Chapter 460: Shameless Fish

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

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Those who did not know our little acid tongue might not understand the reason for her prickliness. They might not even like her, especially seeing how hostile she was with everyone. But I knew the reason why she acted in such a way. Why she bit at anyone she encountered like a rabid dog…

Even after learning of her mother’s death, Aishael did not show much emotions. In fact, she did not even attend her mother’s burial. Clearly, this wasn’t because she had no idea that a burial was being held in the first place. Thanks to the care I showed her, Paliseth made sure Aisha’s burial was a grand one. Being the meticulous old hag that she was, Paliseth would have definitely sent a messenger to inform Aishael, but that was met with silence.

The last two days had been insanely busy for the little girl. Yet this still wasn’t the reason why she missed her own mother’s burial. The reason was because she wanted to suffer.

There were those in the world who would forgive whatever transgressions they suffered, as long as their survival was ensured. No matter what atrocity was committed against them, as long as they could live, they would choose to forgive their aggressor. It was a very practical yet weak attitude. Then there were those who met aggression head-on. The harder the opposition was, the harder they would resist. Aishael was just such a girl.

That was why she wanted herself to suffer. She wanted to carve this hatred into her heart, and by using those negative emotions, she would grow stronger! Naturally, this wasn’t good for her psyche, but she did it anyway.

Regardless of what her motives were, I wanted to help this poor girl, to be her shield. The last thing I wanted was for the darkness in her heart to irrevocably take root.

There was a saying that appearances were deceiving. There was no better example than Aishael herself. She had the appearance of a little girl, but she was already twenty. At such an age, most humans would already be getting married. But amongst the Half-Elves, she was just a slightly older elementary student. Yet that didn’t stop her from being beautiful…

What I was trying to say was this… the reason why I helped her was simple: I’m a member of the Waifu for Laifu club! As the saying goes, anything can be forgiven as long as you’re beautiful.

Right this very instant, I was galloping furiously ahead on Mo Ning, Jezsere hugged securely in my embrace. With Zurnalin at the lead, we had already travelled over ten kilometers when we came upon a strange sight of a bunch of Murlocs frolicking by the underground river.

There were three Murlocs in this group, of whom two were those two potato brothers we encountered not too long ago: the Murloc Shaman and the Murloc Clanleader. As for the last ‘Murloc’, she was a mermaid-looking creature… that’s right, the kind with a human body and a fish tail!

However, this mermaid wasn’t like the mermaids in the fairy tales. While she might have had a human face, her upper torso was that of a human’s but covered in scales…

What would have ordinarily been a beautiful female upper body was now covered in dense scales. Her hair grew out behind her like brackish seaweed that gave off a strangely horrific look. If I had to describe the look, it was like a beautiful girl suddenly turned her head a full 180 degrees around to stare at you.

Naturally, if one were to cover up the rest of her body, she was still a sight to behold.

“Your holiness… you’re here… nothing feels me with greater joy than to see you present in person…”

The moment the Murloc Shaman saw me, he leapt towards me like a son who had just found his long lost father. Unfortunately for him, I was still riding on Mo Ning with a very timid girl in my arms, a girl who immediately screamed when she saw a fishy face jumping right towards her. Upon hearing that high-pitched scream, Mo Ning looked around as well, only to find a rather strange looking creature crawling out of the river and jumping towards them. That strange creature not only had sharp fangs, but he was ugly as well. That was why she sent him flying away with a kick of her hooves.

Because Mo Ning did not use too much force with her kick, the Murloc Shaman merely tumbled a little before getting to his feet once more. Upon doing so, he swiftly prostrated himself before slowly crawling towards me. He smiled and said, “Hahaha, even your holiness’s steed is impressive…”

… are you even a man, or maybe your heart is just that big that you would immediately come and curry my favor after getting kicked aside like that…

“Are you alright?” That was the only response I could come with when faced with his shameless bootlicking.

“Absolutely. Absolutely. Definitely fine!” He repeated with fervor. “It’s my honor to be kicked aside by his holiness’s steed!”

