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7-1: I Believe I Can Be of Assistance (Part 1)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

Guilds had various rules and regulations, and there were some things prohibited when trying to accept commissions.

One of them was accepting them while pretending to be someone else.

As an unwritten agreement, it was permissible to register the commission on behalf of party members even if they were not present.

However, this principle was put in place to enforce severe punishment in situations where individuals with limited authorization to accept commissions, due to past offenses, deceive the Union by impersonating others or fraudulently elevate their ranks through proxy commissions.

Another prohibited action was the completion of commissions by individuals who had not registered for them.

If the violation did not show malicious intent, such as accidentally encountering and defeating the target, it could be dealt with through a stern warning1.

However, if it was clearly deemed intentional, it could result in fines or being targeted for capture.

Refusing to comply with these regulations or repeatedly engaging in similar violations would lead to being marked for purging by the Union.

If someone committed such violations within the Mercenary Guild, they would be subjected to a forceful eradication. The execution of these measures, aimed at preserving the guild’s authority and trust, was carried out relentlessly and without mercy, often resulting in the loss of lives of those targeted for eradication.

For individuals belonging to Trading, Industrial, or Agriculture Guilds, the consequences would manifest in different forms. They would face various forms of exclusion, and even those who aided them would be penalized. This would lead them to a state of complete isolation and helplessness, earning them the dreaded reputation of a “lenient execution.”

While the severity of the penalties was starkly different, both types of punishment were necessary rules for maintaining the functionality of the guilds.

The fair assessment of abilities served the purpose of safeguarding both the commission acceptors and the clients from unnecessary harm. By managing the financial aspects of requests, the guilds could prevent one-sided negotiations.

To negate the importance of guilds is to embrace the chaos disguised as “freedom,” as mentioned by the Apostle from before.

In such a scenario, it is the ordinary individuals at the bottom who would be the primary victims, sacrificing their well-being.

—Hand over more money.
—I don’t get the point of putting restrictions on accepting commissions

People who hated those regulations were mainly those with a certain power.

While it may sound negative to restrain the powerful with numbers in order to protect the weak, a guild that values individuality and freedom cannot simply align itself with those in positions of power, similar to a kingdom. I believe it’s unavoidable.

Ultimately, what I’m trying to say is, let’s uphold the rules.

Although it’s not something I can easily say as someone who has received abilities akin to cheats ☆

We established a second cafeteria at the branch and upgraded the equipment in the medical examination and treatment facilities for both the arena and the church.

While the town’s population and the number of commissions grew, my personal workload remained relatively unchanged. Since the incident involving the Apostle, I’ve been experiencing a period of relative peace and tranquility.

However, it’s inevitable that such days won’t last forever.

“Please tell me which weapon fits me best too.”

Serge, speaking in a hushed tone that only I could hear, uttered those words.

Since the previous matter, he had become more involved in participating in the arena, making it his main focus for accepting commissions.

Although it appeared that things were going smoothly between him and Erica, his expression as he gritted his teeth and humbly bowed to me lacked the ease and contentment of someone enjoying his love life.

“At this rate, I’ll end up the one being protected by Erica…!”

That sounds tough.

Erica has grown stronger than the average vanguard fighter, and she possesses the versatility to provide support through the use of healing potions and remedies for status ailments.

As a pure vanguard, Serge felt that losing in terms of pure combat strength would undermine his position.

Nevertheless, when it comes to providing support, someone needs to step up and take the front line. In the end, it becomes a matter of pride.

Though I think he should just let go of those feelings, we’ll get nowhere if he starts sulking at me here.

“O-Of course, that’s not all, okay?!”

He seemed to misunderstand what I was pondering about, and hurriedly provided an explanation.

“…Do you know about Magic Sword Tristan?”
“Yes, I’m familiar.”

I’ve known about him before Erica and others mentioned his name.

Tristan’s magic sword gains increased hardness and sharpness with each drop of blood it consumes.

When we talk about “blood,” it’s not about the quantity, but rather the number of individuals affected. The reason he participates in the arena is because he can “legally injure people” there.

The sword is referred to as a magic sword simply because it glows red when it absorbs blood. However, not everyone in this world understands the exact definition of tools prefixed with ‘magic’.

