened during that blank period. Perhaps she has met with someone from the rogues’ den. She does seem to be acquainted with Shirose.

“Anne, this girl is amazing. She’s completely unfazed even while interacting with us.”
“I’ve already gotten used to it. Those people also have very unusual friends, after all. Whoever it is, I no longer feel the need to be reserved.”

Yeah, she definitely got to know a few of them. Still, I’m curious what sort of happenings caused her to be as resilient as she is now. Just what did those idiots make Yui do? Anyhow, I’m glad I wasn’t dragged into it. As long as it doesn’t affect me, I don’t care.

“Speaking of the idiots, where are they?”
“Since it’s an important time, I imprison… I mean, confined them at the office.”

That correction doesn’t make much of a difference. If I had to guess, they might be practicing for the New Year’s Eve Red and White singing contest. Though I also suspect their confinement is mostly to prevent them from causing trouble. They can’t risk having the gang’s appearance barred due to some trouble they create.


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