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Chapter 81 – To The After-party We Go! (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2763 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1328 words
Editor(s): Fire

It’s considered abandonment of duty, after all. Even if it’s the protectee themselves who shook off their guards, it’s the same result. The exact details don’t matter. Besides, with this many companies here, they can’t afford to make a fool of themselves.

「I’ll help out if anything happens. Particularly with Hadzuki and Shimotsuki. Heck, maybe Fumidzuki might go berserk.」
「Isn’t that practically everyone!?」

Now that you mentioned it. I guess the only decent one is basically Nagatsuki. Besides, I’ve never had them over before, so they’re definitely over the moon. With me living the commoner life and all.

「You’ve pulled the short end of the stick, it seems.」
「I’ll contact each designated personnel to greet their protectees.」
「Do your best. It’ll probably all end in vain, though.」

There’s no way that the assigned personnel have no idea of their protectee’s personalities. In the end, this was a trap. The first to come for sure is the resident of the room, me. So why don’t we just have the first person to escort everyone else? It probably went like that.

「Well then, we’re here. Good luck, Akira.」
「Please, Kotone. Contact them somehow and tell them not to-」
「Not possible.」

I mercilessly closed the door. In the first place, they’re the type to think it’ll be fun to do exactly what they’re told not to do. It’ll definitely have the opposite effect. Now, time to change and prepare.

「Misaki, please.」
「Of course, my lady.」

I’ve already fed Misaki and had her waiting at my room. I didn’t give her too many snacks, but I did give her permission for other things. Like free viewing of the TV. Thanks to this, I was able to change out quickly.

「How was the party?」
「Stuffy. Also, I was treated as a rest area. That was more comfortable, though.」

No need to move and no need to interact with unfamiliar people. Just talking with friends doesn’t weigh heavy on my shoulders and there is no need to care about my responsibility to the family, so it’s comfortable. I’ll agree that a rest space is necessary, but I don’t agree that it should be me.

「Lady Kotone is eccentric as usual.」
「I am self-aware.」

With my situation and all. I’m a weird existence, so it’s not unnatural for my actions to be weird as well. Though it’s weird for me to say so myself. Now then, I’ve finished changing, time to prepare.

「Misaki, what will you do now? Whether you stay here or not doesn’t really matter much.」
「Harsh as usual. In that case, I will be leaving immediately.」
「And your reasons are?」
「I’d really rather not be ordered around by the people of the 12 families. Besides, I don’t want to be where such individuals are gathered in such numbers.」

A valid reason. If I wasn’t a part of this, I probably wouldn’t stay either. Moreover, as someone who knows everyone’s true colors, I’d escape at full speed. I’m completely on board this time, though. Once poisoned, drink till the last drop.

「If things get too uncontrolled, I’ll have you help next time, so thanks.」
「I respectfully decline.」

For now, it’s unplanned whether a next time does happen, but I need to focus on the present. It’s not like I can anticipate everyone’s actions, after all. Rather, if someone can do that, I’d like to meet them. Besides, no matter how much Misaki declines, there are many ways for me to make her obey. It’s a double-edged sword, though.

「Now, let’s heat the cook pot.」
「Well then, allow me to excuse myself.」

With her beautiful manners, she can really act the role of a perfect maid, so I really wonder why she’s like that on the inside. Well, not like I have any right to judge. Enough about that. I put on my apron and light the stove. I guess I’ll make a salad too.

As I was about to start cooking after getting vegetables from the fridge, suddenly there’s a barrage of doorbell rings. It’s irritating but I know exactly who would try something like this.

「Well, I was thinking that it’s a cliche and all.」

I violently opened the door and right there in a dress was Aya and Rin. As well as a tired looking Akira. Like I thought, she couldn’t escape. My condolences.

「For now, just come inside. You’ll stand out looking like that.」
「Well, true enough. Don’t worry, we brought a change of clothes.」
「Pardon the intrusion.」

So it’s clothes that’s in those paper bags. Though considering that, your hands seem to be awfully full. What else did they bring? Still, they’re not going to jam their dress into the paper bag, are they? Aya might do it though.

「Ohh, as expected of Kotone. Really tidy.」
「Get changed before the boys arrive. I’ll just be in the kitchen, so call if you need anything.」
「Aye aye, got it!」
「Big sis Aya, why aren’t you commenting about it?」

Well, it’s because she noticed that we’re similar by instinct. And all that’s changed is how I speak, I’m still acting the same. In contrast to Aya who’s changing her clothes briskly, Rin is still bewildered.

「Switching tone of speech is still cute in comparison, you know. Look at how I am.」
「Well that’s true. Somehow, that makes sense.」

Are you really fine with that, little sis? The same for you, Aya, with your self-depreciation. If you’re aware of it, then at least try to control yourself. Since you’re also troubling me otherwise.

「What’s for dinner~?」
「Since there’s a lot of us, curry. And salad as a garnish. For the dressing, just choose what you like.」

The dressing isn’t homemade but store-bought ones. Since I don’t think I’ll have enough time if I put the effort into that. And I was right, with the Shimotsuki arriving so early.

「Still, couldn’t you have at least changed before coming here?」
「Well, I thought it’d save time to just come here first. So we came after buying a few stuff.」
「We got a lot of attention wearing a dress in the convenience store.」

Well, naturally. It’s dusk time-wise and someone with an obviously expensive dress entered the convenience store, that’s really weird to see. I never do that.

「I bought a lot of snacks, so rest assured.」
「So Hadzuki’s in charge of the drinks?」
「Leave the heavy lifting to the men. He’ll definitely bring a lot of stuff somehow, don’t you think?」

He has his black suits to order around, after all. Heck, they might even take on the bodyguards’ duties by themselves. There’s people running wild, people in black suits, we have a good variety here.

「Still, of all things, your change of clothes is a jersey?」
「Why not? With all the security around, I’m probably not going to be seen anyways.」
「You’ll wear it even without the security anyways, yeah?」
「Well, yeah!」

I didn’t want your agreement there. Moreover, even Rin’s wearing a jersey. Is this really fine? Having these wealthy ladies wearing such a thing? Moreover, it’s not even their home.

「You’re really off your chains, huh.」
「Doesn’t the same go for you? Living alone at your age normally wouldn’t be allowed. It’s a dream of mine, though.」
「I’ll agree that it’s comfortable. But with the reason being what it is, I can’t honestly feel happy about it.」
「I heard that you were kicked out of your family, but I really can’t picture it.」
「Understandable, since you don’t know the past me. Right, Aya?」
「The Kotone from back then was really awful, after all. More importantly, I’m hungry!」

Aren’t you a bit too relaxed? It’s like you’re treating this place as your own home. If everyone in the family’s like this, then what would happen if the rest of them gathered? I really can’t imagine it.


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