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Chapter 78 – Battlefield’s Rest Stop (Part 2-2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2339 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1271 words
Editor(s): Fire

「The twelve families likely don’t want others thinking that the families are colluding with each other. After all, were some families to collude, one family won’t be enough to deal with them. Adult circumstances, I suppose.」 (Hadzuki Shunichi)
「But we’re gathered here like this today. Is this alright?」 (Kotone)
「They do have some level of personal connection with each other to begin with. Just not as out of the open as ours. So I think they’re just keeping up appearances for the public.」 (Shunichi)
「That’s so troublesome.」 (Kotone)
「Still, for us, we’ll just do things our own way. You’re building more and more connections really nicely, so it’s easy to approach you Kotone.」 (Shunichi)

It’s the result of people dragging me along, though. The collusion with Satsuki1 who’s against Udzuki.2 And after that, Satsuki requested me to help assist the student council, leading to the team up with Hadzuki.3 And from the student council’s event, the encounter with Shimotsuki.4 Fumidzuki5, just by chance. And Nagatsuki6 just keeps poking me.

「What shall we do about Udzuki? I have zero intention of making peace with her, you know.」 (Kotone)
「As for them, I don’t really care. They’re not even invited to this party, after all. Their daughter made light of Satsuki, right? Even the other twelve families are displeased by it.」 (Shunichi)

Since Udzuki might have the same opinion of the other families as well. That’s likely their line of thought. And in truth, they’re right. From Udzuki’s rambling that time, she likely thought of herself as the top of the world.

「Their family will probably feel a bit sheepish for a while. The little sister likely won’t go to our academy either.」 (Shunichi)
「She got the short end of the stick thanks to her sister’s issue.」 (Kotone)

Even if she enrols, she’s probably not going to be treated like the other twelve families. Instead, she’ll have to live like she’s walking on eggshells like I did and that’ll be pretty rough. So I guess knowing that, there’s no way she’ll come to the academy.

「I’m honestly curious as to why Miss Kisaragi didn’t retaliate against Udzuki.」 (Rin)
「There wasn’t any merit in taking revenge, you see. Back then, there was no one I could trust my back to. Had I retaliated, they would’ve retaliated harder and that would be the end of me.」 (Kotone)

If the family itself were to hit back at me, I’d be dust in a storm. Thinking about it that way, taking revenge would be pointless. At worst, they might even force a reconciliation.

「Ohh, so you can actually use your brain.」 (Shunichi)
「I was simply too thoughtless in the past. Anyone can figure that out by just thinking, after all.」 (Kotone)

And there’s no need to waste needless effort. Besides, in my place the principal should’ve dealt with the Udzuki family. With how his sister is, they probably had the Udzuki make various contracts in addition to the donations.

「I really didn’t expect Miss Kisaragi to have connections. I was sure that Mister Hadzuki must have pulled the strings from behind the scenes.」 (Rin)
「Even I would be prudent when dealing with the twelve families. Though I’ve known Aya from before, so she’s an exception to that.」 (Shunichi)
「Considering that, you seem absolutely unreserved with me, though.」 (Kotone)
「Back then, I didn’t think anything you would do could change my opinion of you, you see. But when we actually started working, it did change. It seems like my instincts were right.」 (Shunichi)

He’s glad that we became amicable early on, I guess. I didn’t expect to have the connections I have now either. I at least wanted to just make friends like normal, but I didn’t imagine being able to gather this many big shots.

「When I first saw Miss Kisaragi when I joined the academy, I couldn’t tell who she was. You were so different that none of my classmates could recognize you.」 (Rin)
「Most of the first years didn’t know about the old Kotone, after all. The only ones who know are you, Rin, and maybe Nagatsuki’s little brother. Since even without knowing her in person, he should’ve heard about her from the family.」 (Shunichi)

Come to think of it, I’ve never met Nagatsuki’s little brother before. There’s no encounter with him from Kotone’s memories either. That’s why I also can’t tell if he’s in this venue or not. He probably won’t come to the after-party, though.

「I didn’t hear any bad rumours about her, rather it’s only good ones, so I really thought she was someone else.」 (Rin)
「Actually, I felt like I was talking to a different person altogether. After all, there was absolutely nothing about her that could personally link with the old Kotone.」 (Shunichi)

I’m different on the inside and also completely changed on the outside, so their reactions are valid. Most of my friends probably don’t think of the old Kotone as the Kotone of the past but as a completely different person. Thinking about it that way, I feel bad for the old Kotone.

「But most of what I know is about Kotone’s life in the academy. For her private life, Aya’s probably more well-informed that I am.」 (Shunichi)
「Shimotsuki is?」 (Minadzuki)
「After all, her brother’s wife is Kotone’s neighbour. Right, Aya?」 (Shunichi)
「I’ve heard many stories about Kotone from big sis7, a whole lot. 」 (Aya)

Akane, what the heck have you been telling her? I’m pretty sure she knows about the wife stuff, but how much does she know about my private life? After all, whenever I’m in my room, most of the time Akane is there too.

「About how her wife is so pretty but a bit airheaded, which is also cute, and how her wife makes three complete meals for her. There are still other stories, do you want to hear them?」 (Aya)
「Aya, stop. Please tell them to me beforehand. Just what has Akane been telling you.」 (Kotone)

If I don’t censor her in advance, my image is going to be completely off the rails. Hadzuki is trying desperately to hold back laughter, meanwhile Minadzuki is really thinking hard about what was just said.

「Just a question but, Shimotsuki, your sister-in-law is a woman, correct?」 (Minadzuki)
「Yes.」 (Aya)
「Why does that person call Kisaragi her wife? Does she swing that way?」 (Minadzuki)

I knew you’d say that. Even if I want to explain, I don’t think I can do it well. And in this group of people, there’s no one I can rely on. It’s all people who’ll definitely lead the conversation to a weird place for the fun of it.

「Regarding that, I can’t properly explain it myself. The only thing I can say for sure is that Kotone diligently and tirelessly does housework for her sake.」 (Aya)
「I just receive money for the food expenses, so isn’t it only natural for me to help out with the housework?」 (Kotone)
「Yeah, you’re a wife. Absolutely.」 (Minadzuki)

Oi, Minadzuki. What’s on your mind when you said that? Tell me with all honesty. Strangely, we were having a serious discussion just moments before and now it’s off to a weird direction. Mostly because I’m the target now. Also, Minadzuki. I’ll make you pay at the after-party.



  1. Silva: Principal
  2. Silva: The girl who got expelled
  3. Silva: ex-Student Council President
  4. Silva: Aya
  5. Silva: Kotori
  6. Silva: Current Student Council President
  7. Lyly: She uses neene ねぇね{almost babytalk way of saying big sister (x2)}
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