Chapter 27 – Secret Talk at the Infirmary [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2619 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1286 words
Editor(s): Fire

「I have no clue why she likes me so much, though.」
「Look, you’ve been ignoring everything the teachers told you last year, right? That was really eating on her.」
「And how does that connect to the present?」
「Your tsun finally turned to dere. That must’ve made her really happy. Before, you would just ignore her no matter how much she calls you. If she embraced you then, you would have probably given her a slap.」

Probably, more like definitely slapped on the cheek. Still, to think that I’d be seen as a tsundere. People have a variety of values and opinions.

「Try being in my place, being clung on all the time.」
「As a man, I’m really jealous. How your face is just buried between those mounds… 」
「That’s sexual harassment, Kondou.」

Her breasts are pretty big after all. After she lets go of me, my classmates always make fun of my blushed face. For me, a part of this is how it just suffocates me.

「Still, I probably shouldn’t be the one inviting her, so could I ask either of you to do it?」
「I guess it should be me, then. People might misunderstand if the invitation came from a man, after all.」
「Saying that you don’t have ulterior motives makes you sound suspicious enough too.」
「And your earlier statement makes you sound even more suspicious, Teacher Kondou.」
「Can’t deny that.」

Seeing Teacher Kondou smile, I couldn’t help but smile too. Who could’ve imagined? Kotone, who was a delinquent up until last year, and a teacher, laughing and joking around with each other. Kotone’s image is steadily improving.

「Kondou, your face is red.」
「Kisaragi’s smile is seriously destructive. Those who don’t know any better would fall in an instant.」
「I agree on that regard, but don’t you dare fall for her.」
「I know, alright. Dating a high school girl isn’t something you do without serious commitment.」
「I decline. Dating a teacher will ruin my life as a student.」

I don’t think I can have a decent student life. Even when dating in secret, it’ll definitely get exposed eventually. Moreover, I’m still not prepared to go out with men. And I don’t have anyone I’m seriously in love with.

「You got dumped.」
「Yeah yeah, I’ll find myself a good partner.」
「What about you two, Teacher Saeki, Teacher Kondou? Like, that kind of relationship…」

If, hypothetically, either of them is in love with the other, things will just get more annoying. So just to check. Besides, I’m definitely going to get wrapped up in it if that happens.

「「Nope, no way.」」
「Is that so.」
「He’s not really my type. Perfect as a friend though.」
「My liver won’t last if I’m together with this drunk. It’ll affect my life, badly.」
「That’s just because you’re weak. Akane can keep up with me, you know.」
「She’s pretty strong herself. I can’t believe her husband can keep up actually.」

He does manage a bar, after all. So he should be able to keep up with alcohol, to some extent. I can’t really imagine how someone who can’t drink alcohol could make bar drinks.

「She usually stops at three cans, though. Is Akane really that strong?」
「On my end, I’m curious on why you know how much Akane drinks.」
「We eat dinner together, you see.」
「They’re practically living together. Kisaragi cooks Akane breakfast too.」
「Everything she touches practically turns to coal. So yeah, I can believe that.」

So that’s the level of Akane’s cooking skill. She occasionally asks if I need help preparing, but I guess I was right in refraining. It makes me feel anxious to have her hold a knife.

「Akane’s calling Kisaragi her wife, you know? 」
「She definitely doesn’t plan on letting Kisaragi go. If Kisaragi goes back to her family, will she be able to have a life?」

Now that I hear that, yeah. I don’t have any plans on going back home but I have no idea what I’ll be doing after graduation. Will I be called back home or will I get an engagement without me knowing and be sent off to marry? Or maybe I’ll go to a university? I don’t know if I’ll get the opportunity to choose.

「She’s been living alone before we met, so it should be alright though.」
「I can already imagine her being lifeless like pale white ash.」
「What a coincidence, me too.」

Is it going to be that shocking to her? Like how a husband would feel if his wife ran off? Not like I’ll be running off though.

「Her calling you wife is a sign that she’s heavily dependent on you.」
「Back in highschool, when a friend she’s close with transfered schools, she got pretty depressed.」
「I can’t imagine that at all.」

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Her being depressed and down in the dumps is something I can’t imagine. I’ve only seen her being cheerful after all. Rather, her husband should be able to give her emotional support.

「Wouldn’t it be fine with her husband around?」
「I haven’t met with the husband in question, so I can’t say for sure. Akane did a relative’s only marriage ceremony, you see.」
「There’s probably some reason for it. Since she didn’t call any of us friends about it.」
「Probably. But rather than Akane, the reason might lie on her partner.」

Maybe her husband has a reason why he didn’t want the marriage to be known, huh. Whatever that reason, I don’t know, but it must’ve been a tough decision for Akane. She seems to be the type that cherishes her friends after all.

「We’re getting into weird places now, so I’ll change the topic but is it fine not to invite Akane?」
「The timing is bad, she’s on night shift next week’s saturday. She’ll likely grumble about it.」
「You’re seriously like a wife. And to think that it’s that Kisaragi.」

I mean, if I don’t ask for her schedule in advance, it’ll be hard to think of what to have. There are times when I want to cut corners too, you know. I don’t want to waste what I’ve already cooked.

「Still, isn’t it problematic for a teachers’ drinking party to have a student joining?」
「Tell that to the host. I refused at first, you know. 」
「Then tell us how the host is.」
「I’m not telling. Please save the complaints for the actual day.」

If they refuse here, it’s going to be annoying to deal with the principal. He might just despair before I can say anything. I’d tell him to be more proactive on his own though. It’ll be a bother if he asks me for help again.

「Say, Kisaragi. Is it someone of high status?」
「I exercise my right to remain silent.」
「I’m honestly getting scared now」
「But it’s someone who’d invite a student, right? People of high status don’t really do that, do they?」

They do, actually. After all, they even got me involved in this mess. What kind of principal asks a highschooler for love advice? Moreover, asks to arrange for the encounter and meeting as well. He’s not sane.

「Three teachers, a student, and an unknown individual. Seriously, what sort of drinking party is this going to be?」
「In a sense, that’s the exciting part. It’s free alcohol, so let’s not complain.」

Please feel free to complain on the day. He doesn’t listen to what I say at all, so maybe the words of the girl he fell for can change his mind. I really hope this ends well. Still, there’s no assurance that the principal’s personality won’t change after some drinks.


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