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8-1: There’s No Mistake (Part 2)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

…Yet, there remains a single factor within all of this that must be fulfilled.

For the realization of “my transformation into a deity and the salvation of all” to come to fruition, the prerequisite of “humans being unable to contend with an exponential surge in monsters and the resurgence of numerous evil gods” must be met.

In other words, if people successfully overcome this crisis through their collective efforts, the very foundation upon which the concept of me ascending to godhood would crumble, wouldn’t it?

That’s what it comes down to!

For that reason, the Apostle judged that if he missed this chance to invite(?) me, there would be no next time! In short, if I can overcome this, he’ll no longer be able to make any more schemes! Probably!

Please let that be the case!

…I really hope there isn’t anything more significant that the Apostle has in store. At any rate, the conclusion is the same as it was when the Apostle was first born. I won’t get my hands involved in it.

…I’ll get my words involved though.

“You’re commissioning something, Illya?”

As Dajeel looked at the characters written on the commission form, she expressed surprise.

Indeed, since I had exercised caution and refrained from making commissions after the incident with the Tyrant Spider, it had been quite some time since I last submitted one.

“Yes, I have something that I need to have transported.”
“A transport request, huh? Have you already filled out the form?”
“Yes, it’s all filled out. I appreciate your assistance.”

Accepting the document with a relaxed response, Dajeel’s gaze paused at a particular point as she reviewed the details provided.

“Uhh… It says you’re requesting Rank A, which means we’ll need to offer additional compensation. Is this correct?”
“Yes, There’s no mistake.”

Despite engaging in such a conversation, both of us were well aware of the situation at hand. We were just going over it as usual since it needed to be confirmed.

“So it will be handed out in person… Alright, I have received it.”
“Thank you.”

With that, the document would be signed by Frank and posted on the bulletin board, making the commission official. All that remained was to get whoever accepted it to deliver the Wind Crystal and the letter, which would mark the end of my role.

Now let’s finish the remaining break and get back to work.

… However, before that.

“They’re still going at it, huh?”

Adjacent to the office was the girls’ changing room. As I glanced in that direction, I noticed a group of women surrounding Haku.

The room was filled with clothes scattered everywhere, all of them in small sizes meant for young children.

The school, along with the church, had a daycare center where busy families could leave their infants and children. They had sections for different age groups, including a nursery section.

Although I didn’t leave Haku there, Sofia had invited me to visit and see the facility, so I decided to drop by.

However, we encountered a problem when it came to clothing.

Haku usually wore the same uniform as us, but that wouldn’t be suitable for this occasion. So, we tried generating various outfits and had Haku try them on, allowing him to choose the ones he liked…

“…Yeah, it’s good! This looks good too!”
“Looking good in everything adds to the dilemma…”
“Aagh, so adorable! Oh no, I’m getting a nosebleed.”
“H-hey, calm down there. I get you, though!”

The enthusiasm of Elize and the others towards dressing up Haku was off the charts. Should I prevent some of them from getting too close…?

Anyway, I can’t have them use Haku as a dress-up doll indefinitely. I swiftly scooped him up and made a quick getaway.

“I asked for your assistance, not for you to play around.”
“Eek, your smile is kind of scary, Illya…”

That’s rude.

“Haku, which outfit did you like?”

Haku scanned the surroundings.
Wait, did you actually try all of those…?
I glanced at Elize and the others, and they immediately averted their eyes.
Hey, Look here!


Haku said and pointed to the usual uniform he wore. I wanted him to go for a normal one since it’d stand out too much, but…

“Are you sure you want to wear your regular uniform?”
“Yup. Like everyone else!”

…Well, I suppose it’s fine.

His innocent and angelic smile left me with no choice but to accept his decision. I gently separated the enthusiastic individuals who were clinging to him, exclaiming how cute he looked, and we made our way to the kitchen.

I borrowed one part of the somewhat idle kitchen and got to sweet-making. I was going for children’s treats today, and therefore, I decided to make something that didn’t use butter and such. Limiting the ingredients to just potato starch, sugar, milk, and egg yolks.

First, I whisked the egg yolks and sugar together until they were thoroughly combined.

“So these don’t use egg whites, huh?” Elize poked her head from the side and asked, seemingly sniffing it out.
“Technically, you can use them, but it might become a bit hard.”
“Oh, really?”

Using only egg yolks will give the pastry a crisp and delicate texture, while the addition of potato starch provides a fluffy consistency.

Moving on to the next step. Once the sugar dissolves, we add the starch to the mixture. Then mix it all with a spatula while adding milk little by little. Once the dough comes together, it’s time to roll it into a cylindrical shape.

And then tear off small pieces and roll them into individual balls.

“Why don’t you give it a try, Haku?”
“I’ll roll it!”

And thus, the three of us (with Elize lending a hand) merrily rolled the dough into small, round balls, creating a multitude of them.

Haku, completely engrossed in shaping the balls, looked absolutely adorable. It seemed he was thoroughly enjoying the process of molding the dough. Elize, equally captivated, looked adorable too.

Setting that aside, we proceeded to bake the prepared dough in the oven.

At around 160°C, it takes approximately 17 minutes, while at 170°C, it takes roughly 10 minutes—a handy guideline to follow.

And with that, the children’s treats, Egg Boro, were complete.

“Oh, this is so nice. Isn’t it, Haku?”
“Yeah! It’s super crispy!”

Even though we reduced the sugar content for the children’s version, Elize had no qualms about it… in fact, she savored them just as eagerly as Haku did.

Well, it’s understandable since they’re bite-sized and light, making them irresistible treats.

“Illya, this is so much fun! Can you teach us how to make it too?”
“Yeah, I was watching! It’s like Shiratama and really easy to make.”
“And we also learned how to use leftover egg whites,”

Not only did the children enjoy the treats, but the ladies in the kitchen also loved them. Of course, they disappeared quickly when everyone shared them, so we ended up making more. We tried different flavors, made special versions for kids with egg allergies, and even wrote messages on them. Time flew by in a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

If only this moment would continue forever. Even though I knew it was impossible because of what the Apostle had said, it felt so peaceful I couldn’t help but wish so.

And then, it happened.


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