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Chapter 10 – Confrontation with Malice [3]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2344 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1179 words
Editor(s): Fire

「I haven’t come in contact with you since the start of the term. As a result, I’m no longer who you wanted me to be. I suppose you didn’t find this to be too interesting.」
「T-that’s not-…」
「Since I haven’t done anything, you couldn’t do anything either. Since I haven’t meddled with anyone, you couldn’t either. I’m not your convenient tool.」

That’s why she targeted me. This was no more than her just venting her anger because she was annoyed at me. How extreme the methods were didn’t matter to her at all.

Shizune simply was harassing me because I wasn’t acting as she wanted me to. That’s my conclusion after thinking about it the whole day. It’s just a guess, so I could be completely wrong but from how Shizune is right now, I’m likely right.

After all, she’s just silently shaking in anger.

「Principal. Any more and it would only be a waste of time. Your judgment, please.」
「If you say so, then so be it. Udzuki Shizune, Shindou Ayako. What you two have done could have killed someone. However, after a long discussion with your families, the two of you are suspended for two weeks.」

Ooh, I expected the principal to at least have them expelled but he’s settling with suspension, huh. Still, would the two of them have a place in this academy after this suspension?

Their actions this time, for better or for worse, really stood out. Well yeah, I was walking around injured like it was normal, so everyone saw me, and there are definitely some people that would try to investigate what exactly happened.
The saying you can’t put a door in someone’s mouth is pretty apt.

「Are you fine with that, Kisaragi Kotone?」
「It would be rather strange for me to object to the principal’s decision, wouldn’t it?」
「I’m glad you understand. Well then, let’s end this discussion here. Udzuki Shizune, Shindou Ayako, you may leave the room. Kisaragi Kotone, you stay.」

Well now, why was I made to stay? Without any sign of interest, the principal sees the pale-faced Shizune and Ayako out of the room. Personally, I’m satisfied with the principal’s decision. After all, I’m sure that there’s definitely something behind this.
There’s no assurance that Shizune isn’t going to do something to me after she comes back from suspension. Rather, there’s a greater possibility that she’d start something instead. And I don’t think the principal hasn’t thought of things that far.

「Thank you for not disputing their punishment.」
「As I said before, I simply abide.」
「Still, you could have easily gotten retribution on the Udzuki family using this opportunity.」
「That’s just a chore. Besides, what merit would I have in doing that?」
「You’ve really changed. It’s as if you’re a different person now.」

I’m completely different on the inside after all. To begin with, what would getting revenge on her do? Ruin the Udzuki family? Their status is going to lower enough as it is now, there’s no reason to give a fatal blow. Besides, Shizune is my enemy but I don’t hold any grudges against the Udzuki family.

What happens to them after this is none of my business. The same goes for Shizune. I’m not interested in whatever happens to her next.

「So, I will be safe here in the future, right?」
「There’s no possibility of anyone taking revenge on you or those around you within the academy. You figured it out, didn’t you?」
「I can guess. I suppose they’ll transfer schools?」
「That’s right. Even I can imagine that letting the two remain here would only risk the possibility of them causing other troubles. If their parents hadn’t agreed to this, I would’ve likely expelled them.」
「I’m relieved to know that you’re just as I thought you to be, Principal.」

As long as those two are gone, it’s all great. If they mess with me again in revenge, I don’t care. I’ll just either take care of them myself or find someone that’ll help. However, I can’t allow the people around me to get hurt because of that. After all, it’ll be too late by the time I know it.

「Did you also call me here to know how I currently am? 」
「That would be the case. But still, I knew how you were last year, so I’m really shocked. I’m surprised you’ve figured it out this much.」

This issue could have ended even without us present. As the principal said before, he already discussed things with their parents and maybe mine too. In that case, Shizune and I arguing here wouldn’t have changed anything.

If Shizune disappears from this academy tomorrow, there wouldn’t be any issues. After all, this matter has already been settled. What happened here this time was, in a sense, just a farce. Just a show to announce something that was already decided.
Just the principal’s display of consideration to the victim of this incident.

「Contrary to Madam Kisaragi’s expectations, you’ve grown to be quite capable. With this, there shouldn’t be any issues.」
「What do you mean by that?」

What do you mean by mother’s expectations? This one, I honestly don’t know. Even from Kotone’s memories, mother and the principal shouldn’t have anything in common. And yet it sounds like they have consulted with each other before. It’s something concerning Kotone that I don’t know.

「I’ll explain regarding that.」

From the reception office next to the principal’s office, the person in question, my mother, came out. I was confused about why she’s here but I suppose she was called here because of this incident. Still, no one from the Udzuki family is here, did they go home first? Was my mother the only one left? I really don’t know.

Still, that means that she probably heard everything I said up until now. I don’t recall saying anything I wouldn’t want her to hear, so there’s no need to be afraid.

「Principal Midou, thank you for your help on this occasion.」
「No big deal, capable individuals are, in my opinion, treasures after all. Kisaragi Kotone as she is now has bright prospects in the future.」
「I’m glad to hear that. Now then, we shall be leaving now. Kotone.」
「I understand. Principal, thank you very much for today. Goodbye.」

I just normally greeted the principal goodbye and yet mother suddenly smiled. When was the last time she ever smiled at Kotone? All I can recall is her either scowling or reprimanding Kotone.

But it’s understandable. If Kotone ever just listened to what her mother said, there would have been no reason for her to commit suicide to begin with. For Kotone, her mother was probably just someone opposing her but for me, I see it differently. This person honestly tried to reform Kotone. It’s just that she was too lenient and Kotone wouldn’t listen to anything she said at all.

The cause for this is somewhere else.


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