Chapter 31 – Photoshoot Begin [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2289 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1187 words
Editor(s): Fire

After that, the president drafted a schedule for the photoshoot and the topic of the ball games is basically nowhere to be found. I have absolutely no idea why he’s putting all this effort in contacting people. I couldn’t quite hear what the conversation’s about, but I have a really bad feeling about this. And so, it’s finally the day of the photoshoot.

「Then, we’ll be on your care today.」
「Leave it to us. We’ve got the costumes all prepared.」

After the president and the theater club president started talking, the girls were led to the changing room. I just quietly saw them off. Well yeah, I know that I’m being stubborn here when we’ve already gotten this far, but I really don’t want to do it.

「Now now, time to make up your mind.」

Pushed by the president from behind, I was forced into the room, and seeing the amount of costumes, I was speechless. It’s already well beyond the number needed for club activities, if you ask me. What is this, an actual theatre troupe.

「These are the costumes in storage. The club has a long history, after all.」

Come to think of it, this academy has been around for a long time. If there was already a theater club from its founding and the members took care of their props, it’ll naturally last long. Still, there are too many costumes even with that considered.

「First, please change into these.」

What we were shown was a dress, a military uniform, and a maid uniform. I understand the dress that looks like it’s for a princess, but that dress armor there, what kind of play can you even use it for? It clearly won’t work for anything other than an otherworld fantasy plotline. Are there plays like that?

「Then, I’ll have this.」

I chose the military outfit. Because it exposes the least skin, actually it doesn’t show any skin at all. And for the dress, it’s got a skirt, you see. The maid uniform is women’s clothing as well, but the military outfit is unisex. That’s why I don’t have much resistance wearing it.

「This is for you, Kishita. I’ll have the maid uniform.」
「I don’t mind… but, normally, shouldn’t you let the seniors pick first?」

Isn’t that because she’d be left with the worst one if you went first? And I don’t really fit the princess role myself either. Gotta change and go back quick. For how to wear it, asking someone from the club should be good enough. We definitely can’t wear them on our own, after all. As for dresses, I know how from Kotone’s memories, but still impossible.

「Ooh, you look good in masculine clothes. Moreover, our princess is quite beautiful too.」

President, since you’re praising me and Kishita, give some praise to Kozue too. Well, I guess he’s just used to maid outfits at this point, huh. The president should have his own servants after all. Just like how Misaki is assigned to me. Still, this costume has a certain problem.

「It’s tight at the chest.」

Ah, someone fell to their knees. I thought this was a male costume, but it looks like it’s actually for female use. I said something bad. Still, it’s frankly tight. I hope we finish this fast.

「Phew, what a sight. Now then, gather at the center.」

This guy with glasses on is probably a member of the photography club. He’s got a camera, so there should be no mistaking it. More importantly, it’s only us girls who changed into costumes, the boys haven’t changed at all. What’s this? Are they going to have a separate schedule?

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「We’re starting with the female members, since it’ll likely take longer. Us boys will have ours afterwards if there’s enough time or do it at later date.」

「Please don’t try to run, president.」
「There’s no reason for me to run.」

Then I’ll push him to the point where he’ll want to run away. Don’t think that you’ll be wearing normal male clothes. I’ll definitely make you wear something that’ll make you regret this.

「What about our poses and such?」

Hearing Kishita’s voice, my thoughts about what costumes to put the president into stopped and I was back to reality. I want poses that aren’t too flashy. And actually, does flashy posing even fit with a military uniform?

「At first, we’ll take normal pictures of you three. After that, let’s do situations that match with your clothing. 」

For now, the three of us gathered before the camera. Our position is Kishita being sandwiched between me and Kozue. As expected, in these sorts, it really should be the senior that’s in the spotlight. We had no ounce of consideration during the picking of clothes though.

「Okay, smile everyone…… Kisaragi, your smile is twitching.」

The cameraman called me out. For some reason, when I’m looking right at a camera, I can’t make normal expressions. It’s a problem of mine even in the past, no matter how much I tried, it was impossible to fix. And yet this doesn’t happen when I’m in front of people.

「Just your usual expression is fine.」
「Then, if I may.」
「…… Now it’s super expressionless.」

Don’t call me emotionless. This is much better than making an expression. After all, I don’t need to think too much. Still, I do understand that my current state isn’t good. I understand, but I can’t make expressions, so I don’t have any other choice.

「…… This is just awful.」

Seeing the picture that made the cameraman say that, yeah, it’s certainly as he said. While the two of them are smiling, my expressionless face really makes me stand out. It’s as if the picture captured my thoughts of really not wanting to have my picture taken. It’s like I’m some villainess daughter. I was already aware that I’m absolutely not photogenic at all, but this is awful.

「N-now, shall we move on to the situation shots?」

As expected, no one asked for a retake. They probably took the hint. That even if you chose between a strained smile and an expressionless face, they wouldn’t get the best results. It’s my fault, I’m so sorry.

「Even if you say that… Is kneeling before the princess alright?」
「I guess I’ll stand by Kishita’s side.」
「In that case, I’ll slightly extend my hand towards Kotone.」

Each of us chose our poses and we tried setting a scene on the stage. Besides, other than this, I really have no other idea on what situations we could do. Rather, isn’t this a scene from a knight’s story?

「Ooh, this one’s great. Yup, a world of difference compared to the previous ones.」

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Since I’m not looking directly at the camera, it’s completely different. Besides, I don’t need to make faces anymore. And having a smile in this situation isn’t really fitting either.

「Next is Japanese clothing! Ready the Kimonos! Don’t get the simple Yukatas. Prepare the full-blown 12 layered ones!」


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