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Even though this Murloc Shaman had always struck me as shameless before, the span of three days had somehow made him even more hateable. No longer able to stand his wretched behavior, I quietly signalled towards Mo Ning who stamped on the Murloc’s head. Yet instead of crying out in pain, he seemed to be enjoying it.

“Ahhh… even your holiness’s kick feels so good… as long as it doesn’t kill me, please do not hold back…”

… I want to punch his shameless face… ah… Mo Ning already did it…

This time, Mo Ning did not even require any hint from me before she sent him flying away once more. Finally, the world was peaceful once more, except for a fishy scream in the background.

“Come here.” I gestured towards an unhappy Murloc Clanleader in the distance. The more prideful of the two brothers, the Murloc Clanleader wasn’t too happy about being summoned over like that, but because of Zurnalin’s death stares, he had no choice but to comply. Unlike his spineless brother, the Murloc Clanleader was more than happy to glare right back at me.

“Alright, what’s going on with that brother of yours. How did he get so much more annoying in just a few days?”

Hearing that, the Murloc Clanleader couldn’t help but be exasperated as he said, “Zurnalin told us about you so…”


“So he thought that by garnering your favor, he can legitimately replace me, or maybe even control the entire Fluorescent Marsh.” At that point, I could detect a hint of resignation in his voice. “You are the holy son of the Dark Elves, after all…:”


Even though the Murloc Clanleader did not say much, I could already guess the gist of the situation. Zurnalin had told them about me when she was out subjugating the Fluorescent Marsh. Because of that, all the Murlocs knew that the severity of the situation, seeing as attacking a holy son of another religion would often lead to a massacre. Because of that, that shameless potato also had the idea that he could use me to gain more power.

At the same time that she mentioned my identity, Zurnalin also talked about the war that was happening in the south and how they needed fodder for this war. The Murloc Clanleader wasn’t all that happy about this arrangement at the start, but because they couldn’t defeat her Blood Drake Riders, he had no choice but to go along anyway.

Being the smart potato that he was, the Murloc Shaman saw this an opportunity and happily obliged unlike his brother. By showing subservience towards Zurnalin, he was hoping to show his own loyalty towards me as well. To Zurnalin, whatever reason he had was irrelevant, she just wanted the Murlocs’ allegiance.

Originally, the plan was to introduce me to the Murlocs again when the war was over. Yet before it had even started, I ended up appearing before him. That was why he practically leapt at me like a mental fish in order to grasp this opportunity.

In actuality, the Fluorescent Marsh was a massive territory that held more than just those two Murloc tribes. There were all manner of strange creatures living in the marsh and the Murlocs merely formed a small portion of the entire region. But with the help of the Dark Elves, the Undermarsh Murlocs might just be able to conquer the entire Fluorescent Marsh.

Assuming that I gave the word…

Naturally, power wasn’t just the only reason why that Murloc Shaman was trying his hardest to butter me up. He was wooing the affections of a potential mate as well. That potential mate was Lily.

Lily was a mutated mermaid, an offspring of a mermaid and a snake magical beast. Because of her strange looks, she was often despised by the other mermaids. No longer able to endure this mistreatment, she left in search of her father. In the end, she somehow landed up in Fluorescent Marsh.

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Is her father here then? Actually, that’s not even important right now. What’s important is to end this battle quickly, then find Nicole after settling the issue with the Half-Elves.

The Murlocs who came to participate numbered close to 5000. Even though this was an impressive showing, the Murlocs themselves weren’t as strong as the Dark Elves or the Half-Elves. Still, a cannon fodder was still a cannon fodder no matter how weak he was.

Lily wasn’t all that impressed by my presence so she merely bowed in my direction before leaving to settle her own matters. She led her own band of Murlocs as well thanks to her strong magicks and the fact that her bloodline was more noble than that of the Murlocs.

(TL: I’m assuming the author is referring to Lily here. Otherwise, her name is Mary…)

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