Chapter 28 – Pub Tecchan [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2448 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1216 words
Editor(s): Fire

The day of the drinking party arrived. After my part-time job, I directly headed to the meeting place without changing. Naturally, we’re meeting on-site. After all, if I had to be conscious about my clothes, the clothes I can wear would be limited. Besides, this is probably the only time I’m going to get invited to a drinking party.

「Even after 3 years, it hasn’t changed a bit.」

It’s been three years since I died, but the pub doesn’t look like it changed at all. And yet the shopping mall I’ve gone to before had changed completely on the inside. I guess some things never change.

「Welcome, table for one?」
「I think there should be a booking by Saeki Shizuru…」
「Ah, so you’re friends with Shizuru? Then it’ll the private room inside.」

Teacher Saeki comes here pretty frequently, huh. The shop interior doesn’t look much different. For some reason, there’s an autograph hung on the wall, so I guess some celebrity came here.

「Is this your first time here?」
「Yes. Shizuru’s the one who chose the location, you see.」
「Since you’re a friend of Shizuru, are you a teacher too?」
「No. Actually, in our group, today I’m the only odd one out.」

I’m the only student sandwiched between the teachers, after all. I guess Teacher Saeki took that into consideration and requested a private room. While students probably don’t go to pubs, it’s better to be cautious than not. There are times when they come along with their family, after all.

「This is the room. There’s no one else yet, though.」
「I’ll just read through the menu. I’m an eating specialist, you see.」

Hmm, their repertoire has expanded somewhat. While the karaage and yakitori set is a definite must, what else? I guess I’ll order my first yakitori donburi in a while. What else… Rather, the wife isn’t leaving.1

「Is there something wrong?」
Ahh, sorry for the discourtesy. You just reminded me of an acquaintance for some reason.」
「Is that acquaintance a girl too?」
「He’s male. Still, the excited look you had looking at the menu is similar to his, you see?」

You can find similar people everywhere. After all, even the me before was the type to stare at the menu contemplating on what to eat until everyone came. …… Wait? The me before?

「Does he still visit this place?」
「Unfortunately, he passed away three years ago. My husband and I were classmates with him.2

Yup, it’s me. I guess even with a different gender and appearance, my aura is similar. It’s the perfect chance, so I suppose I’ll ask her about some stuff. I’ve already researched about myself in the old newspapers in the library but maybe I can learn something here.

「My apologies, but what was the cause of his passing? Was it from an illness?」
「No, he was murdered. Moreover, he was poisoned by his own coworker.」

That, I know. My last memories ended with me eating a provided meal after all. It matches with what I read from the newspapers too. Still, there wasn’t anything written on why my coworker did that. It only said that it was under investigation, and there wasn’t any continuation. It probably got buried by other news.

「Why did his coworker…?」
「Hmm, that’s a bit too private for me to say. Without the permission of certain people, I can’t really tell you.」
「I see.」

In other words, it wasn’t just due to resentment against me. It’s possible that I got wrapped up in some other thing. Still, I don’t remember getting involved with something weird before that.

「O~i, come help out!」
「Sorry, sorry. Well, I’ll excuse myself.」
「I’m sorry for asking at this busy time.」
「That sort of response is similar to him too. Whoops, my husband’s going to scold me.」

It’s a habit of mine though. Still, it’s highly possible that this world is the same world three years after my death. That would explain why there’s a lot of things familiar to me, like the 12 houses and this pub. That’s why I didn’t get confused in my daily life.

「Another thing I’ll have to know is why I died, why things ended that way. And about the others too.」

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Based on what she said, it’s probably impossible to know why I got killed unless I get in contact with the other folks. Still, the issue is how do I meet and ask them about it.
It’s been three years, so I’m sure that some of them have changed addresses. Besides, is it a topic that you just share with strangers?

「There’s no end to my problems, huh.」
「Hm? Did something happen?」
「No, nothing important. You’re quite early, Shizuru.」

Lost in my thoughts, I didn’t notice Teacher Saeki come in. Since it’s a private drinking party, I can’t really call her teacher, so I called her by her first name. It seems like that’s alright.

「How about you be more conscious of your appearance?」
「I came here directly after finishing my part-time job, you see.」
「I’m sure you had enough time to change clothes. Well, it makes you look mature, but still.」

They didn’t really ask if I was underage when I came in, after all. It’s not an issue if you go with full confidence.

「Order food for us, your picks. As for me, beer.」
「That’s quick, all the members aren’t here yet.」
「It won’t make it in time for the toast if we don’t order now, you know?」

True, that makes sense. I guess it’s better to order in advance. I don’t know what the others will be drinking, but the first drink is probably going to be beer. I’ll have oolong tea, though.

「Excuse me!」
「Yes~. Hm~?」
「Is there something wrong?」

This time the husband came. They only have a few employees here, so the owner also moves around the pub a lot. Because of that, the wife also helps out in the kitchen sometimes.

「Ah, well, I heard about you from my wife, but… Similar but not so similar…」
「Then that means not similar as a whole.」

If you’re conflicted, then just settle with not similar. Rather, Kotone and I are different even in terms of height. The only similarities we have are habits and auras or something.

「I would like to order this, this, and this. For drinks, one beer and one oolong tea. Please serve it when our members are complete.」
「What, it’s not all drinkers? It’s Shizuru and her friends, so imagined that everyone’s a heavy drinker.」
「I don’t drink. I specialize in eating. Rather, Shizuru, just how much do you drink?」
「A bit.」
「If all that was just a bit, then our pub isn’t going to survive. Hold back a bit today, won’t you.」
「Don’t worry, I’m just drinking as much as everyone else today.」

She definitely doesn’t plan on holding back. Two glasses of oolong tea is enough for me and, as for the others, they’re likely not the type to stop just after drinking their money’s worth.



  1. Lyly: Wait, you know she’s a wife?
  2. Lyly: Oh
    Silva: What “oh”, it was obvious enough from the last dialog wink

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