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Chapter 117 – Memorable Finale -First Half- (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2373 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1162 words
Editor(s): Fire

I really hope this can help even just a bit. As with most things, the beginning is the most crucial part. Recovering after a failed entry is difficult. If that ever happens, Sherry might have to sing holding nothing back, but it would already be considered a failure at that point.

“They’re arriving soon. Performers, please get ready.”

After several exercises, everyone’s stiffness wore away, but with the staff member’s announcement, they got nervous again. Sherry and I shared a wry smile, remembering our own similar experiences from the past.

“Shall we do a huddle here first?”
“I’m in. Let’s do one to remember this by.”

Everyone was on board with my suggestion. When doing a collaborative effort, it’s the one thing you really want to do. I want this to be a fond memory not for me, but for the choir club. After all, they’re unmistakably the stars of this show.

“Well then, Kotone, take the lead.”
“Why me?”
“You’re the organizer, after all. Everyone else agrees with me, right?”

No one from the choir club disagreed with Sherry. I had been confident that Sherry would be the one for these kinds of things, so I hadn’t prepared anything at all. Well, what do I say for this?

“Let’s have fun and sing our hearts out!”

I’m fully prepared for nothing to go as planned. Still, just for this moment, we can’t afford to doubt our success. After all, whatever you do, it will never go well if you don’t start with confidence.

“The parade is arriving at the final destination! Everyone, it’s time for the show!”

With the staff member’s words, the choir club members and I moved to the center of the stage. Illuminated by the spotlight, I could see a large crowd rushing to the venue. Not surprising, considering this is the final destination of the parade show, where live performances are held.

“Dear guests, thank you very much for visiting our park today. I say it with a heavy heart, but there is a matter for which we must apologize.”

I’m serving as the emcee. As a result of a committee discussion, it was decided that having the students be the centerpiece on stage would make it more of a school event. I reluctantly agreed to it. There wasn’t anyone else suitable, so it couldn’t be helped.

“Originally, our songstress, our park’s crowning jewel, was supposed to perform for the last show of the night. However, I sincerely regret to announce that due to various unfortunate turns of events, there has been a change to our show tonight.”

The disappointment from some of the guests is audible even from here. While I understand that it’s only natural, it only served to make the choir club even more tense. Don’t worry about it; there are people who are excited too.

“We were able to conduct this program with the cooperation of an academy that chose this park to be the venue of their field trip. We present to you the choir club students of Wamyou Academy.”

The choir club members timidly stepped forward and gave a bow. While only sparse, they were still greeted with applause. It seems to have mostly come from our students. They hadn’t been told about this, so it must’ve been a surprise.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime night show. We would appreciate your attention.”

Now this is where things could go wrong. The choir club’s singing will signal the start of the performance. Once they sing, the accompaniment will start playing, so the timing of everything is on their shoulders. This is the most difficult part, the part I’ve personally given up on.

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And as expected, no one sang. No, they probably couldn’t muster their voices to sing out. It’s a common occurrence in states of extreme anxiety. And this is exactly what I’m here for. Before the audience could start noticing the issue, I started singing. Following my voice, the choir club began to sing as well. Things were going well. I gradually lowered the volume of my voice, letting the choir club take the stage. And before the midpoint of the song, Sherry appeared and immediately excited the crowd. From then on, it was smooth sailing.

“Thank you for listening.”

With Sherry’s entrance and the gathering of the parade performers, the stage was filled with the theme park cast and characters by the end. Sherry and I quietly slipped off the stage. After all, the audience’s applause isn’t for us.

“Great job back there. It’s time to prepare for the next one.”
“Round two, right? Let’s drink some water and prepare our throats. The park staff will do the other preparations.”

The stage outfit was hard to move in, so I immediately changed out of it. I won’t need it for the next program anyway. The choir club arrived a bit later, but I didn’t forget to tell them they did well. Several of them are crying, probably still overwhelmed by the experience.

“Still, that was a demanding performance. With the changes and all.”
“It can’t be helped. Wouldn’t you feel bad if they were compared to us?”

Especially if they were compared to Sherry. I’m not that much different from them. Yet, I’m different in terms of drive and motivation. Thanks to having been on stage once, my engine has finally revved up.

“A message for the choir club members. After 50 minutes, please head to the specified room.”
“What for?”
“It’s an invitation to an exclusive concert.”

That should be enough to convey what I wanted to say. After being dumbfounded for a moment, the club members cheered. Naturally, I also plan on inviting Kaori and Kotori. And upon seeing Kaori, it’s easy to tell that she’s worn out.

“Good job out there.”
“That was mentally exhausting. I can’t believe you kept a smile for so long, Kotori.”
“I’m used to it.”

You can’t look unhappy at high society parties, after all. It’s a difference in experience. It’s the same for me. When I’m on stage, I convince myself that people are just faceless mobs. Otherwise, I’d be so embarrassed that I can’t speak.

“Now then, I will be secluding myself for my preparations. I want to concentrate, so please don’t enter my room.”

Since there are the eyes of the choir club students, I adjusted the way I spoke. I need to memorize a different song in the little preparation time that is left. We won’t be singing on stage, so there’s no problem with looking at the music score. Still, it’s best to memorize as much as I can.

“Only a bit more before the finale.”

To create an experience that will be fondly remembered by everyone in the little remaining time. With that as the goal, Sherry and I got to work.


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