Chapter 469-1: Epilogue (2)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Mo Na’s Perspective:

Papa has gone off to the Western Human Realms. Without me. Hmph.

Speaking of Papa, I know I always call him Mama, but it’s no secret that he really wants me to call Papa… but I don’t plan on changing to that anytime soon. It’s a habit now.

Honestly, Papa is the best. He dotes on me all the time, but he gets so easily seduced by bad women.

Hmph. Those bad women… There’s always some strange pest buzzing around Papa, ready to feed on his blood if the opportunity arises. But I’ll never let them win. Who am I? I’m Mo Na, the one and only future owner of Papa!

Three days ago, that horse known as Mo Ning was summoned away by Papa… I was so angry… but that’s what I have No.6 for.

Why No.6, you might ask? Because that rascal has been loitering around that pesky Jeerah recently, and that makes me angry!

What’s so great about that pesky woman anyway? So what if her breasts are a little bigger than mine? Big deal! Papa doesn’t just go for big breasts! He clearly prefers younger girls! Like Mo Na! Papa said so himself, younger girls have three virtues: easy on the hands, easy to push down, and easy on the waist! Mo Na is just such a girl -her body is smaller than anyone else’s!

So what if Jeerah has bigger breasts, a bigger butt, and more ladylike… hmmm… why does it seem like I’m losing even more… bah! I hate that old hag!

Huff… this won’t do at all, I need to show that No.6 exactly what I think of Jeerah.

Also, No.3 and No.6 seem to hate each other. Maybe I should get No.3 to help me as well?


Ever since Papa was summoned away, my mission of finding the ingredients had hit a snag.

I ended up bringing the entire squad back to the palace in a bid to try and reconstruct an Abyssal Golem. However, I soon found out that the core of an Abyssal Golem required an enormous amount of Souls to create. Because our methods were lacking on this front, this plan had to be put on hold temporarily.

Speaking of put on hold, Papa had grown increasingly anxious ever since he became a Fallen Angel- he’s definitely hiding something from me. Even though I knew that something called the Apocalypse was looming in the near future, Papa hadn’t given me much details about it… maybe Papa has some role to play in that too? He is rather fascinated with the human realms, and that girl, what’s her name again? Nicole! Pesky fly!

Ever since No.6 constructed that recruitment center for Devils, the number of lower-starred Devils joining us had been on the rise. Up till now, we had already gathered over ten thousand such Devils, and counting. At this rate, it wouldn’t be long before we became the number one power in Sable Radiance.

Papa showed great foresight on that front. Even before the recruitment center was constructed, he had already ordered a safe zone to be constructed for the Demon Fire Worms in order to provide an unending source of food. Even if our numbers were to increase, feeding them should not pose a problem… Papa is just great like that. Cool, competent and the most handsome Papa in the world. When Mo Na grows up, she will definitely marry Papa! If anyone gets in her way, Mo Na will just have to kill them!

With that in mind, the first plan would have to be getting rid of any potential pests. Speaking of pests… there’s one coming right now.

Even though I was clearly busy with planning my future, a certain big-breasted pest suddenly decided to interrupt me.

“How are you doing, milady?” Still making her way across the black grass of the garden, Jeerah greeted me hollowly. Rather than greeting me, she seemed like she was just here to disrupt my plans… Blasted pest. So what if your breasts are big? Hmph!

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“What are you even here for?”

Naturally, I wasn’t in the mood for pleasantries, especially when it came to this thick-skinned pest who couldn’t take a hint.

In response to that, she tossed my undeveloped chest a scornful gaze before sneering, “I thought I should inform our lady that Princess Meisian is here with her husband, Anmi, to find you.”

“Watch where your eyes are looking! So what if Mo Na is still underdeveloped? Just wait, her breasts will grow to be even bigger than yours!” There was nothing that made me more sensitive than the way she always lingered hatefully on my chest.

“Hmph. You can say that when you’re older.” She condescendingly waved her finger before continuing, “However… By that time, master might have already… huhuhuhu.”

“As if! Mama will definitely wait for Mo Na to grow up!”

“Mama? Hahahaha. You know, even till now, I still haven’t figured out if master is a male or female…” Jeerah chuckled to herself for a good long while before shrugging in my direction. “Doesn’t matter though. Male or female, master cannot escape from the palm of my hands.”

“You wish!”

“Hah, like I said, you can say that once you get older.” Having said that, Jeerah left with a swish of her long Devil tail. However, she made sure to eye my chest one last time…

I myself lowered my gaze to stare at my yet-to-develop chest… Why does it feel like I’ve already lost half the battle?

No. I need to focus! What’s so good about a couple of meat jugs in the first place?! Flat is justice! If Papa dares to like Jeerah, I will just have to… hmph, why am I even considering such a scenario? There’s no way Papa would ever like an old hag like Jeerah.

I should go meet that little kitty first. There’s still a whole bunch of things I need to do even if Papa isn’t here, like visiting the Hellhounds and Warhorse… speaking of Hellhounds, I haven’t seen Cinderel for a while now. I wonder if she has been eating well with her father? Sigh. I’m such a failure of a friend. I should show her more concern. If I can’t treat her well when she’s young, who will bite my enemies for me in the future?

A dog’s growth period is shorter than my own as well. Maybe she will even be taller than me the next time we meet.

Meh… Meisian first, and Anmi too… maybe I should get him a bone as a gift? Cats and dogs like bones right? Probably.

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