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7-3: Nothing in Particular (Part 1)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

Holy Raihand Empire.

In an era when numerous gods still existed, vying for supremacy, two gods descended upon the treacherous continent known as Dmonic Land, which was filled with monsters and natural calamities like volcano eruptions and storms.

One was a male god, Raile, with a jet-black sword, whose power silenced natural disasters far and wide. The other was a goddess with a silver sword, Haldia, whose power stopped the monsters in their tracks like sculptures.

Having pacified the continent, the two gods eventually bore a single divine child and entrusted him with their respective swords.

That divine child would become the founder of the Holy Raihand Kingdom, later known as Arthur Raia.

That was the summary of the legend passed down in the Empire, but it was full of lies.

The truth was that the two gods had fled because they found it troublesome to fight against other gods. They used their powers to cleverly evade conflicts and spent their time fooling around together.

Moreover, the goddess was NTR’d by a beast god, which drove the male god into a furious rage, leading him to kill both of them. The male god, consumed by madness, went on a rampage and ended up impregnating a married woman, only to be killed by her husband. It was a messy and absurd story, really.

Well, it’s true that the unfortunate child of that married woman became the founder of the Empire.

Since he had inherited the factors of that male god, each emperor of the dynasty carried the divine factors.

As for the swords entrusted to the divine child, they were divine tools derived from the factors of the male and female gods. The first was the pitch-black Divine Sword – Raile, also called the “Sound Eater,” which inhibited the functioning of elemental factors and forcibly suppressed magic and other abilities. The second was the silver Divine Sword – Haldia, also called “Time Severer,” which delayed the time flow of its surroundings, opposite of the “Reidfall” that I had previously used.

The existence of an emperor capable of wielding these two divine swords served as emotional support for the citizens and unfortunately became a factor that fostered an arrogant attitude of human supremacism.

This happened the day before we moved Torsti to the branch.

When I was doing my receptionist work, I saw Caron running outside of the windows.

He rushed into the branch and came straight to the counter with a normal smile.

“Illya, is Frank around?”
“Yes, he’s in the office.”
“Thank you.”

Caron, typically exuding an air of nonchalance, masked his underlying anxiety behind his usual cheerful demeanor.

Noticing this peculiarity, the staff members, including Bard, silently observed Caron’s departure up the staircase.

A few minutes later, Caron returned, mentioning that Frank had summoned me to his private room.

Although the choice of a private room rather than the usual office or reception area seemed out of place, I left the customer service to Elize and headed to the private room.

“Excuse me.”
“Illya, sorry for being sudden, but I’m going to Ector’s place now. Please come with me.”

Since he was in a rush I decided to ask questions later.

I grabbed his coat and helped him get ready, and once he regained some calm he summarized what this was about.

“Raihand… declared war on the surrounding kingdoms.”
“Declared war…?”

His necktie (or what looked like it) was twisted, perhaps showing his disturbance, so I fixed it for him while asking back, and he assented once I finished fixing it.

“At first they demanded the handover of the Mercenary Guild’s master and the staff that conducted the purge, but the Guild denied it… It seems that by announcing that the emperor’s son was killed by the guild’s beastmen staff, they incited the citizens.”
“I see…”

It seemed that even in the past, when I unintentionally gained awareness of various things through my Detection skill, the Empire had been considering how to invade other kingdoms. So, this situation was probably a godsend for them. If Torsti’s actions were indeed connected to human supremacism, perhaps this result was beyond what they hoped to gain.

According to them, ‘the fact that only humans can use the divine tools, the remains of the gods, is proof that humans are the superior beings closest to gods. As such, they ought to be the rulers of this world.’

Well, they were willing to harm others to enforce their beliefs, so I guess that’s just what you’d expect of them.

Nevertheless, I had expected some sort of movement, but I never imagined that a war would be sparked due to the imperial prince’s own actions and the consequences he faced.

…Was it a national trait to charge ahead without considering the trouble you bring to those around you?

“There was a human supremacist trader that Claude caught before, right? We can’t rule out the possibility that other supremacists will stage an uprising together.”

…If they had intentions of doing something, they should be in contact with each other… Maybe I should use Detection to investigate.

However, I’m not entirely confident in my ability to eradicate all the bugs…

As I hesitated, allowing my gaze to wander, I became aware of the door being slightly ajar.

And through the narrow opening of that door, I locked eyes with a pair of blue eyes peering inquisitively at me.

Noticing my gaze, Frank also directed his attention towards the door, and the eyes that met ours swiftly retreated, concealing themselves behind it.


An unspoken exchange with Frank.

With him taking a step back, I approached the door.

Upon opening it, I discovered a child who visibly flinched and stood frozen in place.

His fair skin resembled the color of snow, complemented by thin, lustrous golden hair and translucent blue eyes that mirrored the clarity of the sky. Each feature of his face seemed too perfect, almost doll-like, but the fluttering of his long eyelashes and the faint blush on his cheeks added a touch of authenticity.

In terms of age, he appeared to be around 1 or 2 years old, and the fact that he was completely naked and alone was already an abnormality… But that was the least of my concerns.



The moment I called his name, his previous expression of fear took a complete turn.

He blossomed into a beaming smile and clung to me, firmly grasping onto my clothes. It was likely a reaction to his own astonishment and anxiety at his sudden transformation.

He had a hard time accepting his own transformation, so it was understandable that he feared that I would fail to realize who he was, or whether I would accept his current form.

“So you managed to transform properly. Congratulations.”
“It refers to when the Dragon God’s child changes from dragon to human appearance. It’s nothing strange.”

I got down on my knee and dropped my gaze straight on Haku as I patted his head.

Albeit still soft, he had white scales on his throat, and the upper ends of his ears were slightly pointy.

Above all, my Eyes of God properly describes his title as The Dragon God’s Child.

“I am not weird…?”
“You aren’t.”
“You will… not come to hate Haku…?”
“I won’t.”

I hugged Haku who asked me those questions while on the verge of tears, and he hugged me back strongly.


Now hold on a second.

“It makes me happy to get contacted by you.”
“I don’t plan to chat needlessly. Please answer my questions.”

I contacted Jean.

It was a bother to talk to him, but I had to ask him something no matter what.


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