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Interlude: Bodyguard Report ① (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3246 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1633 words
Editor(s): Fire

Nonono, that can’t be the case, no matter how you cut it. While they are making her live alone, they must have at least let her bring personal possessions. Is she going out to buy clothes? Give me a break, that’s hard for our first day.

「Anyways, let’s start our assignment.」
「Sure thing. Who’s getting the car?」
「I’ll follow her from behind. Kyousuke, tail us by car.」

Now then, where is she planning to go? I hope it’s not a troublesome place. And please no crowds.

「So, in the end she really was heading to the academy.」
『Seems so. Why, though? For remedial lessons or something?』

Kyousuke’s voice from beyond the radio doesn’t sound convinced about his own answer. A remedial class at this time of the year isn’t probable. There’s a higher chance of her repeating a year than of that.

「Also, what happened to her makeup? With her like this, we wouldn’t have noticed her.」
『I’m glad we were informed prior. She’s seriously too different.』

Now I understand how the old man lost sight of her. I also understand why she’s called a monster in high society. She practically is with her transformation.

「Oh, she’s out now. She didn’t stay that long of a time, though.」
『Whatever the case, it doesn’t change what we have to do. Let’s shut it and work.』
「Roger roger.」

Still, based on the reports, she doesn’t really exercise but she can really walk. She did start jogging earlier today, so maybe she really had a change of heart. It might not last for more than three days, though.

「This, isn’t this the cafe on the old man’s report?」
『The one she went to yesterday. Is she planning on eating here? Must be nice being wealthy.』

Seriously. I’m here already whimpering just from my alcohol expenses. I know that I’m just thoughtless with my money, but it’s pretty tough fixing this habit.

「Just to be sure, keep watch behind the cafe, Kyousuke. I’ll watch the front.」

While the chances are low, she might have noticed us tailing her. In that situation, it’s possible that she’ll try to escape through the backdoor. Well, it’s unlikely though.

「Hey, it’s been roughly an hour now, how is it there?」
『No one has come out here. How about you?』
「No further movement from here. I can’t really get a grasp of what’s happening inside from here. Hmm, I guess I’ll go inside.」
『Oi, we’re hidden bodyguards. It’s going to be bad if we’re discovered.』
「It’ll be alright since I’m going in as a customer… Wait, a maid-like woman just rushed inside for some reason.」
『Someone from the Kisaragi family?』
「Probably the case. Still, she was in a hurry, did something happen?」

Usually when going to these sorts of places, you’d dress up in something that doesn’t stand out. And yet she came here in her maid clothes, so perhaps she’s considerably flustered. Somehow, it’s starting to get interesting.

「Well, time to charge in.」
『Oi, wait! Making careless actions won’t do us good this time!』

Who cares? It’s difficult to continue this work in our situation anyways, so let’s at least have fun for our last job. Besides, it’s not like I’d be exposed from having my face seen once.


Why is our protectee greeting like she’s a waitress? She’s still wearing her school uniform but why does she have an apron over it? Even the maid looks like she can’t believe what she’s seeing. What’s going on?

「Who might you be?」

Wait, the maid just asked an absurd question. Huh? Is she not someone from the Kisaragi family? But the one being asked just jerked her cheeks.

「You really have changed.」

On that, I agree with you. She’s changed to the point that I’m even doubting our investigation division. While sipping the coffee I ordered, I focused on the role of an onlooker. Also, in relaxing. It’s my loss if I burst out laughing. Still, from what I’m hearing, it’s unbelievable. Why is this wealthy young lady actively trying to get a part-time job? Normally, that doesn’t happen. Moveover, her family gave their permission. There should be the matter of image and reputation and so on.

「Lady Kotone, what are your plans after this?」
「Supermarket touring.」

Not good. There was too much to process that I couldn’t brace myself. Just as I thought that I might be exposed, it looks like the maid also raised her voice, so it’s alright. It was such a surprise that I let my guard down. But by supermarket, she means that supermarket, doesn’t she?

