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7-4: I Won’t Forgive You (Part 3)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

It may have sounded harsh… but when considering what lay ahead, Torsti had to find the strength within himself.

Not seeking validation from others, but learning to validate himself.

“I think you should do what your heart tells you to do.”
“…I see.”

Perhaps he gave up on seeking something from me, he lowered his gaze and fell silent.

The expression on his profile was tense, but the sense of despair that was present moments ago seemed to have faded… Instead, I sensed a determination, a strength of will to persevere even in the midst of turmoil.

The silence stretched on.

I had anticipated it would take a few hours, but contrary to my expectations, he made a move after about ten-odd minutes had passed.

His palm, which had been loosely open, slowly closed into a tight fist.

Then, Torsti raised his head, gazing into the distance with a determined look in his eyes for a moment.

And then, without warning, he turned towards me, his entire body facing mine, and bowed deeply, his forehead gently touching the edge of the bed.

“I did something terrible to you… Please forgive me.”

He raised his face a little, his gaze directed at the food and utensils scattered on the floor.

I answered with a smile.

“I won’t forgive you.”

It seemed to catch Torsti off guard, as his expression froze.

But really, isn’t it to be expected?

Just how much effort do you think goes into making a single bowl of rice porridge?

Yes, I provoked him and it was deliberate, but I won’t tolerate taking it out on objects.

I gathered the scattered containers and dishes, placing them neatly on a tray to complete the cleanup.

“As punishment, please properly eat what I bring you from now on even if you hate it.”
“! Yeah, of course.”

Now that there’s no need to worry about his stomach, let’s swiftly aid his recovery with a revitalizing menu. How about a savory menu of a stir-fried Reba Nira, and a seafood bowl featuring urchin and shrimp, clam chowder, and yogurt with prunes?


He gave quite a satisfactory response, but I wonder how long that confidence will endure. There’s also the matter of timing, but considering our distance from the sea, seafood tends to be pricey. Hehe.

I’ll make sure he loses any inclination to treat food with disrespect.

As I exited the room, the surveillance personnel who caught sight of me froze in astonishment.

…I should get changed before I can begin cooking.

As I brought the meal once more, he displayed an unusually joyful expression as he devoured every bite.

According to him, it was a taste he had never experienced even in the castle. I should inform the kitchen staff about this delightful feedback.

Having finished the meal with refined dining etiquette, Torsti turned his gaze back toward me.

“…I will go. I will meet my father and confirm his intentions. I… want to stop the Empire’s violence even if I have to risk my life.”
“I wish for your safety and success with my heart.”
“Thank you. I am a little scared…truth to be told.”

He smiled wryly with those words, looking like a tragic hero.

“I’m not sure if this will serve as relief, but I have one thing to tell you.”
“If you remove that bracelet, your physical abilities will grow, and you will be able to ignore the effects of divine tools—divine swords.”
“I-Is that true…?!”

I nodded in agreement.

The effect of divine tools was the altering of information within the world itself, rather than a direct manifestation of a phenomenon.

For instance, when using magic to create lightning, one actually harnesses the factors of fire and wind to generate real lightning. However, when lightning is induced by a divine tool, it merely creates the “perception that lightning has occurred”. It alters the information within the “perceived range of lightning” and only affects those who come into contact with that altered information.

While this may seem the same for most individuals, it changes when considering those who possess Ogre factors that have deviated from “information management.”

As they are not recognized as targets for information alteration, the effects of divine tools do not occur.

This is the underlying reason behind the conflict in this world, where “Ogres triumph over Gods.”

“However, if they are the phenomenon created by the divine swords… for example, if they cut up the floor and stopped the time with Haldia, and then removed the effect and you fell, you will naturally take damage. Please pay attention to such things when escaping or acting with the bracelet removed.”

He didn’t seem to fully comprehend my words, he just gave a vague reply.

He appeared to be contemplating how to incorporate the reassurance that there was no need to worry about divine swords. However, he furrowed his brow as he found an element of concern.

“If I remove the bracelet, wouldn’t there be a need to drink blood…?”
“Yes if you keep it removed, but the earlier supplement should last for some time.”

It’s my blood, after all.

“Also, I would like to correct one thing. The supplement doesn’t have to be blood.”
“I-Is that so? Then why did you go out of your way to…”
“Blood is simply the most efficient way to do it. That was the primary reason… but the other reason is that it seemed to be the least repulsive option from within the body and its liquids.”

He didn’t seem to realize what I meant for a moment, but then the realization caught up, and blushed.

Hey now. Shouldn’t you be feeling disgusted there? What did you imagine?

He seemed to be more normal than normal humans, and he was a little off in some aspects.

Moving on, regarding the specifics of supplementing, it varied in terms of quantity, quality, and frequency depending on the rank of the Ogre factors acquired through sudden mutation.

In his case, it was a relatively high rank of mutation, rank C, coupled with the backlash from having never replenished it until now, his body and ego were on the verge of collapse.

Therefore, it would be quite inadequate without the blood of someone like me or the Ogre God.

That brings us back to the issue I mentioned earlier, the potential problem of removing the wristlet for recovery.

There was a risk of succumbing to death before being able to recover or being attacked by him in a state of uncontrollable rage, so entrusting it to Sophia was not an option.

Let’s redirect our focus back to the main topic.

“With the current supplement, you should be alright even if you keep it removed for a year. However, the time would shorten if you bleed and get injured even if you wear the bracelet.”
“…Got it. I will take it to heart.”
“Apologies for the long conversation. Please take care of yourself.”

That strange silence bothered me, but he would be departing tomorrow. I picked up the tray and quickly left the room to give him time to rest.

As I reached the staircase on the second floor, I came across Frank, and his expression seemed somewhat uneasy as he made his way toward me.

“So, how did it go?”

Having informed Frank about my plan to confront Torsti, he must have been worried, considering he was a strategic person.

However, his expression resembled more of the worry he usually showed for those close to him—this time, it seemed he was genuinely concerned about me. It warmed my heart, and I couldn’t help but feel a sense of appreciation.

“W-What is it?”
“Ah, it’s nothing.”

I seemed to have broken into a smile without realizing it, which caused Frank to get flustered. It seemed that I had relaxed my mind too much around him.

“It’s alright. He seems to have decided to go to the Empire of his own will.”
“…I see.”

He sighed in relief and looked at Torsti’s private room.

His gaze contained a sympathetic, gentle nature… However, I felt as if he was looking at someone other than Torsti.

Noticing my gaze, he broke into a wry smile.

“…I hope he can find his place too.”

I didn’t know whom that ‘too’ referred to.

However, the warmth of the heart I felt earlier…

Even if he had accepted himself, that was not something you could obtain alone. I wanted him to find a place he would want to protect with his heart, not out of duties or obligations.


Thinking so I nodded.


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