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Chapter 395: Epilogue (2)

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library


(Author’s note: This chapter is written from the point of view of No.3 because a number of readers were curious about how he viewed Mo Ke. So here we are…)

Recently, the Master hasn’t allowed me to follow her out. Even the most recent excursion was so: she just briefly mentioned that she was going out, then sent me off to do some construction work. Well, I’m just a simple Devil, four limbs and one head, that’s all. I guess I’m just not cut out for politics…

The Safety Zone grows larger by the day, and so does the number of worms within it. The Abyssal golems have been performing better than expected, whether it is fighting or digging.

Even though this task that the Master has given me doesn’t seem too important, I’ll faithfully complete it. But these days without the Master have gone by like years.

How I miss those days when I could always accompany the Master. Back then, there wasn’t a time when I did not have access to the Master’s alluring scent. That scent is just intoxicating. It seeps into my soul, and a day without sniffing it makes me uncomfortable…

My master is just so beautiful, so exalted, so elegant, so strong, so smart and oh so brave… Even if I were to use up all the words in this world to describe my love for the Master, it would only represent a fraction of what it truly was… My love for the Master runs so deep… I just want to compose a poem again to express my longing.

Dear Master, I miss you.
Dear Master, do you miss me?
Dear Master, please let me stay by your side.
I want to protect your beauty, your smile is the only goal I have in life.
My lowly self, loves you more than life.
My lowly self, goes giddy at the sight of you.
My lowly self…

Hmm. How should I end that part?

I knocked myself on the noggin, but it was useless… I have to face up to reality. I’m just not cut out for poetry, but I still want to be a poet!

A serious question has always bothered me: my master is clearly a female Lust Demon, so why does she keep emphasizing that she is a male? How confusing.

There are a million Devils who love the Master, but of those there are only a few true competitors. Like Big 4 and the newcomer, No. 6.

No.6 was just a Small Imp, skinny and lacking in strength. For a Five-star like me who had been blessed with the Original Sin of Wrath, I could easily take on ten of him. But in the battle for the Master’s heart, combat strength wasn’t all that was important. The Master didn’t want us fighting with each other either. That was why I had to constantly control myself to not beat up No.6.

Ever since the Master evolved into a Fallen Angel, the time I had spent with her had basically gone down to zero. The Master once said that there was a heavy burden on her shoulders. But I had no interest in all that talk about destroying the world, I just wanted to be with the Master every second of the day.

I dare not hold any desires towards the Master, because she was exalted and I am lowly.

The mission the Master had given me was to dig a canal that linked the large lava lakes near the capital. By doing so, we could raise more worms to feed our army.

Recently, No.6 has been popping by once in a while to check on the work. From him, I’ve gained quite a bit of news, like how there are countless Devils slowly streaming into Sable Radiance.

Even though I don’t like No.6, if he’s able to help me return to the Master’s side faster, I’m willing to owe him a favour. I’ll just make sure not to beat him up in the future.

Since the Master was betrayed by One-eye a year ago, she has only had me and Big 4 to accompany her. That is why she has to leave me behind to handle this task. Right now, the Master is out searching for materials to repair the exchange array. Big 4 is back at the capital guarding it while No.6 is out inspecting.. And he so happens to be here right now.

Seeing No.6 swaggering in with his lackeys really annoyed me to no end, and that made my tone just as hostile. “What are you doing here again?”

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“Wasn’t the last time I visited five days ago?” No.6 smirked at me. “The Master has instructed me to patrol the area often, just in case something goes wrong at your end.”

“Hmph. My area is well managed, how can anything go wrong under my watch?”

I hate this No.6 fellow. He oftens goes to leer at the Master. More importantly, the Master seems to favour him… if it’s possible, I should get rid of him.

“That look of yours seems rather dangerous.” Most likely because he sensed the killing intent emanating off me, No.6 began to back away a few steps, at which point the large Imps, Demon Childes, Flame Demons and what not all formed a protective circle around him.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

“I have this feeling that you’re planning to do something to me.” No.6’s smirk only grew more annoying as he said that. “Don’t forget, I have a Soul Pact with the Master. If I die, the Master will definitely find out.”

Hmph. You’re not the only one with a pact with the Master!

I’ve always felt that he was looking down on me and Big 4 in the past. Like he’s looking at a bunch of morons or something. In truth, I knew full well about his potential. He wasn’t just some super fortunate Small Imp. Instead, he had one of the most mysterious Original Sins: the Sin of Sloth.

Every Devil’s inherited memories were different. The Master’s own memories seemed chaotic so it was only natural that she didn’t recognise that No.6 had gained the blessing of Sloth. Those blessed by Sloth were unique amongst Devils. For the most part, they appeared in the form of Small Imps or Large Imps. Even when they raised their star level, their appearance wouldn’t change, because evolution was a form of hard work…

If my hunch was correct, then that No.5 who was always stuck at the level of an Imp, and that Small Imp Mo En in the Prison of the Dead were all blessed by Sloth.

“Don’t forget, this place is under my care.” Before leaving, the Master had given me control of the golems, but No.6 was no fool either. Even if he wanted to have a falling out with me, it wouldn’t be here. Even when faced with his lackeys, I had no intention of backing down, absolutely not.

Perhaps he had seen the resolve in my eyes then, but No.6 suddenly shrugged his shoulders at that point and gestured for his subordinates to step aside.

In truth, No.6 knew just as well as I did that the two of us would never get into a fight with each other; because the Master hated in-fighting.

Other than that, we both signed a Soul Pact with the Master, so we could never ever betray her. This commonality was enough to stay our hands. No matter how much we hated each other, it would never come to the point of life and death.

With his subordinates out of the way, No.6 boldly walked up to me and stared me right in the eyes. A full three seconds passed like that before he finally stated the purpose of his visit. “I’m here to inform you that the Master’s recent trip south has led to the discovery of a number of Devils… I feel that the both of us should cooperate with each other, so that we don’t end up losing our rightful place with the Master.”

“I will always hold that spot in the Master’s heart.”

I was the Devil who had been with the Master the longest, and also the most loyal. Even Big 4 did not measure up to me in terms of loyalty. But I knew what he intended: he was probably worried that his own authority would diminish because of the huge influx of Devils.

“That was just a suggestion.” No.6 smiled at me then unexpectedly turned around to leave. “Remember, I do not wish to be your enemy, ever.”

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Just like that, No.6 left with his dozen or so subordinates, only leaving behind that strange reminder in his wake. I had no way of knowing what he was up to, but one thing was certain: if he ever dared to harm the Master, I would be the first to break his neck!

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