Chapter 22 – Sleepover, But with Family [2]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3140 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1583 words
Editor(s): Fire

Kotoha and I were completely surprised by mom’s sudden presence in the bathroom. First of all, what about Tateha? Like I said, it’s awful to leave him waiting by himself!

「I entrusted Tateha to Sakiko. Sakiko seemed to have needed some help with Misaki’s punishment.」
「Ah, that idiot, right.」
「It was my first time seeing Misaki tightly bound to a chair.1
「What are you planning to do, Sakiko?」

Rather, I can’t imagine how she’s been punishing Misaki without the family noticing up until now. Maybe Misaki was still decent when she first worked here.

「Mom, it’s really tight.」
「It’s fine, we only do this once in a while.」

Me, Kotoha, and mom were lined up in that sequence but Kotoha is acting strange. I realize that she’s steadily growing upset, but is the breast thing really bothering her that much?

「You still have room for growth.」
「That’s right. Aren’t there cases where they grow in one go?」
「Hearing it from endowed people, it only sounds like sarcasm.」

I have no idea the reasons it could grow big, so I can’t really give any advice. Is it eating habits? Exercise? Or maybe some other reason? Not something a former man would know.

「Still, us being inside a single tub without being reserved is something I couldn’t imagine in the past.」
「Though it seems like it’s common in a typical family with young children.」

I don’t have that sort of experience, so I can’t say it with confidence. I’ve seen the life of a family before but I myself was a stranger in that house. Even though they cared for me, I just can’t help but feel reserved.

「Hearing that, I suppose really didn’t act much like family.」
「It’s better now, that’s good enough.」

Think about the past all you want, but there’s no changing it. That’s why if there’s anything that can be improved, then just do it. That’s all. I’m sure that us having a bath together was something unthinkable at that point in time .

「Kotone, you really accept the situation so quickly now.」
「Because I can’t go on with life if I don’t.」

Apologizing to everyone the old Kotone has interacted with before is impossible even for me. Besides, if I try to be that agreeable this time, there’s no telling what people would demand from me. That’s why I try not to interact with those people so much.
Though lately they’re the ones coming to me on their own.

「Umm, I don’t know how big sister behaved in the academy before, but was it really that terrible?」
「How would you react to someone saying ‘How rude of you to converse with me,’ the first time you meet?」
「I wouldn’t want to ever meet them again.」

That’s the natural reaction. Still, I do think Kotone was still decent, for the reason that she has never done anything to physically hurt other people. She was simply awful with her words. Most people that met her would avoid her after the first time and I don’t think she traumatized anyone.2

「And now you’ve changed into someone who is liked by others, people really are mysterious.」
「I wouldn’t know if other people like me though.」

Knowing what’s in people’s hearts is impossible. Even if they seem amiable on the outside, there’s no knowing what they think on the inside. Udzuki is a prime example.

「It’s only natural for the current big sister!」
「It hasn’t been a day since our reunion, what’s with that assessment?」
「It’s simply my own opinion. Please don’t mind it, big sister.」

I really hope you don’t do anything weird. The old Kotone was that and all, so I pray that Kotoha and Tateha aren’t influenced like that. After all, I might need to clean up after them in the worst case scenario.

「Let’s sleep together tonight, big sister.」
「Together with me and Tateha as well.」
「The four of us can’t fit in one bed, you know?」

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If there’s one of them on each side, then what about the last person? It’s not like they can sleep by our feet after all. Rather, I’d like to see a bed that can fit a whole family.

「I’ve instructed them to lay out futons on the floor, so it’s not a problem.」
「Really, is that okay?」

She’s likely never slept on the floor even once either, I respect that. Mom doesn’t seem to be flustered about it much, so this should be her normal state. You’ve changed so much. Just how long has she put on a mask up until now?

「We should get out soon. mom, how about you?」
「I’ll leave with you two.」

In the end, it was a pretty long soak, but it can’t be helped. Baths are great things. More so in the case of hot springs.

