Chapter 42 – Numbskull Appears [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2446 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1179 words
Editor(s): Fire

Kotone spouting insults during high society gatherings is a consistent happening. However, Kotori doesn’t seem to know much about that. And if I remember, while she was afraid when I told her my name, that was it. This might be why she wasn’t too wary of me.

「I made sure that no bad things would be included in her education. Rather, everything is filtered on my judgment.」

Wouldn’t that mean that proper information won’t reach her? That’s overprotective.

「Do that too much and she will hate you.」
「It’s inconceivable for her to hate me! It is, right?」

Don’t ask me after being so sure of it. Since he’s doubting himself, that likely means that Kotori had already told him off about something in the past. I guess it’s already too late.

「Well, shall I ask her directly then?」
「Don’t do it!」

Just a flash of my smartphone, he immediately panicked. I already figured out how to handle this guy. I seriously don’t see him to be one of the big shots of the twelve families.

「To begin with, what have you come here for?」
「There’s no reason for me to not check on the individual my daughter is interested in. And if I don’t acknowledge you, I intend to get rid of you instead.」
「I’m a member of the twelve families like you.」
「And why would that be an issue! I would do anything and everything for my daughter’s sake!」

His doting is already an illness at this point. A fatal one. I’m just guessing, but there’s probably someone who functions as his stopper. His wife, if not his parents. Because if not, he’ll just rampage nonstop.

「Then let me present a problem. If you cause trouble, what would happen to your family? And then what would happen to Kotori’s future?」
「I advise that you think that thoroughly through before taking action. That is if you’re truly concerned about your daughter.」

If someone acts for his own self-satisfaction and bears the consequences of his actions by himself, then there’s no problem. However, if this guy causes trouble, it’s inevitable for his family to bear the joint responsibility. And no one wants to become like the Kisaragi family.

「Isn’t that enough, dear? Is she not a person befitting to associate with Kotori?」
「Umm, might you be Kotori’s mother?」
「That’s right. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kisaragi Kotone.」

I didn’t expect the mother to be sitting right behind Kotori’s father. Why was she acting like a stranger? Ahh, maybe she didn’t want to be seen together with him when he’s being overexcited.

「I did not imagine both of Kotori’s parents to be here.」
「It’s necessary for someone to stop this numbskull, you see.」

What kind of husband gets called numbskull by his own wife? And from how he’s not reacting, he’s probably used to being called this.

「I would like to thank you for keeping my daughter company. That girl is quite shy, you see.」

No, I don’t see that to be the case, though. I think she might be the snuggly puppy type instead. In fact, she is that way in reality.

「She talks about you so much at home, my husband got jealous.」
「Hearing nothing but stories about you pained my heart. However, what our daughter speaks of you and the Kisaragi we knew had so much contradiction.」

True, from the rumors that time, I can’t blame them for thinking this. Additionally, if information about me is compiled, the difference between now and last year would stand out.

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「Up until now, she treated me like a proper father but lately, I feel like she’s been avoiding me.」
「That’s because she actually is. Kisaragi, you understand the reason for that, correct?」
「Because she found him annoying, no?」

She harshly cut down the father, so I didn’t hesitate either. Now, who’s going to pick up his corpse?

「M-my adorable little Kotori would never think of such thing.」

From the moment you replied with absolutely zero confidence, you aren’t convincing anyone. The wife just gracefully drinking tea behind him is weird too. In this situation, wouldn’t you normally sit with your husband after being exposed?

「Honestly, what did you really come here for?」
「We just came to see you. This much is true. This numbskull might have had other plans in mind, though.」
「No, I don’t think he has any plan in mind at all.」

Though he might entertain extreme ideas like kidnapping or just never letting Kotori see me again. Still, I’ve already warned him earlier in regards to that. If he’s really thinking about what’s best for his daughter, he should understand what those actions will result in.

「Ah, may I order a black tea and cake set?」
「Understood. Please wait for a moment.」

As long as I have an order down. Her husband’s muttering with his face down, but let’s just ignore that. I know full well that talking to him will just get me stuck here after all.

「In the end, what was that about?」
「Who knows? So about my shift, can I have three days off a week, with the regular off days included?」
「That’s fair I guess. Don’t you have summer plans?」
「I’m planning on leaving town for a while, but nothing else.」
「Don’t you have any plans on going somewhere with your friends?」
「Well, I do, but it still far off from now.」

There’s the fireworks display, after all. It’s definitely not that I’m a loner spending a lonesome summer vacation by myself, let me say that. Though that doesn’t change the fact that I’m mostly going to be at work.

「Still, there’s a lot of strange people among your acquaintances, huh.」
「That, I will deny. It isn’t that I actively sought for them, you know.」

Are you implying that I attract weirdos? Still, while I do deny that, that does feel convincing. The members of the twelve families generally have flaws after all, and there’s the other deviants too.

「Yup, let’s ignore that.」

Because the more I think about it, the more I’m starting to believe it. Is it Kotone’s fault, or is it mine? I can’t decide, but it might be due to both too.

「Your order has arrived.」
「Thank you. Next time, could you be the one to visit our place? Our daughter would enjoy it greatly.」
「I’m absolutely against it! I’m going to play with Kotori this summer vacation!」
「Right, right, numbskull. Let’s shut up now, shall we?」

Oi, don’t strangle him from behind. I’m surprised that she can choke him with one arm, but the fact that she isn’t fazed by how her husband’s face is turning blue is scary.

「It’s going to be bad if you don’t let him go soon.」
「It’s fine. He’s used to it.」

If my mother could handle my father like this, then we wouldn’t have suffered so much. But yeah, I guess that’s asking the impossible.

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