Chapter 23 – Reporting at the Cafe [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2338 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1239 words
Editor(s): Fire

The next day, from the house, I went straight to the cafe. The bodyguards once again drove me to work, so the trip was pretty comfortable but the twins were really sad when I left the house, which made my heart ache a little. I can’t really just return and stay in that house after all.

「Good morning.」
「How was it?」

As I greeted Saori, she immediately asked me that. Like I thought, she’s also concerned. The return home had no particular issues and was a quite positive experience.

「Nothing out of the ordinary. I was honestly caught off guard.1
「That’s good then. Now, time to get to work.」

The way she doesn’t ask for further details is so like her. If this was the owner or Kaori, they’d be asking me about everything, which is telling of who Kaori takes after.

「Saori, thank you very much. They had high praises for the cake.」
「It’s part of my job, after all.」

Hmm, she’s surprisingly in a good mood. Since she doesn’t show her feelings upfront, I can only tell Saori’s mood from her tone and gestures but she’s pretty easy to read after some getting used to.

「O~i, Kotone. How did it go?」
「It went well.」
「Enough now, get to work. We can’t afford to delay the opening, can we?」
「Well, but doesn’t it bother you?」
「Ask her later.」

Seeing the owner dejectedly back down, I’m once again made aware that Saori is the most powerful within this family. Still, it is true that we wouldn’t make it in time if we start talking now. I guess I should finish my preparation.

「I had to wait earlier this morning, so tell me the details, will you?」
「Well, we are having noon break now, so I don’t mind.」

He was so restless the whole morning, so I’m sure he’s pretty anxious about it. It’s not really related to him but he’s so concerned about it, the owner’s really softhearted.

「I’ve reconciled with the twins. Rather, they’re so attached to me that I’m perplexed.」
「Better than being hated, isn’t it?」

While that’s true, it’s the Kisaragi bloodline you know? I can’t help but imagine it leading to some extremely troublesome situations. Even I understand that the signs mom predicted came true. That’s probably also why Kotoha asked if I had someone I like. I really wonder what would’ve happened if I said yes.

「As anticipated, making peace with all of the servants was impossible.」
「If that was possible, then next rumors going around would be about how much of a grasp you have on the human psyche.」

And Saori is also here like it’s just natural. Even during noon break, it’s unusual for her to be on the front. I guess she really is secretly curious about it.

「I did manage to have a conversation with one of them but she still fears me.」
「What have you even done to her?」

Regarding Nana, I don’t really expect her to accept me so easily. Her fear seems to run pretty deep. And I guess there was that. Reflexively throwing the clothes at her was really bad. But I really couldn’t take it.

「Verbally beating her down in the past, I suppose.」
「The old Kotone would do that, yeah.」

And Kaori nonchalantly joined in as well. I guess her club activities finished up in the morning. Come to think of it, it’s pretty unusual for the whole family to be in the cafe while I’m around. Kaori generally isn’t in the cafe, after all.

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「After that, they asked about how I was doing at the academy.」
「How did your mom react about you joining the student council.」
「She spat out her tea.」

Hearing the answer to her question, Kaori nodded with understanding. Not knowing about Kotone in the past, the owner and Saori were confused but it’s pretty shocking news for people that know. She’s a well-known problem child, after all.

「Did you go home after that?」
「I was forced to stay over. I intended to go home, however.」
「How do I say it, that’s a pretty extreme change. Well, I heard that you’ve changed a lot too, but still…」

It’s probably related to the Kisaragi bloodline. Which is probably also the reason why the twins that didn’t approach Kotone at all got attached like they’re completely different people now.

「So then you had a bath with them?」
「My sister asked to take a bath with me, you see. And my mother barged in after a while.」
「Did you panic?」
「Come to think of it, not particularly. Maybe because they’re family.」
「Hm~mn, and yet you were so panicked when I walked in.」
「Don’t remind me……」

There was a time where I borrowed the Tachibana family’s bathroom. If I remember right, I was hit with a sudden rainshower while heading to the cafe. I was awfully drenched, so Saori told me to shower. And then while I was showering, Kaori, who just finished her personal training, walked into the shower room.

「I think that was my first time seeing Kotone be so girly.」
「I heard her shriek back then, so I was really worried that something happened.2

Anyone would be surprised if a naked girl suddenly appeared.3 After hurriedly getting to us, Saori froze up too. That time, I couldn’t look at Kaori straight, so I crouched down to the floor.

「We’re both girls, so you didn’t have to be that embarrassed. You even covered up your body. And you were bright red.」
「Aah, that time, huh. Even after she started working, she was acting pretty funny for a while.」

I mistook some orders, I really caused them trouble that time. And my face took a while to go back to normal too.

「Still, Kotone has a really nice body.」
「I only got a quick peek myself but, agreed, definitely different compared to us. And Kaori, you sound like an old man.」
「Mooom, so mean.」
「Please, stop already…..」

Why are you hyping up my naked body? It’s super embarrassing, you know.

「And despite that, you were fine with your family.」
「Rather, it might be because they’re her family. After all, Kaori, you wouldn’t really think about it much if your father saw you, right?」
「I’ll probably punch him.」
「That’s awful.」

Hmm, thinking that way, I guess it is different when it’s family. Still, maybe it’d be better to think of it as a subconscious effect of Kotone’s memories. I’ll just be glad that it’s not her personality instead.

「But Kotone, are you fine like that for the swimming lessons and stuff?」
「I just have to change with my eyes closed.」
「Well that is doable, I guess. At least our swimming lessons are separate for girls and boys.」
「Is that really something to worry about?」
「Kotone, you’d better be self-aware of your own looks. I imagine you’d attract a lot of gazes for sure.4


  1. Lyly: Yeah, great family (bar father), also your twins are siscons now
  2. Lyly: So tldr: Kotone went kyaa, gap moe ensued
    Lio: Nice.
  3. Lyly: Oh, so you were kyaa-ing not because she saw you, but because you saw her? Maybe a bit of both, lol
  4. Lio: Cue the next scene where Kotone coincidentally has a swimming lesson right after it is mentioned.

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