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Chapter 116 – With the Co-Performers (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2403 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1161 words
Editor(s): Fire

“Have you already visited the choir club?”
“I listened to them from outside their room. They would get too nervous to have a proper practice otherwise.”
“Your thoughts?”
“As students, I’d say they’re on the lower end of high-tier. I can see that they’re doing their best, but it’s too early for them to be on stage.”

Meaning they’re not ready for professional work. Even I, who’s used to Isami’s singing capability, don’t think I can confidently choose them for backup vocals. It’s because they’re still students that we can just leave it at “they’re doing their best”.

“I can only hope that they can improve more in a short amount of time.”
“There’s only about an hour left before the performance, no?”

There’s not much time. While it might have been because I was too focused, the lack of sleep really gave me tunnel vision. I should have checked the time on my phone. Seriously, why am I doing this right after an all-nighter?

“You, on the other hand, are doing well, Kotochan. You still have a lot of room for growth, so it’ll be exciting to see your future.”
“I have no intention to work in the industry.”
“That’s such a waste. If you like, I’d even be your producer.”
“Please don’t. Besides, if that happens, I would be successful not by my own merits, but only because of Sherry.”
“That’s not true. It might be the case at first, but what happens afterward will be the result of your own effort.”

That’s true and all, but I don’t plan on becoming a singer, not one bit. Honestly, I can’t be thinking about the future until I settle my family issues. Kotone is still shackled by her family. Unless I do something about it, I can’t look forward to the future.

“Well then, let’s discuss today’s work. I only have to concentrate on supporting, yes?”
“The choir club will perform first, Sherry will appear afterward. That’s the general flow. I’ll leave the timing to you.”

It would be better for Sherry to decide on her own rather than for other people to instruct her. After all, she’s already done these sorts of stuff before. I’m sure she knows how to handle the show more than we do. As for why she’ll come in later, it’s so the guests don’t misunderstand who the leading singers are.

“But in this case, it’s a bit unsatisfactory for me.”
“Still, if you go all out, you will end up dominating the stage.”
“Don’t worry, I’ve thought of something on the way here, so how about this…”

And as to be expected, there are more changes in the plan. It’s only natural with a Shimotsuki being involved. I listen to the details and see that it’s not unreasonable; it’s a properly feasible plan. Does the fact that she’s not born a Shimotsuki really make this much of a difference?

“As a one-time-only event, that seems alright.”
“Right? However, I’ve changed my mind. Kotochan, you join in as well.”
“It can’t be helped. I’m not sure how helpful I will be, but I’ll cooperate with this plan. It’s a rare event, after all.”
“Exactly. And events like this would be a waste not to enjoy.”

That, I completely agree with. There’s no point in participating in unfun events. For any event I plan, I won’t hold back. No matter how many sacrifices there will be, I will make it happen. Which resulted in this.

“Have you discussed this with the concerned staff?”
“They were reluctant, but I convinced them.”

I knew she had talked to the management first, which is the natural thing to do. I’m merely a student, after all. Still, why were they reluctant? It should be nothing but beneficial to the park.

“They were against it being a one-time-only performance. I’m only standing in as a substitute this time, though.”
“So that’s why. Periodic appearances would be difficult, after all.”

There are a lot of problems with that, after all. If it were to be held periodically, there’d be rumors of Sherry having a contract with the park. She doesn’t want that. That’s why she had them agree that this would be a one-time thing.

“If it’s for one-time only, then any weird occurrences can just be hand-waved away.”
“You got the idea, Kotochan.”

I don’t particularly plan on causing any happenings. I just thought that someone who married into the Shimotsuki family would never be satisfied without making a fuss. If we consider that she has a similar thought pattern, it’s a safe bet to expect her to do something.

“All that’s left is the outfits. The arrangements for that are finished, right?”
“The choir club’s body measurements should have all been taken by now. So they should have started changing into their outfits.”
“And you?”
“Unfortunately, I will be changing as well.”

Being that I’ll be on stage, my current outfit isn’t acceptable. Looking at the dress hanging on the wall, I let out a sigh. For some reason, ever since the high society party, I’ve been in more situations where I had to wear a dress. Even though I never wanted to wear one again…

“Now, why don’t you sing together with me just this once?”
“A rehearsal, is it? What about the choir club?”
“No need. They might end up losing confidence or plainly refuse to sing with me, you see.”

Despite her choice of words, it didn’t sound arrogant at all. After all, Sherry’s literally on a different level. Rather, you plan on going all out here? I can’t keep up with you, you know?

“None of such consideration for me?”
“A member of the twelve families wouldn’t have such fragile nerves, after all.”

Well, true. They’d never suffer from a loss of confidence. Instead, they’ll likely train hard as hell so they don’t lose next time. If not, they’ll graciously back down. Even I don’t get mad when losing is the natural conclusion.

“Perfect timing, it seems we have spectators too.”
“Kaori and Kotori, huh.”

From behind the door, there are two figures peeking to see what we’re doing. We’re not really discussing anything confidential or serious, so I beckoned the two and introduced them to Sherry just to be sure. Kaori was stiff with anxiety, and Kotori was the same as usual.

“Now Kotochan, shall we begin?”
“With an audience of two. Still more than plenty.”

If I’m doing something, I’m pouring in my all. I have no idea how much I can keep up with her. If I don’t go full throttle and hold nothing back, I’m sure I’ll suffer a complete defeat. That, I want to avoid. I’m a sore loser, after all.

“Well, let’s start.”

With only two spectators, a rehearsal unknown to everyone else began.


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