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5-3: Please Hold the Exam (Part 1)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

Thus, the establishment of the area was accompanied by the remodeling of Luneville.

Luneville’s rampart being built anew was a fresh experience even for the Luneville residents who had gotten used to it during the previous construction works.

“Man this is something else! Did you see it, Illya?!”
“They plan to make the rampart even thicker and taller, so won’t this become an even bigger city than the capital at this point?!”

Men were making merry at the counter with jugs in their hands.

“But is there a reason to make it that big…”
“The diplomatic relations are apparently normal, so maybe it’s because of the increased number of monsters?”

Next to them, their female comrades were reaching for their glasses with pensive looks.

Like this, the talk about the rampart was a hotter topic than the establishment of the arena and church. Of course, they talked about the arena a lot too, and many people even scrambled for commissions so they could train themselves before it opened.

Presently, they were building residences, businesses, and an industrial district outside of the old rampart and building a new wall around it.

The old rampart would be destroyed once the new one was built, and they would make an irrigation channel and alleyway in its place, and sandwich it between street stalls.

The arena and church’s constructions started, and the arena being pushed by the Union was being built quite fast.

On the other hand, architects had a spark when they saw the pool I made irrelevant to the construction plans, and they decided to make a new pool right next to the arena. I don’t think they’re going to make a lazy pool or a water slide, but maybe I should ask them to make it wide enough for skating.

“Hah, it’s two hundred years too early for you to outwit me!”
“Geh! T-That poor move you made back then looks so perfectly placed now…!”
“Fuhahahaha! Don’t underestimate a guardian’s wisdom!!”

The geezer wasn’t disturbing me while he was busy with his Go classroom.

“Illya, there’s a commission request from Kuryune.”
“Understood. Please lead them to the third floor’s reception, Cathy.”
“Gotcha. Please follow me.”

The staff members had gotten used to this hectic state and were able to act composed while speeding up the turnover rate.

Everyone was having a substantial time and was energetic in both body and mind.

…Aside from the fairy slumped over on the table at the end.

Parsha and Gabril were still staying in this city.

Gabril was helping the industrial guild with carrying materials and such, but Parsha had nothing she could do in the meantime.

They should’ve saved up quite a lot of funds already, and I think they already finished investigating the Rondoville vicinity in secrecy from me. The reason they were still here was that they were waiting for an opportunity to ask me for the hints.

I was actually planning to tell them after their achievement related to Sylph’s contract, but they stopped me. They apparently found their achievement too lacking.

It seems that they wouldn’t approve of themselves unless their achievement is something they can be proud of.

How self-disciplined. It makes my cheat-filled heart hurt.

Now, while Rondoville was peacefully hectic, it wasn’t like the problems disappeared in the other regions and kingdoms.

Human rights issues, revolutionary movements leading to civil wars, and natural disasters like famine and floods. As well as monster outbreaks caused by Magicules, miasma, or demons.

The first half of that is not a concern for the kingdoms around Rondoville, but the latter half, that is, the natural disasters and such did occur there.

And one of them was about to affect Luneville now.

“There’s a monster outbreak in Acradist, you say?”

Frank repeated that sentence back.

And Ector returned a nod.

“You are aware that Acradist, 70% of which faces the sea, has many port towns, right? On top of giant underwater monsters blocking them from fishing, if they get close to them they start rampaging and deal great damage to the towns. Pinea can no longer house the refugees from there. A messenger came asking us to take some of them too.”

With the ice dragon incident from before, the other cities seemed to be quite tolerant toward refugees. Naturally, Luneville was no exception.

“I have no reason to oppose that.”
“I’m glad to hear that. Then, regarding the securing of goods—”

As I listened to the two’s conversation that was reaching the conclusion, I thought about something else… about the relation of monsters and evil gods.

Even if the ice dragon coming here was due to an evil god’s manipulation, the monsters this time around wouldn’t be able to come to Luneville as there was no sea near it.

The effect of the refugees was too indirect, and there were too many variables in it, like them going to other cities. Causing marine product deficiency… was too unrealistic.

I didn’t understand the motive behind it, and Acradist wasn’t our only source of goods either.

With that, it seems like there was no evil god involved this time. Even if there was, Luneville wouldn’t be their target.

…That’s the conclusion I arrived at.

“—Well then, let’s go with this.”
“Yes, please.”

The two seemed to have entered the final stages of forming the commission, and were getting ready to go out.

Thinking about it, they had to create the patrol squad before the arena was built, so they were probably not getting proper rest.

“Why don’t you two drink some tea first? I think hurrying so much would make it difficult to make calm judgments.”
“…Yeah, you’re right.”
“Sorry, but can you prepare it, Illya?”

I answered affirmatively with a bow and started the tea preparations. I used the assortment of the souvenirs that Frank brought back for snacks. I was involved with their hardships so I decided to give them a freebie fatigue recovery spell.

Thus, I poured my magic into the tart but then Haku came flying at me.

“Oh yeah, I forgot it was time for a meal.”

Since Haku continued to eat my magic power, its stats had already exceeded the dragon god’s. Jean must be happy as a parent for the spectacular growth of his child!

…Sorry, I’m lying. I’m aware that I got carried away a bit there. I’m reflecting on it.

Anyway, for that reason, I decided to give it normal fruits and vegetables and have it absorb the magic power through them.

The taste seemed too light compared to my magic power as expected, and it started licking my hands unsatisfied, but it had to endure it.

If I spoil it too much it would become the dragon god’s case all over again.

Frank and Ector were having a friendly chat when I returned with the sweets.

Their conversation was about trivial daily things and they ate the sweets with blissful expressions. As expected, spending time with people you trusted was best to feel at ease.

A few days after that, the refugees arrived.

Thanks to the previous experience, they finished receiving them without problems. The rest was to wait until the monster problem was settled.

…But things never went so easy.

Two men now stood before me across the counter while I was on receptionist duty.

They were somewhere around ten, both being blond-haired, blue-eyed humans. Looking at their facial features, they appeared to be siblings or something similar.

“You are the children from the Acradist, yes? What’s the matter?”

The two looked at each other, nodded, and spoke toward me.

“We wanna join the Mercenary Guild!”
“Please let us join the Mercenary Guild!”

It wasn’t just me.

Everyone who heard their words and saw their appearances was at a loss for words.

Mercenary Guild, huh…

“What position would you want in the Mercenary Guild?”

Depending on their occupation the test we would give them would differ, and some even had age restrictions.

The two lowered their gazes a bit, but then raised them back up as if to shake off their conflicted feelings.


I see, I see.

There were things I wanted to say and ask, but work comes first.

“Do you two have a letter of consent from your guardian?”

They hung their heads.

When minors wanted to register in the guild they needed consent from their parents as long as they were alive and well.

It’s basically like with part-time job applications.

Mercenary and Mage Guilds were accompanied by quite a bit of danger, so one couldn’t register or change between Guilds on their own until they were considered mostly grown-up at 10 years old. At this rate, they would be most definitely denied even if they applied.

There were of course exceptions when it came to the age restriction, but that was only when there were special circumstances involved like them being abandoned or being war orphans.

People that came to us were mostly those who faced minimal harm even in Acradist, and looking at the two they didn’t appear in any way troubled either.

“B-But if we pass the test you can recommend us, right…?”
“R-Right! Please recommend us, big sis!”

Good grief… who told them about that.

The smooth-haired kid aside, the spiky-haired one didn’t understand it for sure.

“Do you know what the test entails?”
“Yes, we have to display our skill to the examiner staff!”

Good job. But not quite a great job.


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