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Chapter 102 – Plans with the Past (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2481 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1171 words
Editor(s): Fire

As expected, very well prepared. This probably isn’t part of Isami’s demands. These guys don’t care much as long as they can play with me. The one organizing this event is probably someone else. I have an idea who it could be, though.

「Alcohol is allowed too, but please don’t go overboard.」
「How should we take this? Do you think it’s enough to counterbalance that mess?」
「That’s questionable. But it should offset it somewhat.」

Just how big of a thing was that escape incident to these two? I guess a concert from actual celebrities isn’t enough to balance out their stress. I didn’t mean to stress them that much, though.

「How many can participate?」
「The whole view deck has been reserved, so it should accommodate quite the amount. However, considering the people who are already there, we can’t accommodate a whole security firm.」
「Then let’s limit it to the people who joined the search and chase. I also have some other people I’d like to invite, after all.」

I add to Datte’s reply. Still, this isn’t a topic to negotiate on the front desk. Frankly, this should have been negotiated from the planning part. I feel the other guests having weird stares at us.

「What about my bass?」
「Naturally, we have it prepared. We’re set to start at 9 pm sharp.」
「Got it. Let’s split up for now and meet at the view deck. Are you okay with starting right after some tuning?」
「We’re fine with that. We still have to prep the equipment, after all. But no trying to escape, okay?」

I’ve fully resolved myself. No running away at this point anymore. Besides, there’s something I’ve confirmed from the lack of suspicion in our exchange just now. That’s why I’ve resolved myself to go back on my decision just this once.

「Later then.」

I should contact the person I’m inviting first. Contacting through phone is fine and all, but it’s probably better to do it in person. I’ve worried her a lot, after all. I guess I’ll check the room first before going to the dining area to see if she’s not there.

「You did something wild as usual, huh.」

That’s the first thing she said upon seeing me. Kaori was in her room, there was no need to look for her. I regularly sent her pictures during my hiding, so she should understand that I’m fine now. Looks like she’s more appalled than worried about me.

「Actually, I’m planning something wild again, will you come?」
「Inviting me along, what are you planning to do this time?」
「Holding a concert with EXIST on the view deck. I don’t mind if you’re not up to it, but are you coming?」
「…… Of course I’ll be going!」

The pause was probably because she couldn’t believe what I just said. But then, considering my relations, she immediately realized that it’s not impossible. As expected of a fan girl, she didn’t hesitate one bit. Actually, can you not grab me by the shoulders with your face so close? My shoulders are hurting.

「Calm down. Please, just calm down.」
「What time will it be happening!?」

I might have flipped a weird switch in her. This is my first time seeing Kaori like this. I can tell that she’s excited. Still, please don’t be so loud. I don’t want the other students to know about this.

「9 pm. Some of the security people and my acquaintances will be there too. Likely Ayaka and Ran too.」

Ayaka was probably the main organiser.The unreasonable demand was probably her trying to secure a room. Still, is it alright for her schedule? It’s a pretty sudden event. This likely wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t meet each other.

「Can I invite my roommates too?」
「That shouldn’t be a problem. Also, invite Miyako and Harumi for me. I need to prepare after this.」
「Easy peasy!」

Well she’s pretty hyped. Just shows how happy she is, I guess. Still, this shouldn’t be her first time attending their concert. I suppose as a fan, she just wants to see them again and again. I’m a bit curious about how she didn’t comment about why I’m performing too, though.

「Come to think of it, what do I do about dinner?」

I missed the chance to eat. Since Kaori is in her room, that likely means that she’s already finished dinner. Oh well, Datte said they have food prepared, so I guess I’ll have some of that. If I get denied, I’ll just say that I got permission from Datte, that should do it.

「What’ll happen after is out of my hands, though.」

I’ve got full trust that Datte can handle the aftermath. Still, he’s weirdly cooperative this time. Does Ayaka have some dirt on him? But even though he looks absolutely against it, he has always gone along with our craziness.

「It’s no use worrying about it, huh.」

The main issue is with me. I actually practice with the bass in my room everyday to regain my instincts, but I have no idea how skilled they are compared to me right now. That’s what’s worrying me. I don’t want to pull their leg.

「If I had known this would happen, I would have practiced more seriously.」

In the first place, I haven’t practiced long enough. It’s only been a few weeks since that after party with the twelve families. And now I’m doing something stupid again, I’ve really done a lot of stupid things within a short time frame.

「The end of the year is fast approaching, it’s not building up to something crazy in the end, is it?」

Thinking about it, I’m scared of what could happen at the end of the year. I need to make sure that things don’t get out of hand. There’s still one problem I have to resolve, but that shouldn’t turn into anything major.

「I really have a lot to do, huh.」

It’s honestly a headache, for sure. And there’s a high chance that I’ll get involved in another mess even if it’s resolved. I absolutely don’t want to do it, but it’s frankly not something easy to decline. I guess I should start laying the groundwork.

「How’s the preparations going?」
「The equipment still need more adjustment.」

It’s still more than an hour away, we have a lot of time. Besides, they probably don’t plan on making this performance go on for too long. They’re still in the middle of a concert tour, after all. As professionals, they can’t exhaust themselves here and affect that.

「I should do my preparations as well.」
「With that getup, you won’t need a change of clothes. We prepared an outfit for you, though.」

I haven’t changed since the hide-and-seek, after all. Besides, I don’t want to wear anything prepared by Isami. I’m pretty sure it’s nothing good. I’ve had enough for weird outfits at this point.


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