Chapter 48 – Fireworks Display -First Half- [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2224 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1140 words
Editor(s): Fire

The fireworks display finally started. Since we’re far from the venue, the announcement wasn’t audible. Still, we just saw the fireworks, so we knew it started. With this, the drinkers should behave now.

「As expected, we aren’t high enough.」
「It was inevitable, in my opinion. Having a place to watch and eat without being bothered by the crowds is more than enough.」

I’m really glad to hear that. The fireworks in the air are perfectly visible from here, but the others are barely visible. We could probably see those from the rooftop, but in that case there’s a different issue.

「The rooftop isn’t allowed for outsiders, after all.」

As Akane said, only the tenants are allowed to enter the rooftop. There’s multiple reasons for that. First, the noise. I heard that there was once an idiot that invited friends and family and caused too much of a ruckus. Second, safety reasons. There was an incident where the people got so engrossed looking at fireworks that they took their eyes off the children, who got into danger. Because of that, we’re asked to have self-responsibility and avoid viewing parties on the roof.

「I can understand the manager’s standpoint. People falling from the roof is no joke and bad for the apartment’s reputation.」
「Truthfully so. I’m sure a decrease of tenants is a matter of life or death.」

While Akane and I are talking, Teacher Saeki has been awfully silent. Turning her way, she’s quietly sipping her drink while enjoying the fireworks. Seeing her like this, she appears like a lovely mature woman but the mountain of empty cans by her side is ruining the scene.

「No choice. I guess I’ll get more from our room.」

The stock here in my room is nearly gone after all. For more cold ones, we’re going to need to get the alcohol at Akane’s room. The warm ones should be cold in an hour, but I’m sure they can’t wait that long.

「Would you like me to help?」
「I’ll be glad if you do. As expected of my wife! You’re so thoughtful.」

I’ve decided not to care about the wife calling anymore. She’s not going to stop doing it anyways and she might cry if I refuse her too strongly. I got used to these things from Isami.

「Besides, you’re going to carry a considerable amount, right?」
「Shizuru is Shizuru, after all. It’d be nice if I can just choose quantity over quality, but what’s worse is that she also has standards for quality.」

Well true that. You can also say that she’s really costly to be with. Let’s just hope that she won’t treat the principal as a wallet if they start dating.

「This is my first time entering your room, isn’t it?」

The floorplan is the same as mine. If it was different, that’d be amazing in itself. Also, it’s surprisingly tidy. Shizuo probably did this tidying. From my impression of Akane, I really don’t see her being capable of housework.

「Thinking something rude, aren’t you?」
「No, not at all. Not the slightest bit.」

Sharp intuition as usual. Still, I’m surprised they have a fridge just for alcohol. Though from Shizuo’s profession, it’s not really improbable. Yeah, not really my style. The electric bill would be high.

「Actually, we have another fridge other than this. In a sense, that one’s a treasury.」
「A treasury.」
「It’s filled with really expensive ones. They’re gifts Shizuo got. But I can’t help feeling a bi~t reluctant to drink them, you know?」

How much are those even? I’m really curious now, I really want a try. I wonder if she’ll let me have some to commemorate when I reach legal adulthood. I can imagine her opening one up on a whim when that happens. I’m considerably worried about the people who’ll be there already.

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「Will you take some out tonight?」
「Like I would. Shizuru is going to chug those down like water.」

I really can’t imagine her savouring the taste at all. Seriously, she drinks as though she doesn’t even care about the quality, after all.

「Here~, put them in this bag. 」

I then filled the bag with cans and bottles, one after the other. Just how many are they going to drink in an hour? Can they even finish the alcohol they brought today?…… That’s a stupid question, they’re definitely finishing it no problem.

「Okay, let’s go back.」

I carried the bag with both hands, an outsider would probably think that we were out shopping for a party with a lot of people from just how many there are. Sorry, this is only for two people.

「Actually, these won’t fit in my fridge anymore.」
「Don’t worry. While we might not be able to finish them all, we’ll just take out the cold ones and replace it with these.」

My refrigerator is completely contaminated with alcohol. It’s annoying how every time I invite new people they suspect I drink, you know that?

「She’s surprisingly silent.」
「Shizuru is quiet during fireworks, you see. Though after that, it’s party time as usual.」

It’s really surprising how she’s not making merry even though we came back with alcohol. I personally thought that she puts alcohol above all else, but I guess she finds beauty valuable. Well, there’s no sign of this in her surroundings though.


I only noticed that my phone was ringing when I was filling the fridge with alcohol. The caller is Isami, huh. What’s she calling for?

『Yahoo~, doing well~?』
「Same as always, huh. So, what’s your business?」
『Enjoy the chat more, will you. So, are you free?』
「Nope. I’m watching fireworks.」
『Tch, you’re watching already, huh.』

I shouldn’t be the only one thinking it’s a mistake to invite someone to the fireworks the exact day it happens. Carried away from the alcohol, the fools probably talked about inviting me or something. To begin with, I don’t even know where they’re drinking.

「Tell me your plans already.」
『There’s no such word “plans” in my vocabulary!』
「How can you function as a member of society like that…」

Dammit, she’s drunk already. It hasn’t even been an hour since fireworks started. What time did you start drinking? And don’t invite a minor to a place like that.

「In the first place, where are you?」
『In the middle of the fireworks area having a blast. Of course, with everyone around here involved!』
「That sounds like trouble!」

What did you even do to convince everyone in the area to make a racket with you? Are you an idiot? Wait, you were from the start.

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『If you head here now, you should be able to at least see the last firework go.』
「That’s pointless, okay.」


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