Chapter 31 – Photoshoot Begin [3]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2360 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1132 words
Editor(s): Fire

Before we realized it, the shoot had ended. Kishita and I were just chatting while playing with the props though. And Kozue didn’t even say a word. I guess she’s probably the type who doesn’t go see firework displays. She was just playing with the nearby water balloon. And after one last costume, today’s photoshoot ended and without much happening, three days have already passed.

「There hasn’t been any suggestive clothes so far.」
「Still, this is the last day for the girls and the most suspicious one, Kishita.」

On the first day, most of the clothes covered a lot of skin. And in the days after, it was uniforms used by sports clubs and work uniforms, there haven’t been any suggestive clothing. So far, that is.

「Excuse me, can we take a quick look at all of today’s costumes?」

We asked the usual theater club member who’s at the changing room, and had the clothes lined up before us. Yup, as expected. In terms of exposure, these are the worst.

「Qipao, race queen outfits, and swimsuits. These are definitely unrelated to theater. 」
「Kishita, these swimsuits, they’re clearly not the academy specified ones, they’re store bought. 」

Among the three swimsuits, only one of them fits the academy specifications. The remaining two are a one piece and a bikini.

「Kozue. For you to prepare your own safety net, would you care to explain yourself?」

Since she helped choose costumes, she should have had the right to choose the costumes we’d wear. That’s why she should be able to choose a reasonable outfit for herself.

「I told the president as well! That you two will never agree to wear a swimsuit.」
「Kotone and I aren’t wearing the other two as well.」

It’s beyond just having the thighs showing, so I’m absolutely not wearing it. To begin with, wearing a swimsuit would have my wound exposed for the pictures. That’s one thing I definitely can’t allow.

「To begin with, who even prepared these swimsuits?」
「The student council president brought them in himself.」

The theater club member answered my question. Why did he even prepare this with his own expenses? Even if this was just as a joke, Kishita and I have a worse impression of the president now. And these were intentionally saved for the last day, so he’s beyond saving.

「Still, if anyone would wear this bikini, it’d be Kotone, right?」
「I agree. With our bodies, Kozue and I wouldn’t look good in it.」
「I absolutely won’t wear it! I’ll say it again, I absolutely won’t wear it!」

And you theater club members, don’t look so sad about it! There’s a reason why I can’t wear it! Moreover, don’t think that I like having my naked body taken pictures of. Even if I’m paid for it, I definitely won’t do it.

「Kotone, why don’t you try wearing it for a moment? Naturally, no need to go outside.」
「You’re betraying me too, Kishita!?」
「I somewhat understand Kozue’s thinking now.」

You don’t need to understand! Don’t approach me holding that bikini! Oi, you all, stop forming an encirclement around me!

「Argh, geez! Kishita, please come here for a moment.」
「Have you resigned yourself?」
「Enough about that, just please come here. Everyone, would you please step back for a moment?」

As Kishita came near, I pulled her closer to me and further away from everyone else and removed my watch, displaying my wound. I’m showing her since I judged that she’s likely a tight-lipped person.

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「I have this, so I can’t change into those.」
「Um, I… I’m sorry, I didn’t know about that at all.」
「It’s not known by many, so there’s no helping that. However, please keep this a secret.」
「I understand. I promise not to tell anyone about it.」

Phew, with this I won’t need to wear it. Part of why I did this is because I also wanted to have someone else in the academy that knows my secret. After all, if only the teachers know about it, people might find it weird.

「Now then, why don’t we forget about this and administer punishment to the president?」
「True. It’s absolutely necessary to administer punishment to the fool that readied those swimsuits, isn’t it? Shall we go then, Kotone.」

I put my watch back on and left the changing room. Behind me, Kishita chucked away the bikini and followed me. With this, the others should give up as well. Even if they don’t, I still won’t do it.

「Oh? You three haven’t changed yet? …… Atadatatada!?」

While the president was puzzled, I grabbed his face, no questions asked. Putting all my strength on my grip, he let out a mighty fine scream, so it must be working. Furthermore, Kishita joined in, placed the president’s head between her fists and started grinding his temples.

「W-why!? Ow!? That’s super painful!?」
「「Punishment for the fool.」」

Seeing our relentless attack, no one was there to stop it. The student council boys slowly backed off so as to not get caught in the crossfire and the others are just speechless from what’s happening. They’re probably surprised about the behaved looking Kishita joining the attack.

「You said it before, right? That we don’t have to wear what we don’t want to.」
「That doesn’t mean you have to physically attack me, doesn’t it?」

As we stopped, the president refuted with teary eyes but the swimsuit was just so bad. That was just too revealing.

「We said that we’ll help make memories, so we reluctantly agreed with this. However, those are unacceptable.」
「That’s right. Would you care to explain how swimsuits relate to this?」
「I wanted to see them worn.」
「Show some repentance.」

Seeing how he immediately answered Kishita, he clearly doesn’t regret it. As the two of us let out a sigh, I smacked the president’s head with my palm. He’s definitely not the type to learn from being told off. And so, direct attack.

「For this reason, we won’t do the photoshoot today.」
「I agree with Kotone. The girls’ photoshoot ends here.」

Even the other costumes aren’t any better, so no more. Besides, the increased exposure just increases the possibility of my wound showing. I’ve somehow kept it hidden up until now but with those, it’ll be exposed eventually. That’s why it’s best that we end it here.

「It can’t be helped. A promise is a promise.」

He backed down surprisingly quickly. I guess he wasn’t expecting much to begin with. Even if he tries to push for it, since I have an ally, we’ll definitely stop him. Anyway, I guess I can consider this weird event finally done with. That was mentally exhausting.


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