Chapter 31 – Photoshoot Begin [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2145 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1091 words
Editor(s): Fire

For some reason, it’s like some switch flipped with the theatre club president. Well yeah, since Kishita and I are black-haired1, we might not fit too well with western clothing. We might look good enough with a blond wig or something, but is hiding hair this long under a wig possible?

「We don’t have enough time, so please don’t.」

As expected, Kishita put a stop to this. Obviously, how much time do you think it would take us to change into genuine kimonos? We’re just using the after school time, so we can’t spend too much time here. Rather, why do they even have 12-layered kimonos?

「Both of you are top class beauties. And yet why were you two taken by the student council instead?」
「「We didn’t want to join, after all.」」

Kishita and I replied in sync. In regards to Kishita, it’s probably true that she didn’t want to join the theatre club. As for me, Kotone was invited but let’s just say they sent the wrong person. Rather, the fact that they invited Kotone with all her makeup is giving me some questions.

「Come to think of it, that idiot isn’t around.」
「The president told us, so we chased him off. And you’d rather have it this way, right Kisaragi?」
「If he was here, I would’ve ran off at full speed.」

He’s the only, yes only, person that actively wanted to interact with Kotone last year, but I really don’t want to deal with him at all costs. Honestly, he’s too gross, I physiologically can’t accept him. To the point that I won’t be able to stop myself from smacking him.

「This year, we’ve been holding him down on our side but we’re reaching our limits. The president told us to prevent you two from meeting, but it’s getting increasingly difficult now.」

In this regard, I’m really thankful for the president. I really can’t take him. It’s amazing how Kotone was able to deal with him. Though that said, she was just throwing insults at him.

「Now then, we’ll move to the next shots, so please change.」
「Understood. Please prevent that idiot’s intrusion at all costs.」
「We’ll try our best.」

Just making sure. Now then, what are they going to make us wear next?

「Yukata as a compromise, is it? Well, we don’t have to change into Kimonos, after all.」
「More importantly, I don’t believe that we can finish this shoot in one day.」

That’s true. With our current pace, we’ll only have a few more photos taken. The main issue is that we’re taking a surprising amount of time to change. We really can’t do anything about that though.

「Kishita, have you heard anything about our schedule from the president?」
「No, not at all. This event seemed to be independently planned by the president.」
「I heard that it’ll last for about a week. Since we don’t know how many days the girls will need.」

And why does Kozue know about this? Come to think of it, she was on their side, wasn’t she? Still, why does the secretary know something that the vice president doesn’t know?

「I helped choose the costumes.」
「In short, you’ve completely betrayed us.」
「I couldn’t win against my desires.」

What desires? That smug look you have only pisses me off, you know? And as to be expected, even Kishita got her veins popping out in anger. It’s going to be scary later on. Noticing this, Kozue started panicking, but it’s completely her fault. My condolences.

「For now, let’s finish this quickly. Timewise, the shoot should end for today after two more costume changes.」

Kishita walked towards Kozue to administer punishment, so I stopped her. Because if I don’t, this will never end at this rate. Still, what kind of situation fits yukatas?

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「Let’s leave the punishment for later and end this.」
「It can’t be helped. Your punishment will be thoroughly conducted at a later time.」
「No mercy at all. Kotone, help.」
「No way. I’m on the punishing side after all.」

Leading the dejected Kozue by hand, we returned to the stage. Unlike before, my chest isn’t feeling tight, but it feels breezy all over, so I can’t feel relaxed. If I was a man, I would’ve found it liberating but I guess it feels different as a woman.

「A smile isn’t possible, huh.」
「It isn’t. Please take a clue.」

It’s an instinct-like thing, so it’s not going to get fixed that easily. Even Kotone seemed to be bad with pictures, so it probably just got even worse. That’s why I don’t really like photos much.

「Then, let’s think of a situation as we did earlier.」

Well, no matter how much I think, nothing really pops to mind. Does the cameraman not have any ideas either? If they have some advice, we could just go with it though. And as I thought that, the theatre club made their move.

「We have a complete set of accessories and small props.」

Again, why do you have festival things like water balloons and those bags they put goldfish in? These are clearly unrelated to theatre. Moreover, there’s a well-made goldfish prop in the solid water-like prop. How did they even make this?

「Wow, this is amazing.」
「Kishita, do you like these sorts of things?」
「I love summer festivals. I’m really excited for the fireworks this year.」

I guess she’s the type that loves summers. On the flipside, there are some who hate winters as well, but it’s just individual differences. I don’t like winter much. The heating system takes a lot of money after all. I can’t just stay under warm sheets forever. And snow falls here in this area in winter, so all the more.

「It’s a quite large scale display, after all.」
「I really hope that we’ll have clear skies this year. It would be a shame to have rainfall during the fireworks again.」

Even in the past, the fireworks here were so grand that my friends and I would come and watch. Still, they had fireworks in the middle of rain last year? In that case, it must have been difficult, since the smoke doesn’t fly off and they’d get wet to their toes. Naturally, Kotone doesn’t have any memories of seeing fireworks. Couldn’t she have been even a bit interested in other things?

「Okay, we’re done with these shots.」


  1. Lyly: Wait, you’re dark haired here in the WN?

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