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Chapter 65 – Preparations, Start (Part 2)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2560 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1279 words
Editor(s): Fire

If they keep on dragging the issue then it’s faster to just squash the dissent. From how they’re acting, they probably haven’t thought of a new plan yet. After all, they seem to be planning on finding faults on our plan so theirs can be approved instead.

「But is it really okay? Even if it’s the president, the snacks are made with the recipe we’re using.」
「Don’t worry, Miyako. I requested him to squash any complaints if it’s about the recipe’s creator, you see?」

Is it really that surprising? If the complaints are about the cook who is me, then I just need to improve. If they think they can make it better than me, then they’re free to try. I don’t have any intention of losing.

「It’s equivalent to insulting the cafe I work at, after all. No need to go easy on them.」

Not just the cafe. It’s also the same as insulting our customers. But in that case, they’ll make a lot of enemies. And in terms of individual quality, they’re beyond crazy to go against. The president should know it himself.

「We’ve built up quite the reputation, you know? If they’re told the cafe’s name, the people running their mouths would probably turn pale.」
「You’re exaggerating.」

No, I’m actually not. It’s the truth. Since there are heavy hitters mixed in with the rest of the customers. Also, it’ll be the same as challenging the president who called it delicious. And that’s not a good move.

「So please don’t worry about it. All we need to be concerned about is making delicious pastries.」

As we taste tested, we cleanly distinguished those good at baking and those terrible at it. For those that are passable but made some small measurement mistakes and the like, I just point them out.

「Kotone’s girl power is scarily high.」
「What nonsense are you talking about? Anyone can do this much with practice.」

But with this, now we’ve secured enough people to assign to table duty. And for those that aren’t reliable enough for serving tables either, they’ll be handling miscellaneous chores. Either that, or reserve personnel. If you just work without getting breaks to see the other class’ exhibits, then what’s the point in joining the school festival?

「Well then, I’ll step out for a moment.」

I’ll leave the class to Harumi, since despite how she is, she is a pretty good leader. I leave to serve my acquaintances some treats. Rather, they said that they want to have a taste during lunch break. First stop is here.

「Is Kotori in?」
「Kotone! I’ve been waiting for you.」

They’re cooking batter in their classroom, huh. I heard that they’re doing a crepe stand, so I guess it’s practice for that. There seems to be a mess of ruined crepes piled up if my eyes are seeing right.

「It seems like you’re having some difficulties. Here, have some treats.」
「Thank you very much. Even though it looks so simple, it’s really difficult.」

While patting the disheartened Kotori’s head, I took a peep and saw that she was in the middle rounding the batter but failed. This part really needs getting used to, so practice makes perfect.

「Want to try too, Kotone?」
「I’m from a different class, though. Is it alright? Sachiko.」
「I want to see you work. I’m thinking that if you can make those delicious looking snacks, them maybe you can do this one too.」

Hmm, it’s been a while since I last made crepes. Previously, I’ve made crepes at my part time job, so it should be fine as long as my skills haven’t dulled. Now then, let’s test it out.

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「The thickness ended up inconsistent.」

I guess I’ve gotten duller. Making the thickness equal is pretty hard, honestly. After that is just making sure that the batter doesn’t get burned. Since you might tear the crepe when adding the fillings.

「No, that’s far better compared to our wreck here. Rather, it’s undoubtedly a success. I mean, look at ours.」

There’s a lot of torn crepes. A really tall pile. Now who’s going to take care of all of this? Eating this is going to be difficult, with this amount.

「Kotone, I want to eat crepe.」
「Don’t just come all the sudden expecting me to have complete understanding, Kaori.」

I guess Kaori couldn’t wait, since she even came barging in. Also, you want to eat but we don’t even have any other ingredients. All we have here is the crepe batter. We don’t have anything that can be used as fillings, so how do you expect me to make a whole crepe?

「For now, eat these instead.」
「Don’t mind if I do. They’re a bit shabbier than the ones at the shop.」

Don’t call it shabby. I made this for an economic budget, okay. Kaori has eaten the Saori version previously, so she’s permitted to say that. That’s just bringing me down.

「Yup, delicious. Not as good as mom’s ,though.」
「I don’t think it’s fair to compare me with Mrs. Saori. I don’t feel like I can match her at all.」

I don’t expect to win against a professional. I’m only aiming to get closer to her level. Still, I guess when being stingy with the expenses, it’s naturally harder to get close to that level.

「Kotone, it was absolutely delicious. I want to try visiting the cafe you work at too.」
「Kotori’s mother comes frequently, though. That reminds me, you’ve never been to our cafe yet, right Kotori?」

I expected to see her during the summer break and yet she didn’t come, so that surprised me. I do somewhat imagine the possible reason why, but I’m not going to comment on it.

「For some reason, father always stops me. Besides, I also had a very tight schedule.」

Come to think of it, the other members of the twelve families did have a pretty strict schedule during summer break. Like going overseas, attending get-togethers, and all that, so I guess it’s a bit hard to find free time.

「I’m so jealous of mother.」
「Kotori’s mother is the lady that your mother frequently talks with, right Kotone?」
「That’s right. They hit it off with each other, complaining about their husbands.」

The worst part is that this was the very first point of common ground they found. Terrible status quo. On our side, it’s beyond catastrophic, so it’s even more terrible. The owner tries really hard to keep their conversations out of his ears.

「After hearing from mother about how you work, I told them that I wanted to go too. But my father just had a sour face.」

And I can easily imagine that he got a passionate blow from the missus after that. It is amazing how he stubbornly stands his ground though. My father is also stubborn in a different sense. In a bad sense.

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「Ah, Kotone. There you are. I’ve squashed them down, so be relieved~」
「Now, president. It’s about time to go back to work.」

I felt like I just saw the president calling me from the classroom door while being dragged away by Kishita. So she finally ran out of patience with him, huh. It might be best to give them some snacks asap.

「Well, I’ll be heading for the student council room now.」
「Thank you for the snacks.」

Now then, I’ll have to bring the mood of the student council’s central pillar, our vice president, to a more positive direction. Since we seriously can’t risk internal collapse.


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