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Chapter 59 – Return From The Past (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2757 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1382 words
Editor(s): Fire

Returning to the Kondou home, I step into the garden and land a “P-aahn!” with the slapping fan. As that clear sound echoed, Shinpachi’s head slightly tilted. The hit didn’t have enough impact to make his head lean parallel to the ground.

「What was that for all of the sudden. What did I do to deserve that!」
「I just thought that you would be noisy.」
「I remember that the last time we were noisy, the old man next door yelled at us. I held back this time. So apologize!」
「I refuse!」

Not once have I ever apologized for hitting these guys with a slapping fan. Though it is true that I hit him for no reason. In that case, I just have to make a reason.

「You looked like you were having lewd thoughts, so I expelled your worldly desires.」
「T-there’s no way I was having any lewd thoughts.」

You stammering just makes it suspicious. He was probably thinking of my outfit from earlier or something. Maybe even imagining me on all fours wearing that outfit. This is why I didn’t want to wear it.

「Still, Koto-chan, your outfit right now looks pretty provocative as well. While the sleeves are baggy, it looks pretty tight at the chest.」

I can’t help it, I’m wearing men’s pajamas. I wasn’t meaty back then but Kotone is pretty thin. Because of that, while the shirt’s length is good, it doesn’t fit my body well at all. Regarding my chest, I’ve got nothing to say.

「This is pretty nice in its own way.」
「Okay, out.」

I gave him one more smack. It made another nice “P-aahn!” but this might actually bother the neighbors more. Rather, the slapping fan is already looking dodgy from this third hit. It’s likely going to break soon.

「I’m not the only one thinking of worldly desires! What about that perv other there!」
「He’s not showing it, so he’s safe.」

Saitou is definitely filled with worldly desires, but he’s simply silent with his eyes closed. I don’t even want to imagine just what sort of delusions are running through his head right now.

「It’s because you’re showing your desires too much, Shinpachi. You won’t get popular like that.」
「Ah, I completely understand. Even in their fan letters, there are occasional comments that also say that.」
「No way……」

Unexpectedly, the finishing blow came from Ms. Manager. Somehow or another, we’ve been in each other’s company for a considerable time. When throwing insults, it’s best to hit hard and strong.

「Nevertheless, Kotone, you seem quite close with everyone. Since when have you gotten to know with each other?」
「About a month ago?」
「Maybe not even a full month?」

Isami replied to my unsure statement and the manager was left dumbfounded. If I remember right, we reunited at about the end of July, so I guess it’s only been half a month. It personally felt like more time had passed.

「You look a lot like old friends.」
「It’s because I’m apparently extremely similar to a friend. Also, would you mind if I have your name?」

I’m using my casual tone with the fools, but it should be fine. I’m likely going to interact with her through them anyways, so it would be quicker if she gets used to either of my tones.

「I’m Shiina Yui. Everyone calls me by Yui.」
「Thank you very much for your hard work.」
「It really is hard work, you know!」

To the point of shouting it out loud, huh. And then they all looked away. You guys, you really haven’t changed at all!

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「I feel you, I really do. It must have been rough having to take charge of such problem children.」
「That’s exactly the case! All of them really never listen to my warnings and sometimes, without me noticing it, they just disappear, it’s just so unreasonable!」

She’s really grumbling now. Staring at them, they still keep avoiding my gaze. How long are you guys going to stay that way? Take Yui’s lecturing head on every once in a while.

「Kotone! I have something to ask you!」
「Y-yes, what is it?」
「How can I control these people?」
「With a smacking.」

Whoops, I ended up cutting most of the context out. It’s not that I’m telling her to hit them needlessly. Besides, smacking them barehanded would be bad for various reasons.

「I’ve abridged too much. Since these people won’t really listen no matter how much you tell them off, having either a slapping fan or a rolled up poster to smack them with would be more effective.」
「Just with that?」
「Someone has already trained them to reflexively shut up in reaction, you see?」

I immediately smacked Shinpachi as I arrived here and even then, he first reflexively went silent and pondered why he was hit before he complained about it. Incidentally, it was me and master who trained them.

「Souji was still fine. Since he hits us with things that won’t injure us. The problem was Ms. Hatsune. She hits us with things that really should injure us but mysteriously never do.」

Just as Hajime says. It was frying pans, wooden sticks, and many other more. Even I don’t know how she’s limiting her power, but never did anyone ever bleed or get a bruise from her hits. However, it’s hellishly painful.

「She’s the only person we cannot go against.」
「It’s an honor to receive such praise, Hajime. As thanks, would you live to receive a smack from me? 」
「I would like to respectfully decline!」

Even Hajime ends up like this. Shinpachi? He’s started trembling. The guy has been smacked by master the most, after all. It’s on the verge of being a trauma for him.

「You really know a lot about everyone.」
「I heard about them, you see. From her.」

Beyond where I pointed to was step-mom. She’ll find it weird if I don’t say this, after all. Like, how do I know so many details when we’ve just met for half a month? It’s annoying since I can’t say the actual reason.

「I see. Then I’ll try to put it in practice.」

The whole band yelled from the bottom of their heart. Then try to have a bit more self-control.

「Yui, you’re fine the way you are!」

Even Isami is reacting like this, so maybe they do have a trauma about it. She never showed this much of a reaction when I was still alive, though. Maybe master did something for her to get over my passing.

「Please, just you, don’t become a menace to us.」

Hajime, you haven’t forgotten that master is near you, have you now? Besides, doesn’t that imply that even I am a menace to you guys? You’re the ones who are actively behaving in a way that makes me retort, alright.

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「In that case, don’t bother Yui too much anymore.」
「We’ll be careful.」

Isami answered as their representative. It’s the one with the highest likelihood of running amok who just said that, so this should lighten Yui’s load a bit. I don’t know for how long, though.

「Come to think of it, how long do you guys plan on staying here?」
「That’s harsh, oi.」

Shinpachi quipped, but it didn’t matter. It’s already past 10 in the evening. If we keep making a racket outside beyond this, the old man next door might just step in.

「Koto-chan, what will you do tomorrow?」
「Go home. I need to buy food ingredients and prepare dinner. The married couple next door to me are visiting, you see.」

The two of them are visiting their hometowns, so they’re not here today. But we’re having dinner at my room when they return tomorrow. Rather, they likely don’t know that I’m not at the apartment right now.

「You really don’t look like a lady from a well-off family, Kotone.」

Ah, that’s not good, Hajime. Yui doesn’t know my family name. In other words, it’s highly likely that it’ll end up like the usual pattern. Rather, it’ll definitely be the case.

「Eh, umm. Kotone, you come from that sort of background?」
「To tell you the truth, she’s the daughter of that Kisaragi family!」


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