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Chapter 109 – Long Night with the Past (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2398 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1150 words
Editor(s): Fire

We’re back at the party venue, but the current situation is hard to describe. For now, let’s distinguish between those alive and the corpses. Those on the ground are Ruru, Ayaka, Toshizou, and Shinpachi. The culprit behind this, Isami, is all fine and dandy.

“Time to call it a night. Caretakers, take charge of your respective wasted fool.”

Nako carries Ruru over her shoulder, Ran gives Ayaka a shoulder to lean on. I grab Toshizou by one ankle while Isami grabs the other. The one assigned to Shinpachi is Hajime. He reluctantly grabs Shinpachi by both ankles, but that’s just business as usual. We don’t have any shoulders to lend these drunkards.

“That reminds me, Kotochan, where are you going to sleep?”
“We were assigned rooms, so I was thinking of sleeping there but…”

Being asked by Isami, I realize the situation I’m in. I don’t know where my room is. I completely forgot to ask my classmates. As for contacting them, I’d feel bad waking them this late in the night.

“Datte, where’s my room?”
“Like I’d know. I know which rooms your school reserved, but it wasn’t specified who would stay where.”

So they only provided the rooms, but room assignment was left to the academy staff. In that case, there’s no way to find it. Staying over at a different hotel wouldn’t be good, and I don’t have the money for that. In that case, I’m forced to use my last resort.

“Can’t be helped. No choice then. Isami, would you mind?”
“Not at all. I’m staying over here too, after all. Of course, in a different room from the guys.”

Nako and Ran are staying at a different hotel, so naturally, that leaves me with the EXIST band members, since they booked a room here earlier. However, sharing a room with the boys would be bad for multiple reasons. Not that there’s even the slightest chance of a mistake happening.

“If Ayaka wasn’t so wasted, she’d definitely regret missing this chance.”
“I won’t feel safe with her, I absolutely refuse.”

If the only choice was Ayaka, I’d cut my losses and book a different room. That’s just how loud the alarm bells in my head are ringing. As for Isami, I’m already used to dealing with her, and I’m sure that nothing between us will happen. We’d just talk and end up asleep.

“Also, Satoru. I might contact you in the near future, help me out when it happens.”
“You plotting something?”
“Bingo. Just lend me a bit of your wisdom. Mainly regarding plotting escape routes and other relevant problems.”
“For you to borrow my wisdom, you’re really going full force. Tell me about your side’s battle potential and the location later.”
“Got it.”

I won’t ask my old friends to lend a hand, but just lending their brains should be fine. There’s a limit to me planning alone, after all. I need to compromise if I want a higher chance of success. Besides, Satoru is better than me in the scheming department.

“Satoru and Kotochan teaming up, who could even win against them?”
“I’d run before they get to challenge me.”
“Agreed, Nako. Rather, everyone who’s in the know probably thinks the same.”

So even the powerhouse Nako and the chaos de-escalator Ran would rather run away. The others even nod in agreement. To begin with, I’m half brains and half brawn in terms of ability specialization. Satoru is all brains to the max, so there’s no way I can win against her in that department.

“I’m just half-baked with most things, though.”
“Nonono, your standards are just plain weird. There’s nothing more troublesome than a mobile tactician.”

I can’t win against Satoru in smarts and tactics, nor can I win against Nako in combat strength. While I am confident about my ability to move around and confuse the opposition, there’s a limit to that too. I’m not great at anything, so my main selling point is being an all-rounder.

“People with a well-balanced skill set tend to get overshadowed in that class, that’s all. That’s the issue of having so many unique people.”
“Aren’t you also one of them? As for me, there’s nothing that really stands out about me.”
““”That’s just wrong.”””

Nako, Ran, and even Shirose strongly denied Isami’s claim. If you aren’t a stand-out person, then the regular person would cease to exist. Besides, if you were the type to be drowned out in the sea that is that class, you wouldn’t have survived. That’s why we’re called the rogues’ den.

“Well, we’re going this way. Later Kotochan.”
“Let’s meet again sometime. Ruru is likely going to make a move on her own anyway.”
“I collaborate a lot with EXIST, so see you then.”

Everyone kept their farewells short. It’s not like this will be our last time seeing each other. Even if I don’t actively try to meet with them, they’ll just come to me on their own. Heck, we might even see each other tomorrow.

“Well then, time to throw out the trash and head to our rooms.”
“Yeah. It’s inconvenient having my hands tied carrying this much garbage.”
“As usual, you’re pretty harsh with the drunks after the party.”

It’s their fault for drinking themselves unconscious. If they were drunk but could still walk on their own, I wouldn’t have any issue. In short, what I don’t like is when people knock themselves out and cause trouble for others. This girl next to me actively gets other people completely wasted to minimize the possible damage to herself, which is worse.

“Look at Hajime, he can hold himself. And yet these two are always wasted every time.”
“I held myself back too, you know.”
“You’re actually even worse. You increase the number of bodies.”
“I know!”

But I won’t tell her to stop that. Because if Isami ever gets wasted, all the chaos will be redirected to me. That’s why I can only silently watch as Isami sacrifices other people. I’ll remember the faces of the noble sacrifices during our drinking parties.

“Will you guys be okay tomorrow?”
“Isami and I will just have to manage somehow. We’re scheduled for a stage appearance, but we can use make-up to cover up.”

Why did you guys drink so much the night before a live-stage appearance? If you’re a pro, be familiar with your schedule and drink moderately, is what I want to say, but it’ll just be a waste of breath. After all, they’re the type to enjoy the present with all their soul. And I’m not that much different.

“Isami, don’t pull an all-nighter just because you’re with Kotone, okay.”
“I’m a professional. I understand that much, so don’t worry about it.”


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