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Chapter 391: Optical Illusion

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

Psychic spells have the ability to control a creature’s mind, and was once considered a forbidden branch of magic, because the magical world of that time thought that such spells toyed with a person’s soul. For example, there was once a caster who casted a permanent Bewitching Eye on himself that made almost anyone of the opposite gender fall in love with him… Even though such spells tend to not last very long and could even be resisted by individuals with a strong will, how many in this world could actually be considered strong-willed?

As for how many people ended up being cuckolded by that cur… well, I won’t comment on that, but suffice to say that I’m not one of them!

That is why I absolutely detest psychic spells. In fact, I like nothing more than for that guy to come back to life again so that I can burn him to death once more! Also, let me state for the record that he never laid eyes on my wife!

— <>

Note: This book has not been officially published yet, because the mage burned to death by the author was the son of the shadow owner of the publisher…

‘I’ll admit, I’m weak. Extremely weak. So spare me these hotblooded encounters. All that nonsense about challenging those stronger than you is a load of horsepoop! Anyone who does that is a moron, and I’m definitely not a moron!’

Mo Ning continued chasing after me in her fiery cloud form. No matter how many lashes I threw at her, or how many spells I tossed her way, that fact never changed. In that case, it was time for more underhanded tactics. Previously, I wanted to see how well my guerilla tactics would work out, so I had the Shadow Demon Guardian stay out while she chased me. The situation was different now. Barring the use of my Nether Flames, I had nothing left to throw at her. With that in mind, I summoned my Shadow Demon Guardian into this fight, no longer wishing to drag this fight any further.

With a pair of shadowy wings on its back and its body made entirely out of the shadow element, it didn’t take long for it to reach the back of Mo Ning.

Just as it flew up to Mo Ning, it stretched out into a snake-like form and wrapped itself around Mo Ning. She immediately tried to break free of the shadowy binding by igniting her body with flames. Unfortunately, these flames didn’t seem to affect the Shadow Demon Guardian much. After all, the Shadow Demon Guardian itself was a medium for my Nether Flames, and those flames were a lot higher level than her ordinary flames.

Still, the flames she conjured had her mana infused into them so some degree of damage was still inflicted.

Now that she was entangled by my Shadow Demon Guardian, she couldn’t use her fiery clouds to propel herself. With no way to maintain her altitude, she began to fall from the sky. At the rate she was falling, it would probably take a few seconds before she came crashing to the ground, either dead or severely injured.


Just as it looked like she was about to be defeated however, I ended up being disappointed. A frenzied roar later, a flurry of invisible blades shot out from her body and began slicing up the Shadow Demon Guardian… so even her mane was a possible point from which she could launch that attack?

A decidedly swiss cheese-like Shadow Demon Guardian had no choice but to let her go now that it could barely even maintain a solid shape, floating to the ground soon after like a leaf in the wind.

With her freedom regained, she immediately launched herself off in a fiery burst! However…

‘This distance should be enough.’

I roughly calculated the distance between me and Mo Ning: twenty or so meters. The Shadow Demon Guardian’s failure was already factored in my plan so my intention was never to defeat her like that. As long as the Shadow Demon Guardian did its best to delay her, everything else was just icing on the cake. With this amount of distance between us, that plan was a resounding success.

Rising Feathers!

A second later, countless streams of purple light shot towards the airborne Mo Ning. With no time to even process this sudden change, she ended up being hit by the lights!

In truth, the mana feathers I shot out just now was from a spell called Falling Feathers. It was a spell inspired by the Mana Feathers I shot out while inside the Devil King Idol; this was my first time using it in actual combat. Its effect was to launch countless Mana Feathers from my wings at my enemies. Should they miss their target, they would fall to the ground and lie in wait. Because I had the ability to impart consciousness on my spells, these feathers were able to respond to my command even after laying on the ground for a while. At that moment, these harmless looking feathers would suddenly spring to life and fire at my opponents once more.

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These two skills were a combination together. When timed well, they could definitely catch a person off guard.

As the feathers threatened to pierce her flesh, they were suddenly obstructed by a red barrier that wrapped around her entirely, deflecting all of them in the process…

‘Blast it… they didn’t break through…’

‘I guess ordinary attacks won’t work on her… she is a Five-star, and the most talented one amongst their younger generation too. In fact, she looks like she might even be able to challenge one of their Six-star elders…’


Not one to be on the defensive, Mo Ning let forth a furious roar upon successfully deflecting all the feathers. The barrier around her promptly shattered in a brilliant display of red. Following that, the shards of red light suddenly rushed towards me like a barrage of rockets!

‘What the?!’

