Chapter 42 – Numbskull Appears [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2424 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1183 words
Editor(s): Fire

It’s the most awaited time for students, summer break. Today, the academy is holding its closing ceremony. And I guess what I like most about it is how the principal’s speech isn’t uselessly long. Listening to some long speech in the height of summer is pure pain.

「Kisaragi, what are your plans for this summer?」
「Indulging my part-time job.」

With the closing ceremony finished, I’m currently in the classroom, where everyone’s talking excitedly about their summer plans.

「Well, I suppose that’s very student-ish?」
「What about you, Aiba? What are your plans?」
「I’ll enjoy the whole break. You can’t not go to the beach, after all.」

It’s nice that she’s full of energy. As for me, my summer plans only consist of either working or studying at the library. After all, if I do that at my apartment, the aircon bill isn’t going to be fun at all. I’m planning on spending my time outside as much as possible.

「Won’t you go to the beach too, Kisaragi?」
「I don’t have a swimsuit, you see.」

My starting inventory didn’t include a swimsuit. Probably because the family also knows Kotone can’t swim. Besides, there’s a place I want to go to this summer break, so I don’t know if I can fit it in my schedule.

「Then let’s go buy one later.」
「If my schedule allows it.」

I’ll just respond politely. I don’t have the courage to choose a swimsuit by myself. However, I’m also reluctant about just buying what other people recommend to me. In short, I don’t feel like buying one.

「Well then, I need to discuss something at my workplace now.」

I need to consult with the owner about my summer shift arrangement, after all. I wonder if he’d let me work everyday? I suspect he’ll instead tell me to enjoy summer more since I’m a student.

「Have a wonderful summer break.」
「You too, Kisaragi~」

Greeting my classmates and acquaintances goodbye, I leave the academy. Teacher Saeki made sure to remind me about the fireworks display, but there’s no way I could forget. The neighbour’s involved too, after all.

「Owner, I’d like to talk about my shifts…」
「Before that, Kotone, you have a guest.」

Who could it be? The academy people likely don’t know about me being here, but as for the non-academy people, I can’t be sure. My interpersonal web is pretty small, after all.

「Umm, who might it be?」

The guest the owner just described to me was someone that wasn’t in Kotone’s memories at all. All I know is that he’s male and is somewhat old in age. Probably the same age as Kotone’s father.

「Are you Kisaragi Kotone?」
「Yes, that’s correct.」

Since he says my name casually, he’s probably someone of decent status. Rather, he wouldn’t know my name if he was some regular guy.

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「My name is Fumidzuki Juugo. Our Kotori has been in your care.」

Ahh, Kotori’s father, I guess? Thought he was just a random serious guy.

「How did you know of this place?」
「It’s easy to know with some investigation.」

Fair point. It’s not like I’m trying to hide it after all, so anyone could know with a bit of investigating. Still, I wonder what a member of the twelve families, moreover Kotori’s father, wants from me?

「I’ve been hearing a lot about you from my daughter. Practically everything that you and her are talking about at the academy even.」

That much? I honestly have no idea why Kotori likes me that much though. Still, how does that connect to him coming here?

「At first when I learned that my daughter has been with you, I felt a great ache in my heart.」

We met during my first days after I changed, after all. So there probably hasn’t been much talk about me being different yet. It’s understandable for a parent to be worried.

「Perhaps that Kisaragi might hurt my dear adorable little Kotori, I thought.」

I haven’t done anything of that sort, so relax. Also, now I’m gradually seeing just what kind of guy he is. Yep, annoying.

「Kotori has treated me kindly, I would never think of harming her.」
「Obviously. My daughter would never ever be so rude to other people, after all.」

I’m seeing the Fumidzuki’s issue now. So far, all I’ve met are people that had issues since their youth, but it seems like in Fumidzuki’s case, the symptoms only appear in adulthood.

「After investigating about you, I was relieved to learn that you were quite different from that of my original impression.」

Well thanks.

「However, it’s devastating to hear Kotori keep on talking about you so happily. Well, seeing that smile of hers is more than satisfying indeed, but…」
「The conversation isn’t going anywhere, your conclusions please.」

At this rate, I’m going to spend the whole day listening to his daughter bragging, let’s just continue.

「What is Kotori to you?」
「An important friend.」

No other way to describe it. Kotori is unlikely to be my enemy and I won’t do anything that would harm her. In the first place, bullying that adorable little mascot will torture my conscience.

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「So you mean that you are by no means irresistibly in love with my daughter?」

I immediately replied. What sort of direction are you trying to lead me to? And that would automatically pair Kotori up with me. Ahh, is this what he’s worrying about?

「Are you sure?」
「Are you really, really sure?」
「This is annoying.」
「What do you mean annoying!? I’m seriously thinking about my daughter’s future!」

Don’t get angry all of a sudden. From how it was going, that would have repeated endlessly into the foreseeable future.

「Besides, if Kotori learns that you are wedging yourself into her interpersonal relations, I wonder what would she think?」
「Y-you intend to threaten me!?」

Sorry, I’m losing time for my shift, so could you just leave now? All I know is that this isn’t about something really important.

「I am prepared to do anything and everything for the sake of my daughter!」
「Ah, sure, okay.」

If this is how Kotori will be as an adult, I’m starting to get worried about the future. There seriously isn’t anyone decent in the twelve families.

「In that case, you wouldn’t mind if I contact Kotori right this instant, correct?」
「Forgive me, could you please not do that?」

Don’t just bow down in an instant. Where has your preparedness gone to?

「Would you like another order?」
「Let’s see. I’ll have coffee. Also, just to confirm. Do you have any intention to return to high society?」
「I see. My daughter was quite saddened, you see. I want to attend high society events with her! She says.」
「Please don’t crush the cup.」

Your hand is shaking from the strength of your grip. I’m sure he’d pay compensation if it breaks, but it’d be unpleasant on our side too.

「Nonetheless, I’m impressed you managed to shut out information about me.」


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