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Chapter 66 – School Festival, Commence (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2318 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1066 words
Editor(s): Fire

The day of the school festival. In other schools, the festival lasts for a few days, but at our academy it only lasts for a single day. The reason is because it’ll be a big burden on the budget and that’s exactly right. After all, not only the students, but also non-students have their own exhibits.

「What a terrible way to start the day.」
「It was really funny for us, though.」

I know that Harumi and the others were laughing at me. And I also know that it’s my fault. I came wearing regular clothes since we’re going to get messy anyways and that was a mistake.

「To think that the gate security would block me.」

The other students stared at me curiously as I entered in casual clothes, but I didn’t think the security guard wouldn’t believe I was a student and I had to show my student ID,

『For the non-student exhibit personnel, please use the rear entrance.』

How did you figure I, who’s been passing through this same gate a ton of times by now, was an outsider? Was what I really wanted to ask, but I managed to hold myself back. If I had snapped back there, it could affect my current public image.

「Kotone does looks a bit unstudent-like in casual clothes, after all.」
「Can you really chalk it up as only “a bit”, Miyako?」

I even greet that security guard every time. It’s absurd.

「Enough about this morning, let’s forget about it. We still need to do the preliminary preparations.」

I put on the apron I brought with me and begin prepping. If we don’t have stuff baked before the first customer arrives, it’ll take a lot of time to start serving.

「She bounced back fast. Harumi, is it all ready?」
「Aren’t you looking excited yourself? The stuff we need have all been prepared, Miyako. All that’s left is to secure the target.」

I felt like there was some disturbing conversation happening from behind me. As I was about to turn around to check, a classmate called for me, so I headed to help. Let’s just say that I came to regret this decision later on.

『Henceforth, the school festival has now begun. Everyone, let’s have a lot of fun today, shall we?』

By the time we got done preparing, the president’s voice was broadcasted throughout the campus. The student council doesn’t have any exhibit this year, which was surprising in a way, but I’m grateful for it. To begin with, the student council members have their own class exhibits to attend to, so we really don’t have the leeway to prepare anything.

「So, why exactly am I being surrounded right now?」
「It’s your dress up time, Kotone.」
「Harumi, gross.」
「Don’t call me gross. Girls, get her!」

My female classmates dragged me into an empty classroom, stripped me of my clothes and forcibly dressed me in a different set of clothes. I basically already gave up the moment I was surrounded. And what I was dressed in was a bit surprising.

「A waitress outfit? The skirt feels somewhat too short, though.」

Is it a uniform from a family restaurant somewhere? It’s the frilly and cute type, but I don’t think it suits me. Also, how several of the girls have different outfits folded in their arms really worry me.

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「Surely I’m wrong, but I’m not going to wear the other outfits too, am I?」
「You are. Don’t worry, none of them exposes much skin, you see.」

I guess that’s one good thing to know. After all, with this many people surrounding me, even I’d find it impossible to escape. Still, the fact that I can’t predict what sort of outfits they have hidden within their arms really scares me.

「Let’s do our best working today!」

Hearing Harumi, the others yell in cheer while I just down in the dumps. To think that I’d be wearing a uniform I wouldn’t even wear at the cafe here in the academy.

As we returned to the now redecorated classroom, the boys gave a damn thumbs up. I glare at them and they immediately go back to their work like it was rehearsed.

「C’mon, Kotone. You can’t mope around forever, cheer up a bit.」
「I don’t know how to bring myself to cheer up wearing this outfit.」
「It’d be rude to be in front of customers with that gloom, you know?」

You should know that it’s you and the others that caused me to be this gloomy, don’t you? Wherever has my enthusiasm vanished to?

「See, someone came.」
「Uwah, you recovered fast. As expected of an active part-timer.」

The business smile is an indispensable skill for a variety of things, after all. Still, I wonder why the customer froze after seeing me? He’s our first customer, so maybe he’s just nervous seeing there’s no other people yet?

「Rather, who let down my hair?」
「They’re looking for something new, you know? And people don’t see you with your hair down often.」

True, the only time I have my hair down in the academy is after swim class. And I only let a certain few see me like that, so it is pretty unusual. But unusual enough to surprise a customer?

「Sir, this way to your table, please.」

No, why are you the one getting nervous? Ah, is it because he noticed that I’m Kotone or something? In that case, I can understand. He probably didn’t expect Kotone to be serving customers.

「Would this improve my reputation?」
「No, to begin with, I don’t think they’d recognise it’s you. Either that or they’ll only realize it’s you in hindsight later on.」

That was a painful jab there, Harumi. Even acquaintances probably get confused for a moment seeing me like this. So I was musing, when suddenly I heard a smartphone’s snapshot sound.

「Please refrain from taking unsolicited pictures at our cafe.」

And turning my head, I see Kaori holding her laughter back with her smartphone aimed at me. Do I look that funny to you? Well, yeah, I’d probably be laughing too if I see a friend wearing something like this. It doesn’t fit me, after all.

「I’ll send this to mom and dad, okay?」
「Please don’t.」

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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