「Madam, Lady Kotone, Mistress Kotoha. Would the three of you like something to drink?」
「Before that. Sakiko, what is going on, exactly?」

After changing into my pajamas, I saw that Misaki was still tied up as we returned. That I can understand but why is Tateha calmly eating snacks in front of her?
And why is Misaki in tears watching that?

「Tonight’s punishment.」
「Is the snacks Tateha eating, the ones Misaki bought?」
「That is correct. It’s the most painful punishment for Misaki, after all.」

Having the snacks I allowed her to buy as a reward eaten before her is torture. Well, it’s partly her fault for being exceedingly late. Still, I actually feel bad for her.

「At least leave her a piece?」
「Doing so would only spoil Misaki.」

Immediately turned down. And all that did was give Misaki a glimmer of hope before swiftly dropping her into despair.

「Misaki. Be punctual next time, alright?」
「I want to smack myself back then for agonizing about it.」

I do understand the feeling. After a long time of not eating snacks, she finally had the chance to. Because of that, she made sure to choose a good one but that backfired this time. After all, she is still on the clock.

「Now then, Lady Kotone. What would you like to drink?」
「I’ll go with milk.」
「I’ll have the same as big sister.」
「I’ll have the same as the two of them. Tateha, go take a bath.」

Normally I’d have water after a bath but I’ll have some luxury this time around. I feel a bit bad for the sad looking Tateha heading to the bath, but it can’t be helped. At his age, he can’t bathe with us anymore.

「Is drinking milk right after taking a bath the secret?」
「No, if that’s enough to cause growth, everyone would be big.」

I retorted. Kotone doesn’t even do that. Actually, doesn’t she hate milk? I don’t remember her ever drinking after all.

「Now then, time for a serious discussion.」
「What’s that all of the sudden? And what is it?」

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A serious discussion, huh. Then maybe something related to father or something concerning my future. Still, if that’s the case, wouldn’t it be best to have the whole family to discuss it?3 It shouldn’t be something to leave Tateha out of.

「Who will sleep next to Kotone, that’s the discussion.」
「Well, that’s not important at all.」
「I will absolutely not yield, mother!」

It’s definitely far from a serious topic. I really don’t mind who sleeps next to me at all, but it seems like they don’t share the sentiment.

「Why discuss it when Tateha isn’t around?」
「So that he’s out by default.」

What a terrible mother. That’s the part where you act motherly and give it to him.

「Still, Tateha didn’t take a bath with me, so at least give him the precedence this time.」
「…… If you say so, Kotone. But that means that if I haven’t joined you two…」
「You’d have the preferential right too.」
「T-that was close.」

Mom hung her head and Kotoha had a look of relief. And as Misaki was finally released, the situation just got stranger. Misaki, no matter how much you search, there’s nothing left in the bag so give up.

「My lady, please give me permission to buy tomorrow.」
「Well, I don’t have any particular errand to ask you of, so no.」

I’m not so kind as to give her sweets unconditionally. Misaki does what I ask her exactly because I give her sweets as a reward. Then what will happen if I give her sweets for free? She’ll just pester me about it.

「The bedroom is now in order. However, is it truly alright?」
「There isn’t any way of knowing the next time Kotone will come again, so we better do this while we still can.」
「This might be overdoing it though.」

As expected, this didn’t sit well with Nana who came to report. Understandable, since despite the splendid beds we have here, they set the room for us to sleep on the floor.

「Say, Kotone. Can I please sleep next to you?」
「Only if Tateha allows it.」

And when Tateha returned, he naturally didn’t yield his position. Mom, give it up already.


  1. Lyly: Excuse me? And you left Tateha there? That’s definitely not going to awake something in him, nope.
  2. Lyly: uhhh, what about Nana?
  3. Lyly: From a few paragraphs before, they’ve been using “family” and “whole family” to describe “the whole family, except the father ofc”, lol. Which is valid.

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