I waved my hands and called forth a wall of Nether Flames mid-air to swallow the incoming shards of flame. Yet even after taking care of this sudden attack, I didn’t let my Nether Flames dissipate immediately. Instead, I waved my hands once more and summoned a Vengeful Flamesoul to toss at Mo Ning.

The Vengeful Flamesoul was a modified version of the Undead spell, Vengeful Soul. The traditional Vengeful Soul was more of a support spell with an extremely low attack power. Having been modified however, my Vengeful Flamesoul’s damage could only be described as terrifying. If someone with a low flame resistance were to even touch it, they would immediately be reduced to cinders!

(Author’s Explanation: Mo Na’s own version of Vengeful Soul had been modified as well, causing it to have an extremely high attack power. Even so, it was still a purely Undead spell. Mo Ke’s spell, on the other hand, contained both his Nether Flames and his Consciousness Impartment, resulting in an entirely new version of the Vengeful Soul that was unique to him.)

I continued summoning forth more Vengeful Flamesouls and tossed them at Mo Ning. On Mo Ning’s part, she probably knew that these Nether Flames weren’t something she could endure, so she never gave them the chance at all to get close to her. Using the fastest speed she could muster, she dodged the Vengeful Flamesouls. Unfortunately for her, these Vengeful Flamesouls had a second part to them: they could pursue their targets. Furthermore, as the number of Vengeful Flamesouls kept increasing, it was only a matter of time before she was mine.

Nether Flames were a terrifying form of fire. Even I wasn’t sure what would happen to Mo Ning if she were to get hit by them. However, I couldn’t afford to lose this fight. If I had to choose between losing and killing Mo Ning, I would definitely not choose to lose. Naturally, if there was a way to win without killing her, that would be for the best.

Yet just as I was worried about her getting burned to death by my Nether Flames, she actually charged towards me. She came galloping towards me in a burst of flames, behind her trailed an entire contingent of fiery red skulls…

‘Hold on, something’s wrong with this scene here…what are you doing coming this way?!’

That sight truly scared me for a second. I hurriedly summoned another wall of Nether Flames to block her charge, but she wasn’t one to give up so easily. Even when faced with a wall of flames suddenly appearing before her, she forcefully changed directions and managed to leap over the wall in the nick of time…

‘There’s no avoiding this anymore… she plans on finishing me off with this attack. If I were to run away now, she would definitely catch up to me and give me a lethal bump on the back… no, this won’t do at all. I mustn’t face her head-on, but I can’t run away either. Looks like there’s only that spell left…’

Her blood red eyes were truly a terrifying sight to behold. As she charged unwaveringly towards me, her eyes never once drifted away from me. As long as I made a move, she would immediately react to it.

Yet at the same time, her close watch of me was a chance. Up till now, I had always neglected my own combat prowess, because I had a bunch of subordinates to take care of that for me. Thanks to that, my own combat sense was lacking. Yet no matter how lacking it was, I wasn’t about to forget about my own strengths.

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I was a Devil with three Original Sins. Most of the time, I used my fire and darkness talents given to me by my Lust Demon side. After becoming a Fallen Angel, these two elements were strengthened further. However, that wasn’t all I had… Strictly speaking, Lust was something Ferti’nier tacked onto me, just like how Pride was something I gained from Lucifer’s clone. My first Original Sin was actually Envy.

And illusions were the bread and butter for those blessed by Envy!

Now… how about having a look at my eyes…

I focused all of my psychic energy and mana into my eyes. In just a single moment, Mo Ning fell into my trap, all thanks to that dogged eye contact she maintained with me.

Mo Ning was a whole star higher than me. Her own psychic strength was high as well, meaning that whatever illusions I cast on her mind would most likely fail. And that was why I created an optical illusion instead. Keeping eye contact with her, I began to shift my position. Yet in her eyes, my simple movement created a trail of shadowy silhouettes in my wake. Because these silhouettes were both an illusion and also an actual optical phenomenon, she wasn’t able to see through this deception right away.

This clever bit of trickery paid off immensely. Because she wasn’t able to discern which was actually me, she hesitated for a moment.

As one of the most talented Warhorses in the younger generation, she was also the most likely to evolve into a Nightmare Steed. That meant that her psychic strength wasn’t going to be lower than an Illusion Demon’s. In other words, it was only a matter of time before she eventually broke out of this illusion. That was why I threw out even more Vengeful Flamesouls than before.

By the time she was able to successfully break free from my optical illusion, she found herself surrounded by reddish black skills…

‘Let’s see you try and charge now. As long as you do that, you will definitely ram into one of them, but if you don’t, that means you lose.’

This stalemate didn’t last long however as my Shadow Demon Guardian took this opportunity to insert itself between us. More importantly, it was covered in Nether Flames!

Seeing that, Mo Ning knew that this fight was over. She lowered her prideful head and finally admitted defeat.

The fight was… over.

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