「This is crazy. Really crazy.」
『You sound awfully flustered, what the heck happened inside there?』
「It’ll be best to think that we’re guarding someone else. Just completely ignore all the investigation reports.」
『Nonono, isn’t that just too much?』
「Think about it. Where have you ever seen a wealthy family’s daughter more intent on being self-sufficient that the average person?」
『What are you even talking about?』
「I’ll explain later. More importantly, our target is moving.」

I’m stealthily communicating through the radio, but I’m seriously in a panic. I can’t believe that people can change this much just after having a failed suicide attempt. It’s best to consider her a different person.

『So, where is she headed?』
「Apparently to do a supermarket tour.」
『You’re kidding, right?』
「I’m serious. There’s zero hesitation in her steps.」

As though she researched in advance, she walked around the supermarket without hesitation. Moreover, she must have studied even the sale times, since she made it in time for all the discounts, what the heck. Moreover, she hasn’t actually bought anything.

「What do you think?」
『She’s definitely a different person.』
「Right? Rather, would the Gojima pair believe us if we reported this?」
『We have no choice but to convince them to believe it. I wouldn’t have believed it if not for the fact that I actually saw it.』
「Still, let me just say this. We don’t need to think about finding new employment anymore!」
『Wait, isn’t it too early to decide that?』
「Isn’t she a lot easier compared to some other rich girls? Moreover, she’s working at a cafe. We might be able to pass food and drinks as business expenses, you know?」
『That’s if the supervisor allows it.』

Can’t we have it as necessary expenditures? We can keep guard outside and all, but if something ever happens, we’ll always be a step behind. In that case, wouldn’t it be better to guard her while acting as a customer? Don’t worry, I’m sure the supervisor will understand.

『Still, I won’t deny that we got lucky with her.』
「From what I overheard in the cafe, there’s a high chance that she’s changed for the better. She doesn’t sound like she’s planning to cause problems either.」
『This is probably unexpected for the supervisor as well. That’s if she believes our report, that is.』
「If she doesn’t believe it, it’ll be faster to just let her come and see. But before that, there’s also Gojima pair’s report, so I think she’ll believe us.」

The old man and his pair are a lot more credible than we are, after all. And they’ve been in this industry for a long time. As for us, our credibility is practically nil. What did we do to deserve this?1

「With this, our summer bonus is good as secured.」
『If things continue to go smoothly, that is. Well, it’s a big help that our original worries are gone now.』

Guarding what should’ve been a self-centred rich girl but is actually a normal girl influenced by the common folk shouldn’t be that difficult. If I had to enumerate a problem, then it would be the people that’ll try to manipulate her for her status. But that isn’t part of my job description. Our objective is only to eliminate external threats.

『Oi, the target is going home.』
「Understood. I’ll continue tailing her. We probably won’t have anything to do, though.」

It doesn’t seem like she’s trying to interact with particularly dangerous objects or people. Besides, seeing how she was evaluating things at the supermarket, she has high self-sufficiency. Doesn’t she have more girl power than I do?

『What’s wrong?』
「Nyo, nothing at all. Tailing, start.」

While it doesn’t change the fact that I’m barely hanging by the skin on my neck2, I’m glad that I got an ideal protectee. I can expect work to be nice and relaxing for a while.

That was my first impression of Kotone. Really, at first I was anxious about the future, but looking ahead, I’m seriously thinking of being her permanent bodyguard. It’s heaven, heaven I tell you. However, there is one issue.

「K-Kotone. Why don’t you take a break soon? Look, the sun is scorching hot too.」
「What are you talking about? I can still keep on going.」

A morning run in the middle of summer is seriously suffering. The four of us jog in rotation, but all of us share this sentiment.

Who was it that thought this won’t continue for more than three days?!

「I’m absolutely lazing around in the cafe today.」
「Isn’t that just what you usually do? Besides, I don’t have work today.」
「You’re kidding!?」
「It’s true. I’m going to travel a bit far, so best regards.」

My summer heaven, my delicious food and drinks… tell me it’s a lie!!



  1. Lyly: A lot, most likely
  2. Lyly: Not sure if it’s a common idiom, hanging by the skin of the neck is when the head isn’t completely detached when beheaded. Also, fired/dismissed from your job in Japanese is “neck/head”, meaning off with your head. Figuratively, of course. So, checks out
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