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8-7: I am…

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

Three days had passed since then.

With a coordinated offensive launched in nearly all military-ready areas, the eradication of the increased monster presence across the entire expanse of Rondoville had been successfully accomplished.

Cheers resonated throughout various corners of Rondoville, reportedly carrying even to neighboring countries.

The filling of ruptured ground, repairing of roads, and restoration of houses… While guild members took a proactive role in cleansing the area of monsters, it would still require time for a complete restoration.

…Naturally, there were some things that could never be fully restored.

Nevertheless, those who visited the branch all had smiling faces. And so did the passersby. The entire town was brimming with smiles.

“Illya, praise mee!”
“Illya, listen to this! My Darling was so cool out there!”
“We’re done, Illya—Look forward to it, Big Sis Illya!”
“It ended without problems. Ehehe, I’ll be waiting~”
“We’ve successfully concluded our mission. I decided to report it just in case.”
“It’s done, Illya! It’s been a success! We did it!”
“Aagh, that was such a pain. Anyway, it’s settled. You can relax.”
“Reporting. Everything has ended without any issues.”

They had managed to safeguard what they wanted to protect and remain steadfast in their own convictions.

The voices that relayed their reports were all brimming with joy.

In the face of all the challenges that had unfolded worldwide… The evil gods had been vanquished, and they had successfully overcome the threat of the monsters.

Though not without significant sacrifices, now all that remained was to move forward toward a state of resolution.

As if to validate this anticipation, the communication network was gradually being restored.

Interpreting this as a declaration of conclusion, I directed my steps toward the church.

It was as if the man on the altar had foreseen my arrival, his gaze fixed upon me. The emotions concealed within that gaze were somewhat elusive, but at the very least, they didn’t seem to hold a welcoming warmth.

Stepping forward, the man, the Apostle, broke the silence.

“…Has everything unfolded as you had foreseen?” He asked.

I really wonder what the great spirits, evil gods, and this person, think I am.

“No, ” I answered.

In fact, the extent of the damage and frequency of it exceeded my expectations.

As if he had tapped into my inner thoughts, the Apostle took another deliberate step forward and spoke once more.

“Then why are you reluctant to lend a hand?”
“My assistance is unnecessary. The inhabitants of this world are not as weak as you believe them to be.”

Humans were strong. Regardless of how they are individually, the human species is more robust than any other in this realm.

Nevertheless, the Apostle remained unconvinced.

“The world is in search of salvation. It craves a god who serves as a steady beacon, unlike transient and wavering rulers! This temporary vessel takes the form of the prominent Lathovester Religion, drawing strength from the combined forces of nations and guilds!”

However, the Apostle continued.

“People have come to realize the inherent fragility of it! Sovereigns are powerless to salvage all! Mere prayers cannot bring salvation! This realization has dawned upon them! Now, more than ever, humanity is in pursuit of the singular, true god!”

You’re the one who caused that!

I won’t retort so boorishly, but I do acknowledge the reasoning behind the Apostle’s words.

People seek affiliations because they are aware of their weaknesses… their weaknesses as individuals.

Gathering, supporting, and helping each other… these are the building blocks of human societies. However, lurking beneath lies a fragility that could potentially turn the gathered against each other, and an aggressiveness that could engulf everything.

Even in this current incident, numerous nations and branches including Rondoville might face inquiries due to their mishandlings. And those who beseeched the gods or the World Tree, yet still suffered the loss of dear ones, might never offer prayers ever again.

Those who have lost what they believed in, and those who have been deprived of their support, might not easily regain their footing.

And now, those who have previously pondered might rediscover their musings, and those who were oblivious might now find themselves realizing it. That kingdoms, guilds, and even religions aren’t perfect.

“…I’ve mentioned it before, but an unprecedented crisis is looming. It will be a catastrophe unlike anything we’ve faced before.”

With a calm…yet firm tone, the Apostle spoke while maintaining an unwavering gaze on me.

“I beseech you to become a god. If not, this world will inevitably head down the path of annihilation.”

I had many things to say, but I decided to convey my thoughts using my own words. I believed that to be the least respect I could show towards the Apostle who sincerely cared for the world.

“I am an impostor.”

A being that inadvertently slipped over due to that light’s accident, an entity that should never have existed in this realm.

Hearing my words, the Apostle’s expression tensed, his gaze penetrating even more deeply.

Nevertheless, I had no intention of stopping what I was trying to say just yet.

“If the world is destined for ruin without a god, then eventually, a worthy vessel for a god will appear. If the world needs to be unified, then eventually, an authentic ruler will appear. All in the name of preserving the world, as you have claimed.”

Because that’s how the mechanics of this world operate.

In a realm where everything is interconnected and interwoven… when malevolence arises, a hero destined to overcome it will inevitably surface.

Perhaps that hero was already among us, or maybe their emergence lay ahead.

Humanity was far from feeble.

Much like how my friends and countless others joined forces to pacify the recent turmoil… there will always be someone within this world who would rise to the challenge of saving it.

That’s the conviction I hold. I place my trust in the entirety of this world.

“Then why…” the Apostle interjected, having assumed that I finished saying my piece. “If you call yourself an imposter and claim that the world is in no danger, why do you still try to help people?”
“Isn’t that obvious?”

Clearly unable to fathom, the Apostle displayed a perplexed expression.

“Even at this very moment, somewhere in this world, someone is grappling with difficulties, and either they themselves or someone else wishes to confront it. When those who respond to their call for assistance take action, I offer my aid to them.”
“…But why would you not offer your hand directly to those facing troubles?”

The answer to that was just as simple.

“If I were to intervene directly, wouldn’t it hinder their growth?”

It would lose all meaning like that. This had been substantiated by the events of this incident. Everyone had undeniably grown stronger. Everyone bore wounds, mourned, halted in their tracks, and even crumbled into tears. Still, they possessed the fortitude to rise anew, step forward, and forge ahead.

They’ve grown stronger, capable of surmounting challenges that were deemed insurmountable without my intervention. Truly, that was heartening.

Dipping my gaze briefly, I quelled the self-reproach that surged within.

Sensing movement from the Apostle, I raised my head and noticed that he had come a step closer once again. Though his expression had no smile, his eyes shone as if he had found some hope.

“That is precisely how a god—”
“No it isn’t.”

I interjected before he could finish his statement. It’s not that simple. I’m not inclined to be perceived in that manner. This is for my own sake, my personal desires. I didn’t want him to think I was acting as a god who bestowed trials on humans to encourage their growth.

“This is simply because I’m a receptionist.”
“…A receptionist?”

I nodded to the Apostle’s confused mutter.
My usual smile appeared on my face.
This was my duty. My self-satisfaction.

“A guild is an organization where people help each other, and the Union Guild is an organization to support the guild members. For that reason…”

It wasn’t for the world. It was for the guild members who were doing their best for someone else… For the people living in the moment.

“I will do my best to support them in succeeding in their commissions.”

That’s how I am currently.

“As I am the guild’s receptionist.”


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