While divine tools openly defy causality and physical laws, magical artifacts directly impact the tool itself or the person who wields it. Though their effects are limited, the advantage of magical tools is that anyone can use them, unlike divine tools. This is why magical tools are often perceived as more menacing to people.

Well, it’s to be expected, considering that these tools are frequently items that used to belong to demons.

“It’s still just a rumor… but apparently he’s planning to come here.”
“Is that so…”

Serge’s expression was tense.

However, it wasn’t a stiffness directed towards something to be avoided, but rather a tension derived from a strong determination.

As Serge remembered that he was being observed by me, he seemed slightly embarrassed, scratching his head and causing his expression to loosen.

“That said, I’m not gonna run away. I don’t wanna get beaten by Erica.”
“Is that so?”

Thanks for the treat.

“So, I have to get stronger… so I can defeat him.”

I had a genuine belief that there was no need to cling to it so tightly.

However, unless Serge overcame it here, we couldn’t truly say that he had regained his footing.

Considering Erica’s position, I decided to offer my assistance, albeit reluctantly. But there was one issue. Serge possessed a natural proficiency in Swordsmanship skill and, unlike Erica, he had already chosen a weapon that suited him.

Since we weren’t explicitly focused on honing his aptitude skill, meticulously selecting a weapon wouldn’t have made much difference.

Of course, I believed that with efficient, goal-oriented training like Erica’s, he could expect some degree of growth. However, simply relying on that wouldn’t be enough to defeat Tristan.

The handicap of being unable to adeptly parry Tristan’s sword strikes was significant, almost too great to overcome.

Looking at Serge’s Swordsmanship skill bonuses, he has allocated them roughly in a ratio of 7:2 between Slashing Assist and Sword Technique Assist. Even if he were to allocate them all to Parry Assist from now on, he wouldn’t be able to completely deflect the impact.

In that case, should we focus on developing his Short Sword skill from now on and have him specialize in parrying…?

“…Is it impossible, after all?”

Serge misunderstood my contemplation again and asked with an anxious expression. There was no point in contemplating it alone, so I decided to just be honest with him.

“Rather than impossible, I just think that your current weapon already suits you.”

Serge had what could be described as a half-happy, half-disappointed complex expression.

The reason his disappointment only amounted to half was because when he had a setback he had already tried various weapons and realized that the sword suited him the best.

“Then, does it come down to becoming strong myself, after all…?”
“That’s what it would ultimately end up as.”
“End up as …?”

Just as he was about to lose his interest, my suggestive statement brought back his vitality.

“Is there some option?”
“I’m not really recommending it as a weapon, but what if you use a shield and short sword to parry the opponent’s sword?”
“…A shield and short sword, is it…?”

He seemed quite opposed to the idea.

He asked me for a recommended weapon, so why was he hesitating here?

If you think focusing on a strategy instead of simply getting stronger is an improper method, I’d like to ask you what is it that you really want to do here.

“Ah, excuse me. The next person in line, please come this way. Please excuse me for the wait.”

At Claris’ call, I noticed the three people lined up for the registration.

Our conversation was like an extension of a casual talk, so they could’ve just approached the counter, but looks like we’ve got an increase in upright people who can read the mood.

Having a good public order is a positive thing, but now, when I inconvenience others like this, I feel a greater sense of guilt than before.

I miss the days when I used to think, “Just work harder.”

“If you dislike the idea of wielding a shield and short sword, there’s also the option of making a new sword.”
“A new sword…?”
“Either way, I believe I can be of assistance.”

After informing Serge, I took my position at the reception desk. Since we left the conversation unfinished, as expected, once the flow of registrations ceased, Serge approached me, his demeanor reflecting a greater sense of urgency, seeking to learn more about the specifics of the new sword.

It appeared that he was placing his hopes on this method with even greater desperation than before.

“So, what was that about making a new sword? You know about his magic sword, right?”
“Yes. And so, we can offset its abilities.”

Serge was dumbfounded.

“…Are you suggesting creating a similar magic sword to his?”
“Of course not.”



  1. Silva: Why? Are they supposed to sit back and watch the target destroy stuffs in front of them or wait for it to kill them?
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