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Chapter 44 – The Past Comes Unexpectedly – First Half – [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2306 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1179 words
Editor(s): Fire

Stop hanging onto that, just accept it. Is what I’d like to say, but I can’t do that. It’s really frustrating that I can’t just snap back.

「Hey, hey, Kotone. Could you join our band?」

Why ask that all of the sudden, you fool! Nothing we talked about was leading up to this, how did we even reach this point? C’mon guys, stop her!

「It’s been a long time since Isami goes crazy like this.」
「It really isn’t the same without this.」

So you really aren’t going to stop her, huh! I understand that you’re all numb to this since it happens so much. But it’s a hell of a time for the people dragged into it.

「What would you get from recruiting me? Just so you know, I’ve never sung in my life.」

Kotone never sings outside maybe music class. She’s never gone to karaoke, so I know absolutely nothing about her singing skill. Besides, I don’t have the leeway to do that now.

「Your looks are passing. Actually, you can get popular just from looks. As for the singing, my instincts tell me you can, I guess.」
「Don’t make judgments based on that. Besides, I have no interest in joining a band.」

Just try getting me on television. It’d cause a hell of an uproar. That’s plain scary, I don’t even want to imagine the messages and calls I’m going to get from the family.

「Ehh, you’ll earn more than working at a cafe, you know.」
「Could you not take our poster girl away from us?」

Go tell ‘em, owner. Moreover, if I join, the band activities are going to destroy my academy life.

「My family name is Kisaragi. You know what that means, don’t you?」
「Wow, from how you say it, you’re a member of the twelve families, huh. I guess that makes it a bit tough.」

Not even just “a bit”. I’m glad that Isami understood, but I can’t imagine her giving up just from this. It doesn’t look like I can ask her about what happened to me at this rate.

「Before that, why is a Kisaragi of the twelve families working at a cafe? That’s just plain weird if you think about it.」

Reasonable question there. Hajime, the only guy with common sense among them. The others don’t seem to find it strange, after all. See, they’re basically a gathering of people that just threw their common sense somewhere, these fools.

「I caused too much trouble and was driven out of the family. See, it’ll be problem someone like me joins your band.」
「Since you’re admitting it yourself, it shouldn’t be that serious. Besides, we kinda cause problems ourselves, so it’s totally fine! 」

What do you mean totally fine! Why won’t you just give up! And guys, don’t just sit there eating, say something!

「Absolutely no.」
「No matter what?」
「No matter what. I have no desire to join the Shinsengumi.」

With that, I released the forbidden word. This is what we share between us, a word that, in a sense, has become our dark history. It was super effective, all of them stopped eating.

「H-hey. Just a question, but you don’t know us from before we debuted, do you?」
「What ever could you mean by that?」

I know absolutely nothing about the dark history we made on pure vibe and impulse. Though I do remember how a friend showed us the video later on and we all cringe in embarrassment.

「Anyone can tell from a quick search. That for some reason, everyone’s names are similar with the Shinsengumi members’.」
「Well, yeah, true enough. You can even say that it’s why we got together, but…… You really don’t know about our past?」
「Who knows?」

Okay, that shifted the topic. All that’s left is to have them go home already. My past is low priority. First, I need to protect myself from the immediate threat.

「Somehow, seeing their exchange reminds me of those days.」
「I get what you mean. It’s like I can see Souji from the waitress.」

We’ve been with each other from middle school after all, so they can probably feel something familiar from me. Also, Shinpachi. I appreciate how cleanly you eat curry, but stop scooping the spoon so dejectedly. Your plate’s already empty.

「I thought that too, that’s why I brought up the brother topic, but I guess it’s just my imagination?」
「It’s just your imagination. If our family had a hidden child, it would be a huge scandal, actually.」

There being a hidden child among the members of the twelve families is just a horribly good gossip material. My position is already shaky as it is now, so please don’t give me more problems.

「If her way of speaking becomes like his, don’t you think it’d fit perfectly?」
「Agreed. Rather, it’s been a long time since we had a shop employee treat us with zero reservation.」

I don’t have the gentle heart to be so reserved with you fools. Rather, you’re the ones who should be more reserved. This just reminds me of the ruckus that happened at my previous part time jobs.

「Hey, hey. Could you talk a bit boyish?」
「You shouldn’t ask that of a lady, don’t you think?」

I’m sure that they won’t figure out that Kotone and I are the same people just from that, but why do they want to see me as someone at the same wavelength? I do consider them to be friends, but still.

「Boo, killjoy.」
「It would be problematic for a server to be impolite to customers. Now, since you seem to be finished with your meals, I’ll be cleaning your table.」

They’re done eating, so I’ll need to quickly clean out the tableware. We’re still in breaktime after all, so I have to finish up my remaining chores.


As I leaned forward, Isami touched my chest for some reason, so I reflexively slammed the tray I had on her head. You brought this on yourself, idiot.

「Kotone, be gentle with our tableware.」
「My apologies, owner.」
「What about me?」
「You deserved that.」

Exactly that. Also, stop moving your hand like you’re recalling the sensation. We might be of the same sex, but that’s still indecent.

「What’s your thoughts on the sensation, Reporter Isami?」
「Big! Soft!」
「Don’t you ask her stupid stuff, you idiot!? And that’s all you have to say!?」

Pissed off, I ended up smacking Shinpachi’s head with the tray too. I can’t take it anymore. If I don’t snap back, I’m going to lose my mind. I guess it’s part of my habits as well.

「「「Here we go!」」」
「Shut up!」

And it goes without saying that this got them carried away and now they’re running wild. Hajime, don’t just facepalm there, stop the fools. You know that it’s impossible if we don’t work together, right? Or have you already given up? Ahh, now it’s impossible to stop them.


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