Chapter 10 – Confrontation with Malice [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2659 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1287 words
Editor(s): Fire

Despite the various issues, the day finally ended. What happened today again? Property destruction and I guess some mental attacks. Still, she still hasn’t shown herself after all of this, it’s a bit unusual. It’s Shizune after all, so I thought that she’d come to make fun of me right in my face.

「That’s all for our schedule tomorrow. Also, Kisaragi, go to the principal’s office.」

So they finally have everything in place, huh? That’s surprisingly quick. It’s evidence collection, so I didn’t expect it to be ready the next day. Moreover, it was just this morning that I handed my destroyed stuff over. The principal is seriously capable, huh.

「Then we’ll come along. It’ll be dangerous climbing the stairs alone.」
「That’s true. Things might happen before reaching the place after all.」

For some reason, I’ve got bodyguards now. I do have crutches though, so I don’t really have any problem walking. But my injured left arm does hurt. Aiba and Minagawa helped me out of my chair and stood beside me, with me sandwiched in between.

Yeah, there’ll probably be new rumours going around if people see me like this but for the sake of settling things this time, it can’t be helped.

「Kotone, where have you been?」

And just as foreshadowed, we encountered Kaori. Still, how do I even explain this situation to her? Me with crutches and two people besides me as if to guard me. Yeah, even I wouldn’t figure this situation out.

「You haven’t been replying either.」
「Sorry, I lost my phone.」
「How’d that even happen? Besides, what happened to you?」
「I just, fell from the stairs a bit.」
「I can’t really call that “a bit”.」

For some reason, Kaori is gradually getting more displeased as I continue talking. Hmm, still, I don’t really have the time to explain right now. I can’t really make the principal wait, after all. This will be our first time meeting and first impressions are important. I need to escape.

「I’ll explain later, okay? I’m in a hurry right now.」
「Give me a proper explanation, alright? And my parents too.」

Looks like I’m set to be scolded later on. Whatever the case, I will need to explain to the owner what happened to the wristwatch, so it’s really just the question of when. I’m more scared of Miss Saori than the owner though.

「Later then.」
「I don’t have any clue about it, but do your best.」

Being sent off with a cheer, we split with Kaori and headed straight to the principal’s office. Thanks to the crutches, I fortunately managed to output roughly the same speed I normally would. Otherwise, we would have taken a lot of time to arrive.

The classroom is pretty far from the principal’s office after all. And now we’re right in front of the principal’s office, but…

「You two, please go back.」
「As expected, we can’t come with you, can we?」
「As expected. The principal is present as well, so the other party shouldn’t be able to do anything to me.」
「Got it. Come on Aiba, let’s go.」
「Kisaragi, you can do it!」

Waving goodbye to the two, I faced the door. That’s a pretty expensive-looking door. Having that random thought, I knocked on the door. I’m not particularly nervous and I’ve already gotten information about the principal beforehand. That’s why I’ve judged that I can rely on this person with my mind at ease.

He’s not someone that can be influenced by power. Besides, he has a good reputation among the students as well. He doesn’t seem to be the type to be in public often though.

「It’s Kisaragi. May I enter the room?」
「Come in.」

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Actually meeting the principal, my first impression of him is that he’s pretty young. I knew that the principal was a guy but I don’t think he’s even 30 years old. Considering that, his face is scary. Combined with his lack of expressions, it’s really intense.

Still, with him in front of me, I understand that he’s honestly worried about me. I can feel that sort of aura from him.

「Forgive me for the upcoming trouble on this occasion.」
「No, this is the academy’s responsibility. It’s extremely unfortunate that this sort of incident happened in this academy.」
「I’m glad to hear that you see it that way. I will be expecting impartial judgment as well.」
「Hmm, it seems like the rumors of you changing are true. You’ve turned quite docile, or rather morally upright I suppose?」
「You could say that I’ve gotten calmer.」
「That’s only if you actually had that calm part to begin with. I haven’t felt that at all from how you were last year, though.」
「True that.」

Amazingly keen insight. Really observant, aren’t you? There was absolutely no way he would believe me, so I tried avoiding the question. At this point, though, there’s no avoiding it. Well, whatever happens, happens.

「So, the others are?」
「I’ve instructed their homeroom teacher to call them here. They’ll be here in a moment.」
「Speak of the devil.」

Just as he said so, a knock came from the door. After the principal responded, the door opened and, just as I thought, Udzuki Shizune, and her lacky Ayako appeared. Seeing me, Udzuki Shizune displayed an obvious sneer.

She should know why she was called here and yet she’s quite composed. Or is she just confident that she wouldn’t get punished even with evidence? Yeah, there’s no need to think about it, it’s the latter.

「My, isn’t there a seedy-looking fellow in this room.」

That’s the first thing you say? Rather, I don’t really look any different from any other student, so what’s with the “seedy”? If you’re trying to sell me a fight, I’m buying it but this isn’t the place for that. I’ll leave this to the principal. From when Shizune entered the room, he’s gotten a scary air around him. He’s definitely pissed.

「First sit down. The discussion will start after that.」
「How brusque of you. Do you not know who I am?」
「Udzuki Shizune of class 2-4, yes? I know, so sit down.」
Kuh! Understood. It’ll be too late for you to regret this later.」

She absolutely doesn’t know, does she? That this person right before her with a stern look is one of the twelve families just like us. Do you not gather any information outside of the people you target?

How do I say this, did I just actually let someone so sloppy with planning beat me up this badly? I feel embarrassed of myself.

「Now then, I’m a busy man myself, so let’s get straight to the point. Udzuki Shizune. Why did you push Kisaragi Kotone off the stairs? 」
「My, whatever do you mean by that? I have no recollection of ever doing such a thing. Or is this perhaps collusion between the principal and the Kisaragi family to entrap me? How terrifying.」

She’s so obvious that both the principal and I facepalmed. Think of the situation. There’s no way a daughter of the twelve families would be called here with no evidence. The principal and I were left speechless. Still, the situation won’t get anywhere at this rate, so the principal spoke so with a sigh.

「Then Udzuki Shizune, you mean that you haven’t done such things as tearing up Kisaragi Kotone’s uniform, stealing and destroying her belongings, and pushing her from a staircase?」
「Yes, not that I remember. Even so, what terrible things to have happened. Wouldn’t the academy be accountable for those?」
「Even after seeing this?1


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