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Chapter 48 – Fireworks Display -First Half- [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2243 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1179 words
Editor(s): Fire

Why do I have to go there just to see the last firework? Even if you had plans, I wouldn’t go.

「Are you with the usual?」
『Plus the manager, we invited her. Koto-chan, you still haven’t met her, right?」
「I haven’t.」

The person burdened with them, huh. I do want to meet her at least once. Mostly because I’m worried about her mental exhaustion and her physical condition.

『The manager’s personality changes when she gets alcohol, you know. Man, it’s so much fun.』

Is she going to be alright? She’s not making a ruckus to relieve stress now, is she? Even if I do go now, I’m going to be left in charge of cleaning up after them, aren’t I? I’m absolutely not going.

「Have some restraint, you guys.」
『It’s an annual fireworks event, so it’d be a waste not to enjoy it. Let’s watch it together next year.』
「I’m still a minor next year, so no.」
『Ehhh~, you’re such a killjoy.』

The usual pattern is to go and drink again at a pub after watching fireworks, right? What are you going to do if we get seen? You guys are even celebrities, so all the more reason you should avoid causing trouble. You’re already causing trouble as it is, though. The lack of a stopper is really a problem.

「Invite me when I’m an adult. It’ll be bad to have a minor with you while you’re drinking, you know.」
『Society has such a watchful eye, doesn’t it? In the end, drinking at home is the best!』

The scene of her giving a thumbs up with a broad smile appeared in my mind. I’m pretty sure she’s doing it right now. What the heck is happening in her area? The recent smartphones don’t get much sound from the surroundings, so I can’t tell.

『Koto-chan, where are you?』
「In my room, eating while watching the fireworks. Also, with some acquaintances drinking.」
『Okay, next year we’ll meet at your place!』
「I refuse!」

I’m going to be burdened with all the troubles, you know! If the four of you come, who do you think is going to cook? I don’t trust any single one of you when it comes to cooking. I’ll never forget the dark hotpot of fear event that happened the other winter.

『Oh, there seems to be progress, I’m cutting the call~』

Saying that, she really did cut the damn call. What do you mean by “progress”? She really cut it at an interesting part. Is something happening in the area? Or is the one she was talking about before, is there progress with Hajime and the manager’s relationship? I’m sure she’ll happily answer if I ask her later. It is pretty fun just hearing about it, after all. Though my condolences to the party involved.

「A friend?」
「Sort of.」

I replied to Akane with a vague answer. She probably thinks that it’s someone close to me in age. Even though I always use polite speech with my seniors, I really don’t feel like being polite to Isami and the others. Probably because of our past together.

「It looks like you’re getting more friends you can be casual with, big sister’s so relieved.」

First wife, now we’re sisters, huh. I have no idea what am I to Akane anymore. I guess the commonality is that they’re both family.

「I don’t care about status and parentage now, after all. Well, in the past the issue was more than just that, though.」

There was once a girl with a decent parentage and good personality who approached Kotone. However, Kotone also kept distance from her. Thanks to that, the girl didn’t get wrapped up in any sort of mess. I guess it’s a show of Kotone’s kindness in her own way. It would’ve been better had Kotone acted just somewhat decently. I wonder if that girl is doing well.

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「Was the past Kotone really such a bad kid?」
「Rather than bad, it’s more like being single-minded towards a certain goal. But I didn’t even try to understand that this goal can never be fulfilled. That’s all.」

She seriously did everything because she loved her father. Even though he didn’t pay heed to her at all. It’s also a fact that she didn’t listen at all even when people pointed this out to her. In other words, she reaped what she sowed.

「If that’s changed, then alright. You’re not planning on achieving that goal now, right?」
「I’m not fond of wasting effort.」

The effort would never be rewarded, after all. Actually, I don’t want to go back to high society. The commoner life is more comfortable. Having to worry about disguising yourself in front of the public eye is extremely exhausting.

「Kotone, it’s ringing.」

It certainly is ringing, is it? My smartphone. Why are there so many calls while the fireworks are being shot up? For some reason, I feel like its intentional obstruction. Just paranoid though.

「What is your business, Aya?」

I can feel the power behind her voice. Do you really hate it that much? That place? And the situation you’re in?

「I’ve done no such thing. I simply don’t have the right to be there.」
『Well, I know. But I just want to complain. I can’t watch fireworks at all, and it’s not fun!』
「It isn’t a place to have fun in, after all.」

The spots where you can see the fireworks are generally occupied by adults. If you go near, they talk to you. If you turn your sight to the fireworks, that’d be rude to whoever’s talking, so you can’t watch at all. And you can’t relax.

『That’s why I thought of disturbing those having fun watching.』
「You have quite the twisted personality.」
『Ha ha ha! Don’t think you can have a decent watch!』
「I’m cutting the call.」
『I’m sorry. Please listen to my grumblings for just a bit more. You’re about the only one I can talk to about this, Kotone.』

Glad to see you being honest. I can see just how stressed you are.

「Wouldn’t Kishita be fine? I’m sure she’ll listen to whatever complaints you have.」
『Casually selling her out, eh? Still, you’re the only one who knows my current situation, Kotone. And my true nature too.』

I didn’t have any intention of knowing that at all. You just exposed yourself to me. I have no idea why you even involved me in that.

「Well, I do understand your situation. I absolutely want nothing of it myself.」
『The worst part is that I can’t refuse, right? Since it’s generally full attendance for the twelve families. I’d love to feign illness just to be excused.』
「But it’ll be a lot of trouble afterwards if exposed, so it’s not really viable. After all, it’s just beyond impolite.」

Really, it’s a troublesome world. Come to think of it, I wonder how I’m seen there right now. I’m a bit curious.


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