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Chapter 67 – School Festival, Enjoyed to the Fullest (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2007 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1016 words
Editor(s): Fire

That’s why I didn’t tell them. Dragging Kotone to the stage when we don’t even know her singing capability, what if I’m actually tone deaf? Moreover, I don’t want to be in such a conspicuous place. Instead of improving my image, it might just ruin it.

「And while we’re talking, we’ve gotten close enough to see them, but…」
「They seem to be arguing about something.」

It’s good that we can see Kotori’s stall now, but I can see a man arguing with Kotori. Not like a two-way heated argument, it’s only Kotori being troubled one-sidedly. The guy is an old man that should be more mature, though.

「With families coming, I guess this could happen.」
「You know him?」
「Just an acquaintance, Let me go stop him.」

At this rate, he’s just going to obstruct their business. Since I can somewhat tell what he wanted to do and because I’m about the only one who can deal with him here, I took action.

「Here, time to stop.」

He let out a weird voice, but let me just strangle him for a moment. I can’t do it as well as Kotori’s mother did some time ago, so I’m using a lot more force. I’ll continue until he shuts up.

「Kotone, you came!」
「Since you asked me to drop by during the prep period, I couldn’t not come.」
「Nono, the guy’s face is getting dangerously pale in Kotone’s arms, what are you two leisurely greeting each other for!?」

It’s because this isn’t anything new, Kaori. This much isn’t near close enough to make him pass out, it’s scary how people can adapt. I think him not resisting is already reflex as well and, honestly, that’s scarier than a haunted house.

「I’ll let go of you now. I can somewhat guess, but what exactly were you doing?」
「I was just going to buy everything, but then they stopped me.」

Kotori’s father really is an idiot. Noon’s just about to start, what do you think will happen if they don’t have anything to sell? Moreover, it’s just for him. As expected of a guy who boasts about doing anything for his daughter. His use of money is twisted.

「I’m sorry for the trouble my father caused.」

Look at poor Kotori apologizing to her classmates. Leave the persuading, or rather the intimidating, of your father to me. Since if he’s here, then his stopper must be somewhere close.

「If you continue acting foolish, I’ll call your wife.」
「But if I don’t help with Kotori’s sales-」
「It’s a nuisance.」
「Your disturbing our business, so go away!」

Shocked by Kotori’s words, he falls to his knees and collapses. For now, he’ll be a nuisance here, so I guess I’ll throw him behind the stall.

「How do I say this, I just saw some unbelievable stuff.」
「This is also one of the highlights of the school festival.」
「That’s absolutely a lie!」

Yeah, even though I said it, it doesn’t sound believable. If buying everything up for the sake of one’s daughter and getting thrown in the back of a stall becomes an everyday thing, I’d be so scared I’d stop going outside.

「Two of the chef’s choice, please.」
「I’ll do my best in making it!」
「I still can’t believe you just normally talked to him too. Is that normal for the twelve families?」
「Kotori’s family is the only one I know from the twelve families, so I can’t say for sure. However, it’s probably something like that.」

Since I know mostly problematic families. If the Shimotsuki family ever comes, I can’t even start to imagine what kind of disaster would unfold. That’s why I’m not even thinking about going anywhere near her exhibit.

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「At your place too?」
「You know how I was previously, right?」
「Right, you certainly were strange.」

If it’s just based on initiative, she was really impressive. After all, she calmly does things that no one else would do. Completely disregarding everyone else’s reaction. In a sense, I admire how she can just stubbornly pave her own path.

「Thank you for waiting. As a show of gratitude, I added more toppings!」

For some reason she’s speaking like she’s from a ramen shop but, as she said, there’s a lot of filling. As I was wondering how to even start with this, we were given spoons.

「I didn’t do anything though.」
「Accept what’s given unto you. Thank you so much, Kotori.」
「I’ll also drop by Kotone’s cafe later!」

I simply replied with a smile. That aside, being lively is a good thing. That’s the good thing about Kotori. But it seems like she’s a bit harsh towards her father who’s just laying at the back.

「With this much, It’ll probably better to have a lighter lunch.」
「It’s sure to fill the stomach, after all. It makes me want a drink.」

It’s sweet, after all. I agree with that. There’s a stall selling original drinks, but I intentionally ignored it. I caught a glimpse of some people choking, so it might be a trap.

「Everyone… seems to be having a lot of fun.」
「It’ll be a waste not to have fun. Festivals are best when everyone’s having fun, after all.」
「That’s right. In that case, I’ve wasted a whole year’s worth of fun.」

The reason why no one told Kotone off about not participating previously was partially due to her family pedigree but was also most likely just because no one had any interest in her. Which is why no one invited her.

「Then let’s just have enough fun to make up for it now.」
「That makes sense. I don’t have much time left before my break ends, but shall we go around for just a bit longer?」
「I’ll keep you company.」

There’s no point dwelling on the past. Either way, the past will never come back. Besides, if I can enjoy this first year of mine, it’s a good thing. Now then, where should we go next?


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