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Chapter 80 – Kotone’s Fury (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2790 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1359 words
Editor(s): Fire

had I not changed. And if the other families were to invite me, I’m sure they’d do background checks. They would only go through it if they have a solid basis that it’s fine to do so.

「Speaking of disrespectful, doesn’t that aptly describe you? Brazenly coming here without even a self-introduction, how else would you describe it other than disrespectful?」

Not even one of us knows who she is. Otherwise, someone would have shared their information regarding her from the start. Though I’m surprised that Hadzuki doesn’t know her. I guess she’s a new face?

「Forgive me for the late introduction. I am Kouenji Momo.」

Memories I don’t even want to remember appear in my mind. I was pretty sure that I didn’t know what the f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g h̲a̲g’s current family name is. But it’s true that I did have one opportunity to know it in the past. A wedding picture was sent to our home, step-mom and I burned it when it came. The name Kouenji was in that photo, if I’m not wrong.

「No wonder then.」

That explains why I instantly registered her as an enemy when I saw her. Her presence and appearance feels a bit similar to the f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g h̲a̲g’s. I’ve never met her in person, though, so it’s all my imagination.

「Mr. Nagatsuki, Mr. Shimotsuki, both of you are also enrolled in Wamyou Academy, correct? I also plan on attending there next year.」

It seems like she judged it’s difficult to deal with Nagatsuki and me, so she changed her target to the younger siblings. They’re not giving her their time of the day just like before. After all, it’s clear that she has ulterior motives.

「Hadzuki, Shimotsuki, can I ask you two a favour?」
「A favour from Kotone, that’s rare. What is it?」
「And with me included too, that’s major. Let’s hear it.」
「If you think that I’m overdoing it, please stop me. I feel like I’m about to snap.」

After all, with her being related to the f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g h̲a̲g, it’ll be easy for me to lose my breaks. I don’t have any grudge against this girl personally, but being related makes her an enemy. Also, is the hag here too?

「Now then, how do I cut her down?」
「This is dangerous. Her eyes are serious, I’m scared.」
「Hey, wouldn’t it be better to stop her before she gets into combat position?」

Let me at least chase her off. Since she’s nothing but a nuisance to everyone here. Don’t worry, I won’t get violent, probably. It’ll depend on her alone. Since I’m not one to let people hit me without hitting back.

「Well then, off I go.」
「「Don’t overdo it.」」

For now, I’ll consider that an okay from them. Even if I overdo it, the only ones that will be affected are me and Momo. In my case, it should only make the others like me less. I went through a lot to get people’s goodwill but I don’t think I can take it anymore.

「Isn’t it about time that you stop already?」

While Momo continues brazenly talking to the younger siblings, I put my hand on her shoulder. Gently, without putting any strength, so that I don’t appear threatening. Turning around with an irritated look, Momo’s face was then, for some reason, instantly dyed with fear. My expression is the same as always, though.

「Don’t get cocky, little girl. Where do you think you’re standing right now?」

With me snapping, even how I talk turned weird. It’s a bit different from how I originally speak. Incidentally, when I’m in this state, my old friends immediately run away. Honestly, it’s terrible how not even one of them ever thinks of stopping me.

「This is a party venue, so isn’t it anyone allowed to go where ever they want to…」
「Right, your opinion is correct.」

I suppose she has the guts to give her opinion like that. However, giving a sound argument right now is meaningless. After all, gathered here are people who have the power to squash any fair argument by force.

「However, in this world there are boundaries you should never overstep. Are you a fool who can’t read the room?」
「The moment you intruded while the 12 families were a fun chat, everyone’s impression of you was well already below the ground, little girl.」

In fact, everyone stopped even whispering when she came. It’s because we don’t want our private life to be known much. So the fact that she intentionally approached us under the guise of happenstance seriously pisses me off.

「Every single one of us wants you to just vanish already, so why are you still shamelessly standing around?」

I move my hand from her shoulder to her head. From afar, it might seem like we’re being intimate, but reality is cruel. After all, I’m involving everyone to stab her straight to the heart. Or that’s what I intend, at least.

「Now then, why are you still here even though I’ve said so much? Anyone with common sense would have already left, you know?」

The reason is because I’ve been slowly tightening my grip on her head. Still, she can move if she wants to. Maybe what little pride she has is stopping her, but there really is no point in her staying here.

「Or would it be faster to make you incapable of being here-」
「Okay, Kotone. Stop.」
「Let’s end it here, shall we?」
「I’m still a bit unsatisfied, but oh well. There, goodbye.」

Since the seniors stopped me, I had no other choice. I gently pushed her back, urging her to leave. She’s walking a bit wobbly, but she should be able to walk on with no issue.

「I had a feeling that she might get completely crushed if it continued on any longer.」
「That’s what I planned to do.」
「It’s on purpose? That’s even worse. Who knew that I’d come to think that the previous you was still better in some regard.」

Sorry, but Kotone was absolutely lacking in intimidation. After all, she only either made people angry with insults or just asked unreasonable demands. I try to be self-conscious about intimidation.

「Actually, what made you so angry, Kotone?」
「Hmm, family name, I suppose?」
「T-that’s quite random.」

Rather than the family name, it’s a member of the Kouenji family to be precise. Just the thought that the damn hag might be here nearly made me snap. Come to think of it, it’s pretty rare for me to be so conscious about someone. It’s an enemy, though.

「Whenever I think someone’s related to a nemesis, I just can’t hold myself back. It’s a bad habit of mine.」
「I can’t really agree with you raging with no questions asked, though. By the way, who does this habit of yours activate against?」
「My father and Kouenji’s damn hag.」
「Rin, relay this. Immediately inform Madam Kisaragi that Kotone must never come across her father or anyone of the Kouenji. ASAP.」
「Understood, big sis Aya.」

Why does this have to reach my mother? I just attack them on sight, it’s nothing major.1 I will never regret doing that. Rather, I’m sure it’ll feel good.

「I feel like I’ve just seen a new, actually scary side of yours.」
「It’s really off-putting, after all.」
「You’re really admitting that, huh.」

While I get mad often, it’s rare for me to really snap. And everyone who’s ever witnessed that state regret it, I was told. This time I was stopped, but I’m often told that everyone involved gets their spirit broken when I’m allowed to push through.

「Well, the party should be ending soon.」
「Why does nothing end uneventfully when you’re involved, Kotone?」
「I don’t want to hear that from the ex-president who always causes problems before anything starts.」

The only difference is the sequence, but we both cause problems. And as we laughed to each other, Aya smacked us on the head. Sorry, I’ll hold back most times.



  1. Silva: Attack them on sight? That’s pretty bad y’know
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